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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Here's a quick thoughts for the day:   Invest in your friends and family in the good times, so they will be there for you in the hard times.

Today I'm helping someone I love move as she goes through a difficult divorce.  It's painful for everyone.  And it's frustrating being on the outside and not being able to "fix" things.  All I can do now is provide unconditional love and be present.

So this morning I'll be packing memories of  the past 10 years into cardboard boxes.  And I'll show this person whom I love that I'm not going anywhere.

Sadly, she has discovered who her real friends are during the past year, and especially as she has to move. People she thought would stand by her, haven't.   And it got me thinking about who would set aside their day, in 105 degree heat, to help me in a difficult time. Would the people I call friends be present?  Would they love me unconditionally?  Would they sacrifice their time and money for me?  Would they be there for the long haul?

I hope so, but I'm reminded to not take anything for granted.  Through this experience I'm reminded to invest in my current relationships with friends and family.  I'm challenged to actively pursue good things for those I love, to show unconditional love, to reach out in kindness and with practical help during the good times. 

I know the hard times will come.  They come for everyone in different ways.  And when they do, I don't want to go through them alone.

Well, I'm headed off this morning to pack.  Obviously I don't want to reveal names, but God knows.  Please pray for my loved one and her children.

In Christ's love,



Kim said...

Will pray for your friend. Sending her my love. God is enough!
Love the new blog design!

Julie Gillies said...

Oh my goodness, Glynnis, you've had a blog makeover! Wow! It's beautiful. Very cozy!

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. Thank God she has you. I know she must be incredibly grateful for your help and friendship. And she Jesus...the friend who sticks closer than a brother.

KELLY W said...

Oh Glynnis, hope everything turns out OK. I've been working ovetime and am trying to catch up on my friends. So sorry! On a brighrer note, I love your new blog...thought I was on the wrong page!!

Priscilla Doremus said...

Love the new blog, Glynnis!
And, looking forward to P31 She Speaks, Writes, Reads, Blogs . . .

Also, praying for your friend. May God sustain her and show Himself real enough to meet her every need.

God bless all you do for Him!