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Monday, January 10, 2011

If you love language like I do, you'll like this post.   Just this weekend, the American Dialect Society announced their selection for word of the year for 2010.  It's:  app.

Although it was fun to hear the winners in the different categories, I actually liked some of the runners up more.  Here are the winners and runners up.  Other than "app," I don't use any of them.  Apparently I need to get "in the know." 
WORD OF THE YEAR:   App application program for a computer or phone operating system. As in "there’s an app for that," an advertising slogan for the iPhone.
nom:  onomatopoetic form connoting eating, esp. pleasurably. Can be used as an interjection or
noun to refer to delicious food.
junk as used in junk shot (attempt to fix BP oil spill), junk status (Greece’s credit rating), don’t ouch my junk (protest against TSA pat-down procedure).
Wikileaks as proper noun, common noun, and verb.
trend verb: to exhibit a burst of online buzz

There are number of categories, but here's one more:

MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED:   trend Verb: to exhibit a burst of online buzz.
hacktivism Using computer hacking skills as a form of political or social activism.
-pad Combining form used by iPad and other tablet computers (ViewPad, WindPad, etc.).
telework Term used at federal level for work by an employee away from the office.

Just for fun, what word did you hear used in 2010 that you either loved ... or did not like at all? 

In His Love,

1 comment:

Shelly said...

The word I loved - perspective.

The word I didn't like so much - hate.

There was a lot of hate going around in 2010 (that I was exposed to). Once I put that into perspective and moved on, things got better.

On another note: I popped over here to your blog b/c I thought of you today. While you probably have no idea who I am, I came to She Speaks in 2010 for the 1st time. Long story short, I remember you saying that you moved to AZ. AZ has been coming up a lot for me, and I'm trying to understand why God would keep placing that in front of me. It came up again for me today when I read a snippet from you in the book "Building an Effective Women's Ministry."

Would you pray for God's guidance for me?

I will tell you that I am encouraged by your story. It sounds like you may have been confused by God sending you out to AZ, but it also sounds like you trusted Him and everything worked out.

I am also an aspiring writer - I think God has been nudging me for quite some time, and I need to quit ignoring Him. : )