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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Years ago I got "color draped."   Do you remember when that craze came around?   Back then, I was told I was a "winter" and I should wear jewel colors.  So I stocked my closet with clothes in hues of rubies and  sapphires.  For years I was faithful to my identity as a "winter."

Then I met Shari Braendel.  

Shari is a member of the Proverbs 31 speaker team, and joined our team after being in image consulting for years.  Shari heard God tell her to take her message of beauty and style to the Christian community.  Since that time, Shari has developed an incredible ministry to women and teenage girls.  She not only helps women discover how to dress modestly and beautifully, but she incorporates spiritual beauty as well.

Soon after Shari joined the team, she started helping us P31 girls with style.  I can confidently state that you have never met a group of women who were less-fashion-conscious than us.  We can joke about it now, but it's true.  Bit by bit Shari started helping us realize we could make small changes in the way we dressed and by doing so could increase our personal confidence, and the confidence others have in us as speakers and leaders. 

One meeting, Shari offered to help us identify our colors.  I didn't think I needed to have it done since I was sure I was a "winter" but I agreed since everyone else was doing it.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered I was NOT a winter, but an "autumn."  Actually, Shari calls it "warm" but all the autumn colors were on my most-flattering list. 

I didn't want to believe it.  But it was true.  I started buying items in those colors, and the compliments started pouring in.  I can't speak highly enough about Shari.  She's brilliant.  And she has a book coming out soon called:  Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad.  I've seen a preview and there is nothing like it.  Shari tells all her tips - with photos!!

Today I want to tell you about a free service Shari is offering for the first time:  an online color analysis.    You can answer a few questions, look at some sample photos and identify your color.  Here's a link;  www.ColorEnalysis.com.

You'll have fun taking the test and finding out your colors.  Then watch for the book.  I'll try to get some copies for a giveaway, so check back.

Grace & Peace,


Joy said...

I can't wait to read this book! Sounds very interesting!

Shelia said...

I did the color analysis yesterday and was shocked that it said i should NOT wear black tops. OOPS!!!! That's just about all I ever wear. I definitely have a wonderful excuse to go shopping now - must pick out 'colored' tops. So excited!!!!

Anonymous said...

I did the color analysis & my results were 'Clear'. Its purely accidental that I'm already wearing the suggested colors for me, which is bright colors, & a combination of black with lighter colors. That was fun & I can hardly wait to get the book.

Shelly said...

I thought I was a "winter," too! I was color draped in the early 90's!

Then, just earlier this month, I answered a request to help Shari at Northlake Mall when she was training some ladies to do what she does.

I showed up in a black top, black undershirt, jeans and black shoes... only to find out I was "soft" (or "summer" if we're labeling it old school ; ). Oh, and "never to wear black again!"

Since meeting Shari, my almost-all-black wardrobe is seeing some color as I slowly add in a few, new, budget-friendly pieces of "soft" clothing. : )

I can't wait for her new book!

Thanks, Glynnis!


Carol said...

I wanted to tell you I LOVED your Encouragement for Today devotion! How true! I'm a hugger myself. I so agree. We definitely were designed to need "touch." God bless!

Soaring Eagle said...

Now, I read this - after I added some "red highlights" - bummer!It is just a temporary one. I too am looking forward to this book! Thank you for posting that.