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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Every once in awhile we get a "You should" email at P31.  You probably know the kind of letters I'm talking about.  They aren't mean-spirited (usually) or unkind (mostly).  But they are from well-meaning readers who think we should be doing something other than what we are doing. 

We love these people.  We truly do.  But we don't change ourselves, our principles or practices, because they want us to.

It's kind of like the advocate for adoption who thinks everyone should adopt.  Or the missionary to Africa who thinks every one should be helping Africa. 

I was called to adopt from Africa ... so maybe those examples aren't that good.

Anyway ...

The truth is, I only have to do what I'm supposed to do.  Not what you think I should do.

I might be able to do it well.  That's not the point.  I might enjoy doing it. That's still not the point.  Am I called to do it by God?  Now we are getting somewhere. 

Here's my take on it:   If everyone did what God called her to do, everything would get done.  Period. 

So do what God is calling you to do, and don't worry about what anyone else is or isn't doing.

Now for a winner to my contest on Wednesday.  Chosen at random, the winner of two Bible studies on the Character of God and a Starbucks gift card is Natalie who posted her comment at January 13, 2011 9:46 AM.   Natalie, I'll email you privately for your address.  If you don't hear from me, please contact me personally at editor@proverbs31.org.

Question:  What has God asked you to do that you haven't done yet?  Are you brave enough to share?  Post anonymously if necessary. 

Grace & Peace,



Rachel Olsen said...

Great wisdom!

Kandi said...

I recently went through a very similar experience. We have all been called to serve, and not in same place or the same way, because if we did, if we all got in the same boat it would surely sink from the weight of it all.

Nicci Ramirez said...

Forgive and forget....sigh.....

Josey Bozzo said...

See that's the thing. I struggle with knowing what I'm supposed to do.I second guess and questions and then nothing gets done. At one time I thought we were called to adopt, then we got discouraged by the cost. So we didn't, but I still find my mind going back there. I go back and forth with writing to.
One thing I do know for sure is my husband and I need to be more consistent with out tithing.

Anonymous said...

I have a couple of things that I feel very strongly about...things I feel will be in my future. I feel that I am to be a stay at home mom and homeschool my children. I would do this in a heartbeat but there is just no way right now. My husband is a man of God and doesn't feel the same way yet but I know that it will happen one day. And like one of the other posts, I have recently been feeling like my husband and I are suppose to adopt...probably from another country. This is also something God hasn't dealt with my husband on but if is meant to be, I know He will. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Get the log out of my own eye.

Anonymous said...

God has asked me to do so much and I often wonder if this is for "Real" or "How Will I get This All Done". A year ago I met with a person that has the gift of discerment and I had no clue of what I would be told or anything about this person. As he spoke he told me many things and he also told me that I would be teaching "Bible" (God's word) to a group of women or children. Well, I laughed. I told him I was laughing because this can't be because I am not a person that knows many scripture that I can repeat. Well, he was right! He also told me other things that God wanted me to do & I haven't really started because "Fear: always kicks in. I'll keep praying that I will do want God wants me to do & not to listen to "Fear"