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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

If you are a parent, you know how hard it is to convey your personal values to your children.  Although it's one of my highest desires as a mother, I worry that my personal shortcomings hinder that goal.  When I add my faults to the avalanche of negative influences of the culture, I know my only hope is in God. 

Today I've got a devotion running on Proverbs 31 regarding Establishing Moral Authority.  You'll see I don't have all the answers, just a burning desire to be a person whose insides match her outsides.

The problem is that what is on the inside will ALWAYS seep out.  And usually at the worst times ... those times when I need to be consistent. 

The times I need to model patience, are the times I lose it.

The times I need to model grace, are the times judgement seeps out.

The times I need to model forgiveness, bitterness is revealed.

I've found that to develop moral authority I have to be clear about what is really important to me.  I do that by studying the life of Jesus and by pursuing a deeper relationship with Him.  Then, in the light of His perfect character, my weaknesses are revealed - but in the most loving way. 

Jesus had perfect moral authority.  He was consistent all the time.  Those closest to Him didn't see His emotions overtake His desire to be patient, loving, kind, forgiving, self-controlled, etc. 

Perhaps the best thing I can do today to develop greater moral authority with my children isn't to lecture more or establish more rules.  Perhaps I need to go back to reading the Gospels and immerse myself in the life of Jesus.  I know that's were I'll find the best example of the type of parent ... and woman ... I want to be.

In His Love,


Crystal said...

I just wrote a letter to my 19 year old daughter this morning that said I have recently learned that in order to DO what God wants me to do, I have to first BE what God wants me to be. I hope she learns this at a much younger age than I did!

Kelly Willie said...

A woman "whose quiet actions speak louder than words". This is my prayer also Glynnis. I want people to look at me and know I am a true Christian! I am a huge believer of "walk the talk". Thank you for the wonderful devotion today and the prayer really touched my heart: Dear Heavenly Father, I need Your help. I want to be a woman whose life completely matches up to her words. You know there are areas where I fall short, like (for me it would be selfishness of my time). I submit those areas to You, and ask for Your strength to be the women You want me to be. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Steph said...

Your devotion made me laugh - your son saying how you can't lie, so you'd be a terrible lawyer was a hoot - and inspired me...I desperately want to live a life where my words and life mirror so others may be infected with the love that Jesus pours out onto me daily.

And, I'm glad you stuck with writing too! :-) Blessings and keep on writing!

Bernadette said...

Thanks for the reminder and the inspiration - I needed to read your words today!

Lucy M. said...

You've hit the nail on the head so well!!! yes why is it that modeling good things always seem to fall short right at the time they need to flourish? I ask that of our Lord and Savior too, for Him to be the portion of me that lacks when I should be giving grace instead of grief. I agree with you completely, only with God can we stand a chance in this world!!
Thank you for today's post

Anonymous said...

I agree completely! I truly have the desire to be the woman/mother/wife that God has called me to be! I have come to realize that the more I can get in God's Word, the more He is able to mold me and make me into his vessel! Have a great day!