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Monday, February 21, 2011

First - don't judge the editor for ending the title of this post with a preposition.  I'm currently in "one of those moods" and have just had my last nerve stepped on. I'm feeling a bit rebellious and snarky and bad grammar is a safe outlet.  :-)

So.  I decided to take myself to a happy place, and write a post about the thing I never get tired of.   Being with Jesus, my husband and my family are the absolute tops for me.  They are above this list, so I didn't include them. 

1.  Starbucks Gingerbread Lattes

2.  The smell of orange blossoms

3.  My children's laughter (wish I could hear it now instead of the bickering that took my last nerve)

4.  Diet Coke

5.  Macayo's Green Corn Tamales with Baja Sauce

6.  New Orleans French Quarter

7.  Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

8.  Sitting by a stream in the mountains

9.  Hearing how God changed someone's life

10.  Watching Fringe

11.  Singing

12.  Reading Victoria Magazine

13.  Eating a scone while drinking hot tea

14.  Roses

15.  Watching Paula Deen on Food Network

16.  American Idol  (I even vote)

17.  Reading my Bible

18.  Hanging out with friends from my small group  (John, Candy, Marcus, Jackie, Ana Ruth, Ruben, Heather, Stephanie, Dave, Ryan & Katie - I love those guys!)

19.  Reading a historical romance novel  (I love Liz Curtis Higgs and Francine Rivers)

20.  Watching my dogs play.  

Ok, I feel better.  I'd love to hear what you never tire of seeing, doing, eating, watching, etc.

In His Love,



Kristen said...

I never tire of...

A hot bath

chocolate-covered strawberries

summer-time heat

a date with my hubby

holding my babies

watching episodes of Chuck or Burn Notice

Quiet time to read and write

Hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream... Mmmm!


Emily B (emleepc@yahoo.com) said...


Pound cake

curling up with a good book

my nieces and nephew

movies with my hubby

tacos and cheese dip

Family time

Journal for My Daughters said...

Well that's easy! I can be sitting at the computer - work, work, work and the little bell sounds to let me know I've got mail. Every so often I check it and it reads, "Welcome Home". I never tire of that. ;0)

Jess said...

Hugs from a friend

Praise Songs

My husband's accordion music

Being at the beach

Beautiful sunsets!

Email letters


Alycia Morales said...

My last nerve was stepped upon thirty minutes ago, so I gladly participate.

Things I never tire of:

Watching movies with my hubby while he rubs my feet.

A hot shower on a cold morning.

The beach on a breezy, warm evening.

The scents of lilacs, wisteria, and lily of the valley.

Watching episodes of NCIS.



Hot fudgy brownies with cookies n' cream ice cream slathered in hot fudge.

My children's laughter.

Writers Conferences and Womens Conferences.

Taking pictures of nature and things and people.

~ Alycia

Anonymous said...

What fun is this! I love it. I think we should all just post what we never get tired of every week...wouldn't we feel better?
My list.
.My grandbabies all 5 of those precious little darlings.
Time with my family.
The biggest loser tv show
The song Hold Me Jesus by Rich Mullins.
Christian concerts
Mark Schultz concerts and Micheal W. Smith and Chris Tomlin and so on I love them all!
My feather pillowed bed
music Christian

and more next week??? I would come back and add more to the list

Thanks so much Glynnis!!!! You made my nightd

Janet B said...

I concur on Colonial Williamsburg. That place is great. My kids think it's kind of nerdy to like historcal stuff, but they'll come around.

I would add to my list llamas (they're adorable and practical creatures) and hot air balloons (whimsical and beautiful)

Anonymous said...

my sons smiles and laughter


taking pictures

the smell after the rain

being in my mother's flower garden with her

singing at church - no one cares that i can't carry a tune

going for walks

being loved by my friends

physical exercise

I love reading your posts. Thank you for the encouragement. this was a great idea!

Christine Mc

Priscilla said...

-My yellow lab leaning against my legs while I sit on the sofa
-A cup of coffee with a hint or vanilla
-My children laughing together
-My teenage son singing
-My father's banjo, harmonica and singing (these are all in recorded form now since he has gone to be with Jesus)
-friends coming to visit
-libraries (I'm a librarian!)
-an afghan that my mother crocheted (she's getting older and shows early signs of dementia now...her crocheting days are over)
-the honking of Canada geese flying over the house
-the Finger Lakes region of NY state (I am blessed to live in so much beauty)
-wood burning stoves
-watching birds at the feeder