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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Something has changed in me this year.  For the good. 

I think I had gotten a bit too comfortable with the status quo.  At my very core, I'm a girl who prefers things to stay the same.  At my home, if a picture gets hung on the wall, it stays there until we move.  My closet is filled with clothes I've worn for years decades.  (Providing I can still fit in it - ahem)

Over the years, I've discovered that there's actually something deeper than a desire to stay the same.  It's fear. 

That fear would take the lead if I let it.  But when I invited Jesus to be my Lord, fear had to step aside.  There's really only room for one leader in my life.   I had to decide who I would actually follow:  Jesus or fear.  Actually, it's a decision I make daily.

Every "good" Christian girl looks at those two options and rolls her eyes thinking: of course she should choose Jesus.  Is it even a choice?

I think that too.  But then I find myself playing it safe.  I find my prayers being cautious.  I find myself holding a bit too tightly to one of my children.   I discard a bold idea.  Basically, I choose to follow fear over Jesus. 

This year, I attended the Evangelical Press Association's annual conference and got myself shaken up.  I'm not sure that was their intent, but it certainly was God's.  God poured fresh ideas into my head, until I was bubbling over.  I came home and organized my thoughts, and started pursuing some crazy ideas for Proverbs 31.  I can only thank God for such godly women leading that organization (Lysa TerKeurst, Renee Swope and LeAnn Rice) who are allowing me to pursue these bold ideas.

Today, Lysa wrote a devotion called "Praying for the Impossible."  She then invited readers to her website where she has a video of her interviewing Pastor Steven Furtick from Charlotte.  This pastor is bold!  And Lysa is giving away a copy of his book "Sun Stand Still" - so hop on over there after finishing my blog - cause I've got a giveaway too.

I realized something after watching that video.  I'm drawn to leaders who walk to the edge.  I want to be around people who are sold out for Christ.  I want more of that in my own life ... and choosing to be around others who want the same, ignites something in me.  It's good, but it's the opposite of fear. And it's prompted some radical changes in my life this year. 

How about you?  What dream or vision has God put in your heart?   Are you pursuing it boldly or has fear taken the lead?

I don't have a copy of Pastor Steven's book, but I do have a copy of Jennifer Kennedy Dean's "Live a Praying Life" to give away.    Post a dream God has put on your heart, and on Friday morning, I'll select at random someone to receive this book.  Make sure you leave a way for me to contact you.

Thank you for being my friends.  I'm inspired to press on every time I hear from one of you.

In His Love,


Leigh said...

God has laid the dream of being at stay at home mom on my heart. I am a full time working mother with 4 children. I want to be at home with my children, focusing on my family and not work. I work right now becuase I have to financially but I know that God is working behind the scenes. I know that he hears my cries to him every day. I know He is working. It it a true test of my faith everyday but I choose to believe it will happen very soon!

proudgrits11 said...

Ooooh, Glynnis, I can sooooo relate to this!!! I had a miscarriage over two years ago and it set off a fear in me unlike anything I'd ever known. It's been a long, hard road since then, of facing my fears, getting to their roots, and letting God work on me way deeeeep down.
I'm like you: it's a daily decision to follow Jesus, not the fear!!! It has been painful, but so necessary! I know He is preparing me to fulfill the passion He has placed in my heart. I'm so grateful for the transformation!! It definitely took me to the edge and, like you, I love seeing that happen in the lives of those around me! It makes all the difference between sideline Christianity and truly being transformed because of our relationship with Christ!!
Obviously you struck a nerve with me! :)
Now....as for the dream?? I'm working on it!! :) I am interested in many areas of ministry and of life...I love helping people and being a resource!! I'm just not sure how to narrow it down. For now, I'm getting back to my writing roots and trying to help female small business owners with their writing needs (web content, marketing materials, etc.) and social media marketing. I just keep trying new things and seeing what God blesses!! In the meantime, while I try to find my "passion," I just pursue whatever God puts in front of me--and I know that pleases Him. I have great faith that my true path will be revealed at just the right time!!!
Thanks for this post--and the giveaway!! I love the sound of the book you're giving away!!

Anonymous said...

I am afraid to even write this.... but I dream of being used to minister, in whatever form God allows. My life has been in "restoration mode" for the last few years and I dream of that restoration progressing enough for me to find the courage to step out in some form of ministry. Thank you for challenging me to say this!

Anonymous said...

I have the dream of adopting a little girl. Thanks, in part, to your advice, my husband and I are taking the next month to pray to ask for guidance and God's will. I really want to follow God's will, we just need to feel where he wants us to be.
Thanks for your awesome blog (and the organizing tips you put on Renee's blog). I didn't have the energy tonight but maybe this weekend the bathroom will get de-cluttered.

Doug Trouten said...

I'm delighted to hear that God used EPA's annual convention to help shake you up and fill your head with new ideas. That's exactly what we hope for each year! Looking forward to seeing those new ideas bear fruit in your life and work.

--Doug Trouten, Executive Director
Evangelical Press Association

Debbie said...

First, before I tell you my dream, I have to say I love the way your blog looks. My dream is to follow God where He leads, which looks like going to She Speaks next year and doing the writers track. I don't know what His plan is for my writing, He obviously can do as He wishes. But I do know I'm supposed to go...I attended 2009 on the speaker track. I am content today to write the words He lays on my heart, share my story as He allows, and let Him take it from there.

Women Who Witness said...

God has recently had me set aside my dreams in order to grow closer to Him. So I am trying to spend more time with God and allowing Him to lead me to what's next :) Katie

Allison Morrison said...

Oh wow...that describes me to a T. I want to be 100% sold out for Christ. I'm scared to be (there I said it) so I'm also drawn to those that are thinking they may rub off on me. I need to take a step back, evaluate what God is telling me, and JUMP IN!

Colleen said...

God has laid upon my heart the dream to write for Him. I sing for Him and minister to His flock when dear friends from church confide in me. We minister to each other. In our church, we are all ministers.

My dream of writing began long ago as a child. I attended She Speaks in '09. I recently read about the Southwestern Christian Writers Studio, it's inaugural event starting on Monday. I don't have the money to attend. God put it so strongly on my heart that I should be there. But I have had to give up on that dream.

With his help, I will find another way to learn this publishing game.

I love your writing, Glynnis. Your honesty and deep love of the Lord shines through. Thanks for helping me to realize it's okay to be human. :)

J.Noelle said...

Thank you so much for posting this! It was very timely and encouraging. I am inspired to "follow Jesus instead of fear." Blessings to you.

J.Noelle said...
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Suzy said...

My greatest fear is that I will miss what God wants me to do while I'm here.

My dream is that God will use me in some kind of foreign missions work somewhere in the world.

But right now He is saying wait.

Mimi said...

The dream that God has put on my heart is to start a non-profit organization for underprivileged girls. This dreams so big little 'ole me. I'm going to need my Father's help and guidance on this one.

Julie said...

My dream from God is to work at a local inner city homeless shelter. I find that prospect very fearful, but I know that He will provide the courage needed! Thanks for this give away! Julie

karen g. said...

A dream on my heart, just one?!!!! Well i dream of seeing all four of my children walking with God, using their God given gifts and talents to glorify Him and peace in our home. I will keep praying and dreaming! Blessings,
karen g. kareng24u@msn.com

Cindy W. said...

The dream God has placed in my heart is to write. He placed this dream in my heart many many years ago. For awhile I wrote poetry. But then He spoke to my heart and asked me to write a book for Him. But the enemy continues to bite at my heals and tell me I'm no good. So I have several ideas written down and one book started...a whole 1,000 words. Then the enemy tells me it's no good, no one will want to read it, etc. I have been fighting the fear of failure. But then I know if I don't try I am a failure. Now I am trying to tell myself that if I write a book and it never gets published that's okay because at least I did what I was asked to do...to write for my Lord Jesus.

Smiles & Blessings,
Cindy W.


Debbie Sharpe said...

Many years ago I felt God's call to minister to women. Working five years as a church secretary, I felt God used me to touch other women. However, I never felt I had fulfilled the calling. I am 63 and working part time to supplement my social security. My life is busy and yet I keep remembering that call and wondering if there is more for me to do. I dream of teaching a class on homemaking for young women. I am not ready to give up that dream and praying for a door to open.

Anonymous said...

I have been called to pray fervently for my teens. I enlist prayer partners where they become available. I am also drawn to Christian leaders who walk to the edge and dream big. I know God will have other different dreams for me to dream. He is my hope and future. mheard11@frontier.com

Jill said...

I just came home from a meeting for our Rise and Shine women's retreat...which began as a dream for me, one I doubted but one God had me pursue. And He turned it into a reality last year as Renee Swope stood on stage and blessed all of us and now in just over 2 weeks we'll have Lysa T in Iowa! I am amazed and tonight I was once again reminded at how HE is putting the pieces together! Initially this "dream" seemed crazy, unattainable and at times something I wasn't even sure was my dream (in a way more my fear). Really it wasn't it was GOD'S!!! And when it's His dream He works in ways I don't even know to make it into something so much more than I ever even imagined!! Even now He seems to be unveiling the next step which at times seems impossible but once again I know HE can...so thankful He allows me to be part of it!!

By the way I loved your post and devo on sin as well...it stirred some thoughts in my head and created a wonderful discussion with my husband and little ones today as well!!


Kristi Butler said...

I wonder how many people did as I almost did and just decided not to comment. Fear does shout in our faces when we're asked to write down our dreams.

So...with sweaty palms, that squirrely feeling in my tummy, and heart pounding...here goes! God gave me a message about how He is Just What We Need. It's been 8 years since He first spoke the message to me. I led my first women's retreat with this message last month. I believe it is only the beginning!!!

Obedience and praying with boldness seem to be in every message I'm hearing...and book I'm reading. Sun Stand Still is on my table now!!

Let's go girls!! Let's follow those dreams!! Let's obey His call!

By the way, I must suggest two other books that are must-reads for dream pursuers!! The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson and One in a Million by Priscilla Shirer!! Read on and be encouraged!

PS Teresa, I'm praying for you right now. We adopted our daughter from China 10 years ago! What a blessing!

Anonymous said...

I know this is probably a little late but I have a few things: I'm a military spouse, and I'm drawn to ministering to them. Also, I'd love to see a women's Bible study start in my little town. But it's hard to muster enough child care. I'd love for us all to be able to gather but not have to worry about not being able to take our kids. I don't know if there's an answer, but if God wants it to happen, He will make a way!