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Monday, May 9, 2011

I love the show Fringe.  It's kind of weird, sometimes gross, but always intriguing.  I'm partly drawn to it because of the strong female lead in Olivia, but also the tender father and son relationship in Walter and Peter. 

If you don't watch it, here's a quick summary:  Years ago, Walter (the father) discovered there was a parallel universe to ours ... with the exact same people, just at slightly different levels of technological discovery.  When Walter's son, Peter, died, he discovered the other Walter's son was also sick and dying.  Convinced he could help the other Peter, Walter crossed over and took Peter. 

Because of this one choice, this one action, there was unbalance in the universes.  Now, little by little the fabric between the two universes is tearing.  With each tear, something devastating happens.  The universes are breaking down.  The Fringe Division investigates these odd occurrences. 

BIG NOTE HERE:  I have not watched the last two shows of this season, so please don't give anything away if you've seen them.  :-)

Anyhooo ....

Prepare for a dramatic shift in topic ... but it comes back to Fringe, so keep reading.

This fall, I will have two sons move out of the house.  I'm not sure my heart can take it ...  My oldest will very likely be joining the Marines, and my second oldest will be going to college.  When they leave, they will hold in their hands a booklet that I am writing for each of them called "Driving Tips for the Narrow Road." 

Years ago I tried to get this published, but there wasn't the interest.  Now I'm writing it for my sons.  Each page contains a truth they can hold on to when the road threatens to be so wide they leave the faith of their youth. 

One truth is coming from Fringe (which Dylan and I watch together).  And it has to do with why bad things happen in the world.  Here's a taste of what they will read:

You see, years ago, in our real world, one man made a choice that shook the universe.  Adam chose to disobey God.  It wasn't God's choice for that to happen.  But it happened. 

It happened because God never force Adam to do anything.  Don't we love that part of free will? 

Now, because of that choice, sin has entered the world.  And bit by bit, the fabric of the universe is tearing.  As it tears, horrible things have entered.  Things God never wanted to enter, such as cancer, mental illness, addiction, anger, hate.

Some things happen because of our choices.  War, hunger, poverty, hate, drunk driving.  These are man's choices.
Some things happen because of our broken universe:  Disease, physical handicaps, Alzheimer's. 

None of this is God's choice. He should not be blamed for any of it. 

We should take responsibility for our choices, and make a difference.
We can seek God's healing for what is not our choice.
We can accept God's peace for what doesn't change.
And in it all, choose to trust that God will redeem our brokenness, and not waste any pain.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this today.  Whether or not you have children moving out, what truths would you like to tell your kids that they can hold on to?

I've got a copy of T.D. Jake's newest book called "64 Lessons for a Life Without Limits."  Post a comment and a way to get in touch with you and I'll give it away at random to someone.  I'll announce a winner in a few days.

Grace & Peace,


Jennifer Fink said...

Its funny, I was thinking along the same lines as you today. I have a daughter that I want to share my "wealth of knowledge" with, but am having trouble with how to share God's Grace with her. Your passage today has sparked some ideas in me! Thank You! You have inspired me many times! Blessings, Jennifer

Anonymous said...

My children are still little, 8, 6, and 3...but I've told my 8 year old if the only thing you every learn from me is that God loves you and I want you to serve the Lord with all your heart.

Carol said...

I love how you have brought a Biblical perspective to Fringe. LOL. My husband is a SCI-FI junkie. We watch Fringe, too. You HAVE to watch the last two episodes. OH MY they were good.

Maria G said...

That's such a good idea, to write a book for your sons. I have a 10yr old and cannot imagine the day he will leave for college. I often joke that my husband and I will move wherever he does. But I am going to steal your idea and will write a book too. Oneday.

Anonymous said...

I love your book title for your boys! What a special gift. They can open it up and be close to you wherever they are and be close to God too. Although a little "tear in the fabric" of your heart will happen when they leave, your book will keep you with them.

Anonymous said...

I think the book is a good idea. When our children leave the home, we as parents tend to worry and have anxious moments. We can only lift them up to God and trust Him to be there for them as they embark on their new paths. Thanks for the insight, Glynnis.


Anonymous said...

Glynnis, both of your writings today hit home with me. How many times my fears and lack of trust in God's plan got in the way of what He would want for my growing son. Now He is 20 and will transfer from community college as a junior in the fall to finish out his last two years at a christian university. Your book unpublished sounds like something we could all use, words of wisdom to face a broken world. I have asked God's forgiveness for my lack of trust and pray that our son remains steadfast and passionate in his love for the Lord inspite of my mistakes and continues to grow and find his career path hand-selected by God.

Sweet Blessings for your heart of transparency. It always inspires me to seek Him more and give grace.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post today. I have girls and the oldest has left the nest and is in her 2nd year of college...She is super smart and is beginning to embrace what the world teaches...All I can do is pray for her and let God deal.

Your book sound like it is much needed in this broken world... blessings kathy


Anonymous said...

First time reader. In the same passage of life right now, maybe a little further out. My youngest is looking at the "wider road" right now. There have been many moments where all I can say is God loves you, and pray "lots". I'd love to hear more of your unpublished works! Bless you, Cindy

alelu said...

Thanks for your post today. Once again I'm reminded not to worry about the future of our children because God's Word says so. I appreciate your being open and honest about things and how you're coping with them by God's grace. It makes me feel that I'm not alone. Thanks for sharing your life. More power!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Glynnis for your words of wisdom that I will surely keep for future use. I liked the way you summarized sin and its effects on our world. My neice graduated from college last weekend and I have been searching for her a good read that will give her Godly advice as she enters the "real world". I know your boys will treasure the book you've written--how special!

Anonymous said...

It's a great idea to prepare ahead for the time when kids leave home. My daughter has 5years stil with us but wanting to leave now!!! I not sure I have the wisdom to write something to prepare for that.

Stephanie said...

Not that I wouldn't want TD Jake's book...but I sure would love a copy of yours :)