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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Welcome!  If you are visiting after reading my devotion "Do You Hate Sin?" I hope you'll stay awhile and catch up on some of my old posts.  If you are one of my bloggy friends, then welcome back! 

Earlier this summer, a clinic opened on a side street behind my favorite grocery store.  Not just any clinic, but one of those that would counsel a woman to abort her baby.  Not long after it opened, I drove by again and saw a lone little figure dressed in black standing on the sidewalk in front of the clinic.

Her shoulders hunched slightly, making her seem even shorter than her 5' frame, and a black habit covered what I suspected was greying hair.  Dark stockings led to sturdy black shoes.  She stood facing this building holding a book in her hands.  A Bible.

One woman took a stand in 110 degree heat.   All alone.  She stood against something that broke the heart of God. Tears streamed down my face as I drove on, praying for God to protect this precious, bold sister.

The picture of that woman rises in my mind with regularity.  I may never know her name, but she changed my life.  She lived out her faith in a way few do. 

I wonder if our generation has lost sight of sin.  Well, really, it isn't just a problem with our generation.  One read though the Old Testament, and we see that it's been an on-going problem for people of God.

God keeps trying to tell us to separate ourselves from sin, and we keep insisting we can somehow dip our toes in the pool of temptation without getting wet.  If I really ... really ... saw sin as God sees it, I wouldn't get near it.  I'd see that pool of temptation and it would look like a pool of blood.  Would you put your toes in it then?

My idea behind my devotion today is not really about what our actions reflect.  You see, I can do all the "right" things as a Christian woman.  I can read my Bible, pray with my children and attend church regularly.  I can tithe, reach out to my neighbors and teach a Bible study.  But what really matters is what's going on inside my heart. 

Jesus prayed this prayer for His followers:
"My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one. They are not of the world, even as I am not of it. Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth." John 17:15-17 (NIV)

The word "sanctify" means to "set apart for sacred use." It's interesting that we are set apart by what's inside us (truth) not by what we do.  We aren't going to get away from sin, but we are to be set apart from it by the truth we stand for in our hearts.

There are two questions I'd like to pose today:

1)  Do you know which thoughts, words and actions are sin?
2)   What do you really think of sin? 

If you've been avoiding the issue of sin for awhile, perhaps this is the time to re-evaluate where you stand.  I believe God is looking to bless people who choose to stand for Him. 

I'd like to give away a book today, written by my friend Rachel Olsen.  It's called "It's No Secret:  Revealing Divine Truths Every Woman Should Know."  As we talk about God's truth, this is the perfect book for a woman to read.  I highly recommend it!

To enter the drawing, just post a comment on this topic of sin.  You can answer one of my questions, or post one of your own.  Or you can make an observation.   I'll leave this up over the weekend, and announce a winner on Monday.

Also, please visit my post from yesterday about leadership where I'm offering another book as a giveaway. 

Thanks for visiting today, and may the Lord bless you richly as you take a stand for His truth.

In His Love,



Jennifer said...

Glynnis I am new to your blog and I love it! Thank you for a great eye opener! I will be adding your blog to my favorites bar :)

Anonymous said...

This really touched me this morning. I do want my heart to break over the things that break God's heart. But I also long to love the sinner...since I am also loved and forgiven! I always feel that I am walking a fine line when deepening any type of relationship where a person is living in some type of obvious sin. I want to love without judging, but when questions arise, I want to be honest about what I believe while still letting the person know that I love them. I pray for a bold, loving heart. Thank you for the devotion!

Anonymous said...

This devotional has come at such a perfect time. I am a woman who is absolutely in love with her savior-no doubt about it, but I am also married to an unbeliever. Taking a stand for truth is something I struggle with everyday. I am raising two beautiful daughters in the christian faith and it many times brings me to a time where I have to defend truth within the walls of my own home. It is a difficult thing to stand for truth while also trying to live as a wife with a quiet, gentle spirit as Philippians 3 shows me I should. It can be scary sometimes knowing that in standing for truth I will face difficulty in my home, but it is then I remember just how difficult it was for the One who took my place on the cross and suffered for my sin. It is then I remember he died for me, so I will live for him. With the right heart and spirit He will strengthen me and give me the words when I need them. Thank you so much for your devotional today it has truly touched my heart and reminded me that God always meets us right where we're at!!!


Leigh said...

Wow! What a powerful message today. Do I hate sin? Yes. But I find it so hard sometimes to resist sin..not big, bad sin, not rocking-the-boat kind of sin, but simple sin. But it is still sin and goes against everything God is about. Oh how we all need to pray everyday for the Lord to protect our hearts and minds.

Nicole said...

I read and appreciate your Devotional on Encouragement for Today. I kind of struggle with it to be honest. I want to be the woman that God wants me to be - that's true. But I have had both in my past and present the type of people who walk around pointing out every one and every thing "sins". Their attitude does not draw me closer to God. In fact in my past it drove me away from God.

I have friends and family who openly participate in "sinful behavior" (like we all do). I state my opinion on the matter, and I will either choose to continue as friends, supporting and encouraging to do better where the opportunity arises. Or in some cases, where I refused to accept their behavior, I have had to break the friendship. In some of those cases, my refusal to accept their behavior, was used as a turning point - and I'm proud to say that those friendships have been restored.

I think we have to walk a very fine line of not liking or looking for sin, but I fear "hatred" of sin will turn to poison in our hearts and on our tongues if we are not very careful.

Susan said...

Very thought-provoking devotion this morning. It will be on my mind a lot-and that's a good thing!

Robin said...

I have to say this devotion is in good timing for me today. I grew up in the pentecostal faith. Sin is diligently preached behind the pulpit. Growing up, I didn't hear alot about grace and mercy.
As I have gotten older and NEEDED His grace and mercy I realized that I needed to evaluate my principals. Where do I stand? Who do I choose? Not just in the big things, but even in the little things. Like getting angry when we get cut off in traffic or impossible co-workers. I believe its the little things that can lead to destruction.
Thank you Glynnis for reminding me to make my choice on a daily basis. I choose God!

Anonymous said...

Dear Glynnis, this devotion today hits right at home and I wish you could respond to me on my problem & what I should do. It is totally on this matter of accepting sin because it's so part of our culture today and we don't want to offend. Here's my dilemma:
My daughter recently left her marriage of ten years to be with her gay friend. We were blindsided by this change in her. She has 2 precious children. She now lives with this girl who is 17 years younger than her. At first, I could not accept this but as time went on my husband and I decided we wanted our daughter to come to our home so we accepted her new partner here too. Homosexuality is sin & I have accepted it because it involves my daughter. But I was taken in under the guise that I love our daughter'unconditionally'. We do not hate her; we love her. I find it very challenging to tell her that this new behaviour is sin and it is not what God condones. I will ostracize her from my life if I do that.
If you have the time, could you give me your slant on this matter? My daughter & her partner are buying a house now and I so much want to help her as I always have but I feel like I'm a traitor to my God.

Anonymous said...

We have been asked to be open and accepting of so many things in this world that we are losing site of what God acctually calls sin. The fine line that exisits is slowly but surely disappearing from view. As Christ followers we all need to take a stand and call it what it is SIN in the eyes of God so therefore it should be SIN in our eyes also. Katie

The Happy Campas said...

Wow! Glynnis, the Holy Spirit has used your post to pierce my heart. It is so easy to be of the world and not just in it. I consistantly see things in my life, in other's lives, on the news, etc. that grieve our Lord's heart, yet we don't call sin, SIN. We cover it up and pretend that it does nothing to our relationship with the GOD OF THE UNIVERSE - a HOLY GOD who HATES every sin (even the "little" ones), but it does do something to our relationship with Him. It separates us from Him AND desensitizes us to the next "little" sin, until soon we are compromising in the "Big" sins. Thank you for reinforcing what the Lord has been teaching me of late. He is a HOLY GOD and He does not take ANY sin lightly! Thank you for praying for the prayer in front of that clinic. I work for the "other side" as a fundraiser for a pro-life clinic in the South. Continue to lift up in prayer those who are on the front-lines of this battle every day. We need prayer...often!
Happy Campa

Barbara said...

Yes I hate sin? But what I hate even more is that it is so commonplace for people to not think about what they are saying, doing and thinking. All words that come from our thoughts and actions can cause us to sin. Not matter how little the sin in. It could be as simple as being late to work and telling a fib to your boss about why you were late. Or our kids telling stories that are untruths. The condition of our heart is to say to ourselves, "What would Jesus do?". He was the perfect example of a pure heart and not a contrite heart. Yes he was saddened for those that sinned, but he himself was not a sinner. We need to ask ourselves that question on a daily basis. Ask God to purify our hearts and know that the ultimate forgiver of sins wants us to become like him more everyday. God loves everything about us and we must not take ourselves away from that which he has given us. Freedom from sin by the shedding of blood on the cross.

We break every commandment when we just think bad thoughts, act of them. the first commandment says is all. Love the Lord GOD will all our heart. All the rest will fall into place. When you love the Lord your GOD and receive his love back, you won't want to take this love away.

Diane said...

Thank you for your devotional this morning. I have dealing with some feelings lately that I am not proud of. I am currently fasting for 21 days. I feel that God and the his Holy Spirit is working things out of me. Do I hate sin? YES. But I especially hate it when I find some deep dark ones hidden in my heart. I just thank God for revealing it to me so I can get it right with Him. I love everyone but I find I can be judgemental when I see and hear things that very disturbing. I am learning to pray for the situation instead of passing judgement. We must remember we all have been there before we came to the Lord and though we go from glory to glory we have not arrived. Thank you for your faithfulness to allow the Spirit of God to use you to bring this issue to our attention.


Debbie G said...

I do think about sin alot, and have come to the conclusion that we sin because we do not trust or do not allow God to meet our needs. We settle things in our own way. I blog about this often, actually, because I KNOW that if the world could see Jesus as the source of all they need in life, they would no longer be able to justify their sin. It is definitely a growing process, and I know that I act ugly when it suits me, even though I wish I didn't. This is less a thought about judgment and more a thought about the hope that God provides, and the things we turn to when we don't have that hope.

Anonymous said...

I love your post this morning....I'm definitely old school and think we as christians have taken so much part of this world that the world can't tell the difference anymore between us and them!

Jamie said...

Thank you for your post today. It is so important for us to hate sin - but love the sinner. I think that this can be a tricky issue because the more we are around sin the easier it can become to turn a blind eye to it.
I read through the posts and I will be praying for all of you ladies. Help us LORD to see things through Your eyes, guide and direct us as we learn to hate sin while loving the sinner. In Jesus Name - AMEN!

Jennifer said...

Such powerful, powerful posts today - both here and on P31. As Christians, we are almost afraid to hate sin...perhaps, sincerely, in fear of hating the sinner. But the truth is more often we simply accept sin and trivialize (?) it - and God never does that. It is "old-fashioned" religion but certainly we need to remind ourselves and remember how much God hates sin and will punish sin.

Thanks for taking a stand - and for a wonderful post.

Its a been awhile since I've been by your blog - love the new look:)

Shagufta said...

Your message combined with Brian's message this past weekend on letting one's 'yes' be 'yes' spoke to me. I tend to agree to things and then back out of them. And I hate that I do this because it IS sin.
Thank you!

Allison Morrison said...

Ah sin...it is a part of our lives everyday. It's not just jealousy, murder, adultery...it is also lustful thoughts, gossip, not having a kind tongue. We can't escape it no matter how "holy" we think we are. That's where grace comes in....lovely grace!!

Anonymous said...

I do agree....Using God or Jesus's name in vain is not appropriate behavior.Generally those who use such words are not really having a "relationship" with Christ to understand that those words could in fact be hurtful to him.However, keeping yourselves and your children away from such people(who do not have that true working relationship with Christ), only alienates both parties....Jesus spent his entire life loving people-No matter where they were in life. ESPECIALLY if they had no relationship with him or his Father at all.Such people are generally called the "LOST" by many.While they may very well be lost,condemnation,pretentious judgement, and avoidance will not get them anywhere closer to Christ.Jesus knew this.Daily, he immersed himself with these so-called degenerates, leaving the pharisees in constant disarray(giggle). Do we hold oursevles to a higher standard than Christ? Seeking the unsaved goes beyond strongarming them with our beliefs, or turning our backs to them.We must do as Jesus did, love them exactly where there. Then, they too, will desire the contentment our Father has placed in our hearts.
*Anonymous who's daughter is now Gay...
You knew the answer.....LOVE HER. Just because you are loving her does not mean you are accepting her choices. It means you understand that God gives you grace, and must therefore, do the same.

Anonymous said...

Glynnis, Thank you so much for your devotion today. It gets us all thinking, doesn't it? Being an adult now, one of the things I cannot stand is taking the Lord's name in vain. Being a mom of 3 growing boys, it has become even more of an issue to the point where we used to say "oh my gosh" and now we strive to say "oh my goondess". There is an awesome tool out there for those who may not know called TV Guardian. We have the DVD player which removes the words from the movies which is awesome. However, now they have a box you can use for your satellite/cable box. This is something we are saving up for. There are some good shows but they contain not so good language. Our pastor preached recently on how the phrase "oh my God" has become the norm in alot of young people's daily uses. May we all be convicted as I have been today for tolerating it. Thanks again!

denise in ky said...

I love what you wrote today and it is something that God is working on inside of me. I have been having a rough few weeks - with the little things of life. I have been walking around defeated and exhausted - all the while doing my bible study and not getting it... finally this morning I saw it. I have not been PRAISING GOD! Glory - He uncovered an area of major sin in my life, putting myself first.
This morning, I am back to PRAISING Him first and am so blessed by his faithfulness.
From your blog I am learning that if I hate my sin of selfishness, I will remember to stay in a state of praise and thanksgiving. My sin separates me and when this happens I live in a state of exhaustion and defeat.
Thanks for your blog and your contributions to Proverbs 31. I enjoy your thoughts and honesty.

Colleen said...

If something is wrong, does that make it a sin?

Colleen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Glynnis, not long ago I read a devotion (probably on P31) about sin. They talked about how easily we don't "act" in sin but so many times it is still a part of our lives. For example she spoke about how we let sin be our entertainment. The shows we watch on television...you know those funny sitcom shows, etc...we laugh at the jokes, they are cussing, they are drinking, having sex before being married and even cheating on their spouses...yes those shows on each of our TV's...we may not be acting on or doing those sins but we use them for our entertainment. This is NOT entertaiment in the eyes of God. It is filthy to Him and He does not agree with it at all. Even though I don't watch a lot of television, I do watch some. I think it goes along with what you are saying as well. Sin has just become part of our daily lives even if we do not act on it ourselves. "Lord help me today to stand up against sin. Today I choose to stand up with You and fight the good fight and win the good fight!"


Megan said...

I think that I don't think about sin enough... or rather I don't think about my sin enough. I forget that sin is equally weighted in God's eyes and I often let myself tell that white lie or whatever it is... it makes me mad for myself and it is something I want to work on.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this today. My husband and I have recently taken on the College/Young Career department at our church. We have gone from having 3 children of our own to 25+ other kids!! We love each and everyone of them, but they are so "needy" for God and his love. We are trying to teach them about faith and trusting in God for all the things in their lives. Sin and the devil seem to consume them alot of the time. They are all about themselves and think they don't need God. They do not believe they sin at all. It breaks my heart to see some of the struggles and things they have to deal with. Thank you for your words as I will use them to encourage them. Thanks,Lisa Evans

Grace said...

Wow! I haven't thought about that in quite awhile. Do I hate sin? Once again the Lord has used your words to pierce my heart. Thank you for being bold.

Glynnis Whitwer said...

Thank you for your comments today. I know this is a difficult subject and I appreciate the graciousness of your comments.

To the sister who is dealing with a daughter and her partner. I think you are responding just like our Jesus would. He willingly went to those who were choosing their own way, rather than His. He loved and demonstrated that love with His presence and acceptance.

Perhaps you can establish some behavior guidelines that show respect for each other. And, you have every right to set guidelines for your home.

The truth is, God sees all of our sin the same. And many people are holding on to sin ... it's just not so obvious. We aren't called to judge the sinner, but the sin.

I believe your loving response is pleasing to our Father. And don't let anyone judge you for loving with abandon. After all, that's what God did for us. We sure didn't "deserve" it.

Email me privately if you wish at editor@proverbs31.org.

Zuleika said...

Thanks Glynnis for today's devotion. It spoke to my heart. I think the Holy Spirit has been wanting for me to open up my eyes and really see how God sees and feel how God feels. It served as a reminder that we need to examing our hearts everyday, every second because it is necessary. It's so easy to get caught up in doing all the things that we think please the Lord, going to church, reading the Bible, praying and praising His name, teaching others about Him, that we often don't stop to think and examine out hearts. Are we hating sin, staying away from it?, or are we tolarating it and allowing it to slowly infiltrate our lives? Have we become so accepting of what is wrong that we ignore it? Do we find reasons and excuses to justify going along with what is considered the norm to the world? Or are we just afraid to take a stand and speak up, worried about what others will think or say? The truth is we should be more concerned with what our thoughts, actions and our hearts are communicating to the One that died for us. We as His people need to be on the alert, we need to pay attention to the voice of the Holy Spirit and not ignore those red flags that are being waved. As women of God, mothers, wives, leaders, teachers, women filled with the truth of Jesus we can't be afraid to take a stand. I pray the Lord gives us the strenght, the boldness and the courage to stand for what is right even when it is difficult to do so. That we never compromise our Christian values and never trade the truth of Christ for anything or anyone. That we are constantly reminded by the Holy Spirit that we are in this world, but not of this world. That God may grant us the wisdom and discernment needed to distinguish between right and wrong, what He loves and that which He hates, so we can make the godly choice everytime. May He bless us with supernatural strenght to stand firmly on His Word, to say no to sin and cast it out in Jesus' name from our hearts, our homes, our churches and the body of Christ. That we remain pure in thought and in deed living lives that please the Lord and continually glorify His name. Amen.

Deanna said...

What a wonderful devotional. I, too, try not to use the word hate, mainly because my husband doesn't like it. However, there are ways in which I think it is the proper word, like hating sin. Hate is a strong word and there are times when that strength is needed.
Sin is certainly all around and I tend not to see it most of the time, since it is so prevelant.
I personally have the sin of gluttony/overeating, among other things, I am sure.
May my eyes be opened more and more and my heart made strong.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I read something by Greg Laurie the other day that ties in with this concept of separating ourselves from the world. He said, "The objective of believers is not to isolate, but to infiltrate; not to evade, but to invade. We are to impact our culture without being compromised by it." -
Barbara R.

Mimi said...

When you think about it, it's kind of crazy how we as Christians have become desensitized to sin. We see things as Big sins or Little sins, when there is no such thing. A sin is a sin no matter how big or small. I want to be a Jesus girl that lives boldly for God and resist sin at every chance that I get.

Anonymous said...

Sin makes me angry! Everytime someone sins Satan gains some ground!

Suzy said...

I read Isaiah 6 last week, and Isaiah saw himself for who he really was (full of sin) when he came into the bright light of the holiness of God in Jesus Christ. Isaiah knew he was totally undone - as we all are -- we just don't all know it.

When we draw near to God, through His word and prayer, we are walkng in the light and then sin beomes much more obvious....leading to repentance...which is the secret to living a balanced life in a sin-filled world.

However, if we step out of that light (not abiding in Christ) then we live in darkness - and sin becomes almost indiscernable.

Thanks so much for this post -- there is really too little discussion about sin these days.

Wander said...

Everyday I live....I feel like sin is more easily justified by everyone around me. Even within my own family!
We've had a reflection lately on just what level of holiness it is we want for our family!
I fall short....but surely want to improve!

tiggerdaisy said...

Your devotion and post hit home with me. I've been feeling very uncomfortable about all of the "compromising" we christians are guilty of doing. I'm tired of it being "a new day and time" when God's Word is the same yesterday, today and forever.

The sad part is, when you stand up against things you know are wrong, people label you as being legalistic. I firmly believe there is a solid line between following God's Word and being legalistic.

Great thoughts, Glynnis!

Prayers and blessings,

Shantae said...

Yes, I do hate sin; it separates me from my savior and brings me into a web of confusion and chaos. Why I have chosen at times to walk this path of fear and confusion, chaos and destruction is a wonder however it is also revelatory in that I have great need for Jesus my savior, my deliverer, my comforter, restorer and friend. I realize that as I spend time to delight in Him, to draw close to Him and to know Him, the more in touch I am with His heart after me. He really does love me, He created me, He sings over me, He delights in me! When I am in touch with His amazing love, the sin in my life is revealed for what it is and its ugly face shows vividly, I am then compelled to lay it down and live my life with the one I love!

Laura said...

Oops - replied to the FB post... Glynnis, this is something I have felt conviction on for quite some time. I think a big part of it is the culture we live in, which says anything goes. We have become desensitized to sin, and when we do see it, we tend to look the other way....

I find myself praying for God to help me and my family recognize sin and not tolerate it even in the simplest form. I must admit that it can be challenging to have the grace and humility to live it out without seeming prideful to other people. As with everything in life, we must allow the Holy Spirit to work in us and through us to be able to do that.

Thanks for sharing!

Laura B

karen g. said...

As I try to walk faithfully and so often fail and so often question, I am encouraged by your conviction. As I try to guide our oldest daugther away from sin and towards what she can so profoundly recite and quote, I am discouraged. Your devotion and truth is something that i need right now. I will be on my knees praying for God to just "show me the way." Blessings!
karen g.

Anonymous said...

what a great devo on Prov 31 and follow-up on your blog. This is the first time I have been to your page. I too agree that we as christian women do a GREAT job of "doing" the right thing outwardly while not having the right inner attitude. This has been a HUGELY convicting area to me over the past year. My family and I have made a transition to a different state for my husband to keep his job AND go to seminary while I stay home with the kids. Although he is VERY busy, I am too keeping up the house and up with the kids while pregnant w/our 3rd child, and struggle emotionally daily with this same area of sinning in my heart yet putting on good outward appearance (b/c really staying home and raising our children is what i've always dreamed of doing and feel called to). The fact is, is that it's hard to be a seminary wife b/c you really are left to run the house more often than not and just expected to be "ok with it".....I have been VERY bitter in my heart (despite the fact that seminary was a "WE" decision)...it is sin...yet I can tell you every excuse in the book I've used in the last year and half to justify my emotions of bitterness/ mooodiness/complaining...i've said it's due to "change"....."hormones b/c i'm pregnant".."kids are driving me nuts".."just hard being a seminary wife"...etc.. but it's SIN any way you look at it. Satan was able to convince me over a weekend last february to "dabble in sin" and OHHH how I wish that I had read this the day before. Our family has experienced a lot of heartache b/c of my dabbling, but I am forever thankful that God has enabled us as a couple to grow stronger from this time, and that I am married to a Godly man that understands that I am human and that we all do sin. Thank you for once again just reminding me to stay strong and really desire to change from the heart out to my actions on a daily basis as a mom and a wife!!! God Bless!!

Michelle said...

Glynnis, I read the devotion daily but this is the first time I have read your blog. It won't be the last. Without even realizing it we turn our backs or look the other way when it comes to sin and many do it in the name of "tolerance." I remember Kay Arthur stating one time "Instead of laughing at lewd jokes or ignoring sin, we should be heart-broken over it as it is what nailed our Savior to the cross."
Thank you Glynnis for a reminder we all needed. I posted on my blog yesterday about God's Glory and how Christ in us is a reflection of His Glory. Wow. What a reminder. Blessings to you!

Deb said...

The sins I commit over and over, sometimes don't seem like sins until God convicts my heart. I am so glad that Jesus died on the cross so that our sins are forgiven.

Cindy W. said...

This was an eye opening blog Glynnis. It's just what I needed to hear (read)right now. I do hate sin and especially when I see it in myself.

Smiles & Blessings,
Cindy W.


Dana Mills said...

This is my first visit to your blog and you have really touched my heart and made me stop and think about sin in my life. Yes I hate sin but I do love the sinner even myself.

Anonymous said...

I think that for many people, (myself included!) we find it so much easier to see sin in other people and make excuses for ourselves. I know I've made excuses for speaking words I know I shouldn't or behaving in ways that really straddle the line of Christian behavior....but nothing "bad" enough to really seem "sinful". I hope this makes sense.

It can be so much easier to see sin as the woman going to the clinic for an abortion when the seemingly small things are sin as well. My biggest problems stem from my heart-judging when I should love and not comparing my "small" sins with "large" ones. Sin is sin.

Great topic-gave me a lot to think about.

Amy V. **If I'm chosen please leave my name on your blog and I will check back. :)

Anonymous said...

Sin is so subtle most of the time- while many sins are obvious and in-your-face, ie murder, the ones I struggle with day to day almost go unnoticed by me, until God opens my eyes to it. It makes me sad that I, at times, have gotten so accustomed to what the world says is sinful or not that I miss what the Bible says about it.

LisaShaw said...

Hi Glynnis,

I'm new to your beautiful blog through sweet Rachel Olsen.

I was blown away by this message! Powerful and especially sensitive to me. If you visit my ProLife blog: His Love Covers Our Sins and read my own story you'll know why.

I am deeply moved by your sharing here and so thankful that I hate sin and I hate being displeasing to GOD and therefore keeping ourselves humbled before Him is so necessary but at times difficult but so worth it!

Paul admonished us to crucify that flesh daily!!! I lay it all down at the foot of the cross daily, often, moment by moment...more of Jesus and less 'lisa' is my cry.

Thank you Glynnis for sharing. I look forward to returning!

Anonymous said...

Do I hate sin? I hate it so much that I am becoming more and more set apart from those who take God with a grain of salt. See I strayed from God , then He brought me back with such LOVE and Mercy that I LOVE HIM so much now that I want to me more like Him. Then I must hate sin. But I can not hate the sinner. I must Pray for that lost one and try to help them see the "Truth that will set them free". But the "born again" that deliberately sin, well I must separate from that defiance until it is repented of. Shun? NO! But set apart? Yes! Compromise a little? NO! Love and pray for others? Yes! Now I see people making " light" of God's Holy Word in homes, schools, work, and even in Churches! It makes me so sick. I see that we have lost the whole meaning of being a "Disciple" of Christ! Many claim to be "Christian" , but how many are "Disciples indeed"? Jesus said , " If you continue in My Word, then are ye My disciples indeed...." John 8:31. The point is that IF we are going to ClAIM to be HIS , then we are to DO what He says! Stop being tossed to and fro. We can not be a friend of the world and His too! So make up your mind! Are you going to become numb to sin, and call it gray? Or are you gonna see it as an enemy to Him and hate it as He does, and be "set apart" for your KING? So that is where I now stand. God is my "First Love" and I must be loyal to Him. I want to be, and the Holy Spirit will help me to be, IF I allow HIM to. Modern Christianity no longer uses the word REPENT. All the messages are now "love, forgive, be good,don't be self-righteous". We had better learn to judge, (or I will call it discernment)between good and evil. We had best learn to repent and turn to God. God says " woe unto them that call evil good" Is. 5:20. It is high time that men and women stood up and became LOYAL to Jesus Christ and His Words.
That is my comment! Stop mocking God and "choose you this day whom ye will serve;....but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD." Joshua24:15.
May we all choose the LORD today!

Amy Caruso gobusywoman said...

Glynnis, I'm new to blogging and I'm delighted to have been led to your blog. I wanted to share some thoughts on sin.

Some people hold the theory that the line between right and wrong is very blurry. The truth is that the line is very defined, and always has been, but society does a great job of making it appear blurry. As Christians, we must repaint that line daily, DAILY, and resist a society that inundates us with many media outlets that would lead us astray.

Thanks for your blog.

Anonymous said...

We are to stand on faith - one step of obedience at a time. God bless the faithful one who stood and faced sin with God's Word in her hands! mheard11@frontier.com

kjean said...

Thanks for your blog today. You P31ladies are such an encouragement to me.

God has been showing me that my thought life is so important in my walk with Him. I have been challenged to look at my thoughts and see if they are based on God's truth or the world's view of me. I want my heart and mind saturated with His truth!

Joanna said...

The truth about whether I always hate sin is too often revealed in how I label it. It's a "mistake;" it's "wrong;" I "messed up." But no! It is sin! Oh, that the Lord would change my sinful thinking!

LaVonne said...

I think that we should hate sin. Especially the sin in our own life. Because we love God, we should be making choices for Him and not the culture we live in. Thank you for reminding us of this. Many things are acceptable in the church but are unacceptable to God. We ought to choose Christ in all things.

Ashley Bender said...

Oh, my...a pool of blood! That hit me hard. A pool of water is so enticing....cool, refereshing, clensing. This is how I tend to view sin! But a pool of blood? That's disgusting, sticky, and it stains. Thank you for the amazing, high-impact visual of how our loving, Heavenly Father views out acts of sin!

bluerosegirl said...

I really appreciated what you had to say on the P31 devo today and a friend shared this link with me. That has been my prayer "Lord, break my heart with what breaks Yours." but I am far from being there! Thank you for your wise words.

Anonymous said...

Wow the devotional was something, then all the comments were truly awesome in each of there own ways. Yes, yes, yes, I want to be truly broken by my sin, Lord show me, cleanse me, and let us all be a light to someone else.Jesus told us to hate the sin, but love the sinner. That is so very true. Especially when it comes in the way of our children. To the one person who wrote about her daughter who is gay. My heart cries out to you. Continue to love her back to Christ. And her friend. Your heart must break for them, and Christ breaks even more. Continue to pray for them, He knows your hearts desire. But it must be in His time, not ours. I will pray for you as you go through this battle. Keep in God's Word, the world says one thing, but God's Word is always true.
Thank-you again for this opportunity to read such testimonies, and for all you do for us too.

Anonymous said...

You make a great point. I think I know what sin is. Yet there are many times when my sinful nature does or says things that are sinful even when I know better. It is easy to justify and say "What I did (or said) isn't that bad." When sin is sin. Makes for a struggle for a worldly girl here.
Teresa C.

Anonymous said...

I too hate sin. God is convicting me to do a heart search on the idols in my life that come before Him. I am doing a study this year of Isaiah. It is so convicting on the Holiness of God and how yes, he is a God of grace and mercy but He hates sin and cannot look upon it and have fellowship with us until we remove it from our lives through confession, repentence and forgiveness through Him. Israel's day is so parallel to our culture today--we become desensitized to evil (We call evil good and good evil). Thank you for your challenge for us to examine our hearts to look at our sin, not judge others, to separate the sin from the sinner, and to love like Jesus would love.

Great post. Donna