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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yesterday was a sweet-and-sour day for me.  When I have a devotion running, I love to hear from readers.  You see, I sit behind a computer all day.  Unless I make a point to connect with a friend, my days are isolated ... it's just me and my three doggies.  My husband works at home too, but he's in his office most of the day. 

So when I hear from readers, I experience community in a way that only God could orchestrate among His children thousands of miles apart.

And yet it was a heavy day as I read through all the prayer requests.  I prayed for each one.  In the morning, I emailed two friends and asked them to pray too.  God hand picked those two intentionally as I discovered throughout the day with the specific prayer requests that came in.  He's so good like that!

Then, in the evening, my small group met and I asked my friends to go on my blog and pray for each request throughout the next week. 

If you posted a prayer request - please know you are well covered, and will continue to be.

My heart ached for the cycles of pain so many of you experience.  And I want to do more than pray.  Not because that's not enough.  It is the best gift I can offer you.  But I believe there is more God wants me to do.  It's no coincidence that my brother-in-law is a lay counselor at his church and leads a program called "Healing from the Inside Out."  I called him yesterday to talk about emotional healing, and why people cycle through pain.

He said that often there is addiction involved.  It could be co-dependency, which is like an addiction to another person and their problems.  Or it could be the person's own addiction. Not necessarily chemical addiction, but to an emotional release like anger. 

But when people are honest and willing to face their emotional pain, the healing process begins.  It is a process, and it usually takes the help of someone else.  Not always someone professionally trained, but someone mature enough to love you though it, with out offering damaging advice. 

I'm praying about what more to do, and have put a call in to the person who created this program.  If I discover anything helpful resources, I'll pass them along.

This wasn't the only thing happening this week.  On Monday I had a book to give-away, and said I would announce the winner on Wednesday.  Obviously, that wasn't the best plan on my part.  But I do have a book to give away, and  SueBe is the winner.  I'll contact you personally to get your mailing information. 

Can we continue this discussion on emotional healing?

Have you experienced emotional healing?  If so, what helped you?

In His Love,


Anonymous said...

I have had a very blessed life so far with only the minor ups and downs. Although, I wasn't as strong as I am now with God. The things that were difficult for me were as much as I could handle. The only way I've healed is through focusing on God and His grace.

Anonymous said...

I've been through so many trials I won't get started. Then finally I committed my life to God. Seems that was all that was necessary because since then I have focused on his word and it seems as if everything is now being seen in just the right amount of light. I sing his praises every opportunity I get. God is faithful has become my mantra.
I think people who are struggling should do like me and pray Psalm 51 in its entirety every morning like I did for a complete year, and still do on a regular basis. Also be very careful what you ask God for; His ways are not our ways.

Dori said...

Thank you for your post on healing. I was in a relationship with a Christian man for 4 years, and one day, he finally told me "I can't marry you". I found out later from friends it was mostly because I still had kids @ home, and his two boys were in college. I was hurt deeply, and even though it's been over a year, I still hurt. I am in another relationship with a good Christian man, but somehow I think God is holding me back from loving him...because of my past hurts. (I am also twice divorced) So, my past haunts me. Pray that I will heal and that God will show me whether David and I are to have a life together. thanks for your prayers!

Thoughts for the day said...

First of all the Lord helped me in my healing, then he showed me I needed to find a Christian counselor who believed in the process of healing from the inside out. Not all wounds are the same and Childhood trauma wounds are layered in the mind much different than an adult wound.
It has taken a long time of earnest prayer and hard work on my part and it has been a journey that could not have been done without God and without my counselor. We really can't do it alone.

Debbie said...

I have experienced deep, penetrating--and I might add, lasting--emotional healing. I was a deeply wounded person for most of my life...after growing up in an extremely abusive home and then marrying an abusive man. Because my dad had also been my pastor much of my life--and had twisted the Bible to justify his actions--I wasn't even sure what to believe about God. Yet, somehow, I knew God was there and He never let go of me...proving that He is faithful and can be trusted.

I spent many years in counseling...some of which was more damaging than helpful. God finally led me to a wonderful Christian counselor. Around the same time, He put an amazing friend in my life. One day she read Psalm 107:20 to me over the phone. "He sent His Word and healed them and delivered them from all their destructions." I clung to that verse, believing it was God's promise for me and began digging into His Word like I never before. While the counseling I received played a large role in my healing, meditating on, absorbing and applying God's Word to my life is what had the biggest impact on my emotional healing.

He truly has healed me and delivered me from my destructions. I used to be a self-abuser and will celebrate three years free from that horrid addiction on October 20th. I now know how to walk through pain and other emotional situations in the healthy way that God designed. Crying never felt so good...living never felt so free.

Now I have a passion to help others find healing for their wounded hearts...thus the name of my blog. My prayer is that as I share my own heart, it will encourage others.

PS My sister and brother in-law adopted 5 children from Russia. All 5 had issues with RAD...among other things. I've never been where you are but have heard her talk about it. I now have my oldest niece living close to me and am trying to love on her and her precious baby...trying to show her the love of our Father and help her find healing for her own wounded heart.

Colleen said...

I am experiencing deep pain from a difficult decision our family had to make. Two weeks ago our 13 year old son went to live in a specialty care center for medically fragile children. I am unable to provide for his care at home any longer and this was the only solution to best care for our son. He is doing very well and I have great comfort knowing this, but I am lost. This had been my life for all of these years, but now my role, purpose is gone and I feel so lost. I do have other children who need me, but I still am struggling. I know very well what it is to have a special needs child and pray for your family in this journey. God bless!

Amber Ford said...

I spent a good deal of time healing emotionally from an abusive home life growing up and from messy complicated relationships. Writing letters to the offender that they would never actually see helped a lot. Yelling on paper to at least have a voice released a lot of repressed emotions I didn't know I was still dealing with. And tearing up that letter and "letting it go" was equally freeing. And as I would be driving or doing dishes and an offense would come to mind, I would say, "I choose to forgive ... for ... and I release this anger to you God." And as each occurrence happened, my soul became more and more free. I also prayed scripture after scripture about who I am in Christ to negate who I was told I was as a child and teenager.

Edwina said...

I went through the Elijah House School of Prayer Ministry training in 2001. It is a phenomenal program that teaching prayer counseling for inner healing. God healed of emotional wounds that went as far back as when I was in my mother's womb. It was the most amazing experience! I have since taught the program and used it in counseling others. I also include some aspects when I'm speaking before groups.

kim said...

It was Christmas Eve morning and instead of preparing for the day of Christ's birth, I was sitting in a hospital gown waiting for my cancerous breasts to be removed. The hospital chaplain visited me shortly before surgery and told me that cancer is a gift. Since I am a "good" girl, I didn't tell him my real thoughts on what someone could do with this gift. All through the cancer journey: multiple surgery's, months of chemotherapy and radiation, and many other bumps on the road, I kept asking God, "Am I healed?" The answer I heard was "My daughter you have experienced emotional and spiritual healing. That is where true healing has taken place." God met me at every step in this journey, proving over and over His love, trust and faithfulness, healing me from many childhood abuses and adult mistakes.
Now when I struggle with fear of cancer's return, I read scripture cards. I have found claiming God's word in my life to be so comforting.