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Friday, January 21, 2011

Last night I was praying for several friends facing serious health concerns.  Two are waiting for test results ... a most anxious place to be at times. 

As I prayed specifically for their bodies to be healed, I got a vision of a car.  The message was our bodies are like a car.

If I were a car, I would like to be something sleek like a Jaguar.  However, God has made me more like a Suburban.  Solid, and with a big enough lap for teenagers to still sit on.  (See, there is a positive for those big hips I've got!)

As I thought about the comparison of our bodies to cars, I asked the Lord why He picked a car?  Because they don't last forever, was the answer.

This led me to a thought that pops into my head now and again, and that's why God didn't make our bodies to last forever.  Actually, I personally think He did.  I think at creation, when God walked on the earth, He made our bodies to be perfect and live forever.  I don't think death was in His original plan. 

But then sin entered the world through choice.  Sin brought death to us: spiritually and physically.  And God removed His physical presence from the world because of sin.  Of course, we have Jesus to restore what we lost.  Praise God!

But at that moment when sin entered the world, God allowed our bodies to have a closing date.  Here's the reason why:   If we stayed here on earth forever, we would never be with Him.  God wants us with Him

Years ago, a friend once told me that we place much more value on life on this earth, than God does.  Life has value - don't get me wrong.  But it's not the best thing that will ever happen to us.  Eternal life with God is the best thing.

So, we've been given cars to drive around for awhile.  And cars don't last forever.  But we do. 

In His Love,


SusanT said...

wonderful analogy. i must be a beat up old station wagon..:)

Monica Hawkins said...

Beautiful! It is so exciting that we do not last forever. Eternity with Jesus!!! Can't get any better than that. If we could only grasp what awaits us. We would live this life very differently.

Joyful said...

This morning I read in Job, "You have decided the length of our lives. You know how many months we will live, and we are not given a mninute longer." Job 13:5

Our "engines" will someday stop, but until then, I want to fill up my "tank" and live in the abundance of all He has planned for me. I don't want to park my "car" in the "garage" of fear because I need some "repairs". This little engine-that-could is going to keep going until God turns the key in my "ignition" off for the final time. Then I'll travel streets of gold in a brand new "vehicle", as my body will be whole and fueled with everlasting joy in His presence.

Loved the analogy :)

Tracy Nunes said...

Feeling like an old car myself these days I could really relate to your post. Hopefully, recent tune-ups will enable me to drive as long and as efficiently as He wills me to do. Loved this post Glynnis. Thanks for the reminder that while we can, and should, enjoy the journey we do have an ultimate destination. I'm so grateful we do.

Anonymous said...

The analogy works so well. I love it that God doesn't speak to us in old fashioned ways, but uses things that we can relate to now in current times.

I'm so glad that God desires to be with us, and wants us home with Him. It's not just a desire on our part. It hit home as I read your post. It also fits in well with what I learned at our Homegroup yesterday, that Jesus desires to be pursued and known. And just like He often did in the Gospels, He doesn't always reveal Himself fully. He leaves us to pursue and see if it's really Him, or leaves us to pursue hard after Him to see if our hearts are truly for Him. The question for me is, how hard do I pursue Him?

Connie ~ Winnipeg

Grace Chaser ... said...

I've long said there has to be a closet somewhere with new parts to just pop in when the old ones wear out! Like a car, indeed! Your essay was such a good explanation - inspiration had to come from Him.

Your writing moves me, Glynnis. Thanks & keep it up!

Jill said...

thank you for this analogy. i too am one that is waiting on some test results and this is exactly what I needed to read TODAY!