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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We all know breakfast is important, but for many years, my family's breakfast consisted of cereal or Pop-tarts. Not the most nutritious, but easy for a busy morning.

But when two of my sons displayed signs of ADHD, breakfast became even more important. My boys already had trouble sitting still at school, and giving them a high carbohydrate breakfast wasn't helping. The carbs soared through their bodies for a few hours causing increased energy. Then their energy dipped after that burst.

I had to take a serious look at what they ate in the morning and make some significant changes. The biggest change was making sure they had a well-balanced breakfast that included protein.

This week I thought I would share a few of my tips for beating the breakfast blues. One of my kids' favorites is a yogurt parfait. This has numerous flavor options, and is fun to make. It's a simple recipe: yogurt, fresh fruit and granola in layers. The fun comes in getting creative with those ingredients - plus serving it in a water goblet.

If you have a store like Sprouts, or another natural foods store, you can get lots of granola options. They even have great yogurt options.

Here are some of our favorite parfait combinations:

  • Banana yogurt, French vanilla granola, bananas
  • Vanilla yogurt, strawberry granola, strawberries
  • Peach yogurt, cinnamon granola, bananas
Read your labels, and see if you can serve your family close to 20-25% of your daily protein intake at breakfast. (Most of Americans eat 10-15%) Studies show that more protein in the morning helps to sustain energy release, and a sense of fullness throughout the day. This parfait has about 15% of the daily requirements, so we add other food to the breakfast menu.

How much protein you need a day depends on other factors. I can't give any health advice, so it would probably be a good idea to do some research if you want to get serious about this issue.

Tomorrow I'll share some of my ways to keep from getting the breakfast blues - and how to do it fast.

In His Love,



Joyful said...

Glynnis, as I was praying for you this morning I thought, I must check in and see how your acountability thing is going, and here's another post from you!

My son and I often enjoy a yogurt parfait for lunch, but I've never thought of doing it for breakfast! Great idea! I can't wait to hear your other breakfast ideas. Breakfast is usually such a rush - I think it's why it's my favourite meal to go out and enjoy - I'll actually SIT DOWN and eat as opposed to eating on the run!

I'll be checking back tomorrow!
Love & continued prayers,
PS. I'm not fairing so well in the diet dept. right now. I'm on sinus medication that MUST be taken with food - so I find I'm eating more, although I am trying to be careful at other times to compensate.

Jennifer said...

I enjoyed reading how you've changed your breakfast choices. A great idea!
I'm trying to change how we eat and am always looking for some ideas.


Mildred said...

A great post. I am enjoying looking through your blog.

Anonymous said...

Glynnis, Great idea the breakfast blues~

It's another Fearless Friday! What are you going to call it today?

I took the challenge and am learning how to blog. Do I blog to your recent or wait? Well, I am leaving for work, and can not wait any longer.

I read your blog on last Saturday and I got my scale out. I made a decision to commit to your challenge. I got on the scale this morning before my coffee, and my new workout schedule. My weight has not changed. :( I was thinking I would loose 5 pounds. I have been going to the gym daily. I missed one day. I am stretching and using a precor, stair climbing machine with arms. I set it for up and down climb. I start slow and continue for 30 minutes. I then stretch more and do a basic round of a 8 weight machines. I am already feeling better. A bit disappointed thinking this is going to take longer. I listen to Praise Music and I pray. I am looking forward. I am watching what I eat, and making daily minute to minute better choices.

I called my husband who was with me the first weight, shock. He said, Keep going, your doing great. A pound a week. My goal is 50 pounds. So he said next year, 52 weeks. Him and numbers! I hate the scale. I use to go by how my clothes fit. It wasn't working.

No more hiding, and I continue on.

How's your first week been?

Are you encouraged! I am!

blessings Karen