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Friday, November 7, 2008

A few posts ago, I admitted that I needed the help of a friend in some areas of my life. Well, there's a reality of working at home - it's often lonely. I don't have the companionship of co-workers (except for my wonderful husband who also works at home). I don't have small kids home any more, which eliminates that commonality with other moms at home. Most women in my stage of life (older kids) work outside the home.

So my great goal at finding someone to help keep me accountable to exercise and lose extra pounds isn't very realistic at this time. That why I'm calling this Fearless Friday. I'm going to take a big risky leap of faith, and see if anyone reading my blog would like to take a challenge with me. Between now and January 2 (8 weeks), I would like to lose 8 pounds.

I realize this is a difficult time of the year to try this challenge, but if not now, there will another excuse later.

Every Friday, I'm going to weigh myself, and post my actual weight on my blog. If you feel as desperate as I do, I invite you to post and share your weight. Then we will encourage each other to press on.

I've been in Weight Watchers enough to know the temptation to NOT go to a weigh in when you know you haven't lost weight, hoping to make up for it the next week. But then you miss the whole accountability benefit in good and not-so-good times. So I'm going to post my weight even if the scale goes up instead of down. And I'm going to weigh myself at the same time each week - Friday morning before coffee.

I may be the only one who needs this weight-loss challenge, and that would be wonderful. If weight isn't your issue, but you'd like accountability for something else, then I'd love to be here for you. Just use my blog as your place to be open and share what you'd like to work on for the next 8 weeks. I will be praying for everyone who posts and shares.

The cyberworld of bloggy buddies can't ever replace the real thing. But God has allowed us this means of developing relationships we never could have imagined 10 years ago. So I'm going to enjoy your friendship while I have it.

Okay - here's what I weighed when I got on the scale this morning: 165

It's about 20 pounds above where I should be to be in the middle of the healthy weight range for my height. So 8 pounds is a good start.

That's it for today. That was hard enough.



KelliGirl said...

Hi Glynnis,
I can REALLY relate to this post. I also work at home and my husband works upstairs (although he is busy doing his own thing). My kids are in school all day. My nature is more reserved so I don't crave to be "in the mix" all the time, but my days at home can definitely get lonely. (I could write on and on about this!)

I take you up on your challenge! I just buckled down and lost about 10 pounds, but I'm trying to keep it off and maybe lose few more. I need to be held accountable for exercise. Even though I belong to a gym and have a wonderful, yellow lab who loves long walk, the excuses come all too frequently.

Looking forward to it!


Joyful said...

Glynnis, what a great idea! I really only need to lose about 6 pounds, but you're right, these next 8 weeks are critical weeks! If I'm not careful, I'll be needing to lose a lot more! I already weigh myself every Friday morning (it's so that I don't drift too far over my "comfortable" weight), so this will be an easy practice for me.

Another thing I need accountability on is my prayer time. I get up every morning at 6am to have my quiet time, read my Bible etc...but God has called me to more time in prayer. For the past two or three weeks, an extra hour of prayer a day was easy, and then suddenly my schedule changed and I know it's Satan trying to steal this time away. I CAN make time, but lately I have been making wrong choices. I know the benefit of this time in prayer and my relationship with the Lord was growing so much as I was being still and listening to Him as well. I need to stay faithful in prayer.

Thanks for this challenge. I'll be praying for you as well.


kathy said...

Hi Glynnis this is so God.. I have been gaining the weight back that I lost from Weight watchers 10 pound gain.. The enemy has been at me, through the thoughts.. How worhtless I am, what a loser I am,, no control, I was just feeling really down, than I put the armor of Lord on and prayed for his strengh and guidance and here I am ready to go...... This morning I dusted off all my WW materials, Got on the scale, I (not to happy with that) and then went to my email and saw your site... (thank you God...) I am in.. I will weigh only on Fridays. I love the challenge, and being accountable... (I am older too, a widow, and raising 3 teenagers on my own.) I had to drop my gym, so being accountable for exercise too is good.. bless you kathy

Anonymous said...

Glynnis ~ yes I will work with you! I have been saying I am starting TODAY and then someone ask me to lunch. Funny I lost weight when I worked at home now I work in an office I have gained. I have joined WW so may times. God knows I want and need to make my temple that he has lent me a healthier place until I go home so yes I need to lose at least 25 so 8 pounds sounds great. Thank you for your post here is to us all losing together ~ God Bless you Dara

Courtney said...

Hi Glynnis,
I really enjoy reading your posts. I found your blog through Proverbs 31 ministires. Your posts are very enlightening and I always get something out of them! I will be so with you on this 8 pound deal, infact that is how much I have been wanting/needing to lose for some time now to get back to normal. It is hard, I work in an office and sit all day long. I try to eat right, but being always on the go, its hard. Not to mention my best friend who would normally help me out on this is pregnant, so losing weight with her is out of the question. Count me in!

Former Hot Momma said...

Hello Glynnis!
After reading the posts of your fellow bloggers about the weight loss challenge I felt that I needed to jump on the wagon. Unlike all of the others listed, I fell off the wagon after losing 70 lbs. and gained back 58 lbs. This is in the past year. I have given most of my skinny clothes away in total disgust with myself. I feel like a beached whale and I finally got on the wagon last week. Yes, I have started to lose weight again. I am down 18 lbs. in the past week and definitely lost the water weight! I gave up the alcohol and most of the high fat foods. I still have a moment or two, but, to not do so is totally unrealistic. I weighed 202 on Friday morning. At 5'2, this is not a healthy weight for me. I know better! God speaks to me about my concerns and assures me that He is with me for better or worse. I am 61 years old and divorced for 7 years. No Godly man in my life and boy are they at a premium! I wish you all the best and I think that we can get through the holidays and drop those pesly pounds. I'm with ya, sister!

Anonymous said...

Hi Glynnis,
I am so happy you ask us to take the challenge. I join all of you ladies and I am in.
I will write more when I come up with a blog name. Karen

Encourager said...

Good Morning Glynnis,
Once Again Thanks for asking us to join your challenge to be accountable to each other.

I first read your blog on Saturday and said, Ok, Honey get the scale out. I did, and I was SICK of how I had not taken my health serious. I had been hidden and not looked. So now I know! yikes!

I look forward to Friday morning and I will see how one week, and post what one week, of the shock of it all has been.

That is tomorrow morning.
Take a step to your health.