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Monday, April 12, 2010

Have you ever had a dream?

A dream that you tucked deep in your heart, and were afraid to even speak it? 

Every year women come to the Proverbs 31 Ministries She Speaks Conference with just such dreams.  It may be a dream to write, or speak. It may be a dream to lead a women's Bible study, or start a ministry to unwed mothers. 

As the director of the writer's track at She Speaks, I meet women every year who are wondering if they have what it takes to write.  They might think the dream is foolish ... because who would read what they have to say?  But the dream beats so hard in their chest they just had to come to the conference.  However, they tenderly protect that dream, even as they put themselves out there for all the world to see.

Is that you?  Do you have a dream to write but haven't taken the first step?  Or have you been writing for awhile but know God is prompting you to take the next step in your writing journey?

Today, I have the privilege of announcing a contest to help someone take that next step of obedience in their dream to write. 

Thanks to the generosity of author extraordinaire, Cecil Murphey, I will be giving away one scholarship to attend the She Speaks 2010 Conference, held July 30-August 1 in Concord, North Carolina.   If you haven't heard of Cecil Murphy's amazing newsletters for writers, you'll want to click here to subscribe for free! While you are there, spend some time reading about Cec.  He's coming to the conference and will be speaking to all the writers, and meeting one-on-one for some informal coaching.

And to win it, all you have to do is write an article that would be appropriate for publication in the P31 Woman Magazine.  We'll pick one article as the winner.  In addition to winning the scholarship, we'll also publish that article in the magazine.  Kind of like icing on the best cake you have ever eaten!

We may also select some honorable mentions, and will publish those if we do. 

So - how do you win this amazing prize?  Here are the rules for the She Speaks Scholarship Contest:
1.   You must not have attended She Speaks in past years. 

2.  Write a 500-1000 word article that would be appropriate for publication in the P31 Woman Magazine.  See the guidelines on the link to the magazine, and see archived feature articles for a sample of our style. 

3.  Only enter one (1) article per person. 

4.  You can either attach the article in a Word document or include it in the email.  Include a creative title and your name.

5.  Email the article to me at editor@proverbs31.org  on or before Thursday April 15, 2010 at midnight.

6.  If you have a blog, please help us promote the She Speaks Conference by writing about this contest and linking to the She Speaks Conference site.   If you want to post the She Speaks button on your site, feel free to copy it.  But it is not a requirement. 

7. The winner of this contest will be awarded a scholarship for the cost of one person’s registration for the 2010 She Speaks conference.

The value of this scholarship is $575 which includes your conference materials, conference registration, 2 nights at the conference hotel and meals associated with the conference. Please note it does not include any travel expenses. Also, you will be assigned a roommate or you have the option to pay the extra charge for a private room. This scholarship is transferable, but only for someone who has not attended the conference.  It cannot be traded for cash.

Your article will be evaluated by the P31 Woman editing team, and we will announce the winner on April 21st.

This is the first year we have scholarships to offer, and we are thanking God and Cecil Murphey for this opportunity.   Please pray about what to submit.  And, if you aren't a writer, please send a note to someone you know who is. 

As always, I welcome questions.  Post them on this blog and I'll answer them for all to see.

In His Love,


Lysa TerKeurst said...


I am so excited about this. I've linked you on my blog and can't wait to see how excited everyone will be.

Melissa in Mel's World said...

Glynnis...this is so exciting!!!

I have to tell you that I thought it just wasn't my year when I didn't win one of the scholarships from Lysa's blog, but also know that all things happen in His timing...so, here I go, I will send you an article and pray for God's will either way.

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing opportunity!

xoxo, Melissa

Kimberly said...

God has already sweetly provided for me to come this year, but I just have to leave a comment! I am so excited to see how He is providing scholarships left and right!

I am going to be doing the writer's track, and I am so looking forward to meeting you! P31 Woman is such a wonderful magazine...not only encouraging and packed full of excellent articles, but also always so beautiful! One I look forward to receiving every month!

Thanks for all you do, Glynnis!!! Praying for God's sweet provision for all of the ladies looking for a way to attend!

Digging for Pearls said...

Sure would have loved another opportunity to try and make it to the conference, but I guess it isn't to be, since I attended She Speaks in 2007 and don't qualify. Oh well.

Hope it goes well for someone. :)


Cindy said...

God's already provided for me to come, but I am so excited about this opportunity that I've linked it at my blog. :)

Stephanie Shott said...

Hi Glynnis,
Cec's heart is bigger than he is. What a wonderful man of God! Much unlike the "curmudgeon" he claims he to be.

I'm excited about this opportunity and am sincerely seeking God's face. Not soley for a scholarship winning article but for one that will speak to women's hearts if it were chosen.

Muchas gracias for another opportunity to attend "She Speaks."

KELLY said...

I am so excited about another chance! Even though it has always beena dream, I have never had the opportunity to attend "She Speaks", so I will be entering. Just printed off all the rules and as soon as I get off work today, I will be praying that God leads my heart to write the best article I could ever dream possible!! Thank you Glynnis and God Bless.

Debra said...

Are teens able to enter the contest?

Kim said...

Thank you so very much for yet another opportunity to attend the She Speaks conference. I am over the moon about this scholarship giveaway!


Renee Swope said...

This is such a great contest. Just posted all the details on my blog!

Jenifer said...


What a wonderful opportunity!!! Thank you so much for offering this to us. A BIG thank you goes out to Cecil Murphey for his generosity in providing this scholarship.

Blessings to you,

Tea With Tiffany said...

I'll enter, Lord willing. Have a busy week but this conference is again on my heart!! Thank you for sharing this opportunity.

I'm excited for whoever God picks.

Mari said...

I just submitted my article. Thank you for offering another opportunity to attend.

Adelina said...

I am from Indonesia, yes, the other side of the globe for you :-)
Recently I am working fulltime in church planting ministry in my country, the largest muslim country in the world.
My passion is to write the women's stories. The women who are the church planters or their wife in the field. I am now writing some stories too. Can I send one of their story? I do not think I could win the competition since my English is not good :-) But I just hope if people know their story they can pray for those ladies here.
Thank you & God bless

K. Langston said...

Passing this on!

Glynnis Whitwer said...

To Debra - Teens are able to enter the contest. However, we have another opportunity for teens to win a scholaraship. Or we'll figure out how to make it happen. Please email me personally and I'll forward your email to our executive director.

Glynnis Whitwer said...

Dear Adelina, Thank you for posting today. I will definitely pray for you and the work you are doing in Indonesia. Please send in your article. Even if it doesn't win this contest, I will see what I can do to help spread the word about your wonderful work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Glynnis,
I am praying about this opportunity- how wonderful that Mr. Murphy is offering another scholarship. Is this scholarship for writers only, or does someone hoping to focus on writing and women's ministry leadership qualify? Thank you again!

Melissa Stover said...

i'm excited about this. i hope i can come up with something worthy to enter.

********Shelly********* said...

I'm so excited! Just found you through Renee Swopes blog (which I also just stumbled upon today!). Thanks for this great opportunity! I will also be posting a link from my blog.

kim said...


Your description of God's call on someone's heart so is so accurate...all the thoughts, insecurities and wonderings. Thank you and Cec providing this opportunity for some blessed woman. I know there is only a day left for entries, but I am posting a link from my blog.

Tea With Tiffany said...

Posted a link on my blog today, inviting writers to visit your blog for information about She Speaks scholarship. :)

Maryruth said...

Thanks for the reminder to do what's God's purpose for our lives. We sometimes get caught up with life, that we forget the true purpose God has for us being here.

I remember the morning when I had a "spiritual experience" and knew within my deepest heart what God's purpose for me was. I worked so hard for so long. Then illness came. I became discouraged and started looking elsewhere for easier things to do.

Thanks again. I need to remember what God wants, not what I want.

Carla at Jesus Notes said...

If you hadn't commented on my blog, I wouldn't have learned about this scholarship. Thank you so much for sharing this with your readers!

Carla at Jesus Notes said...

I'm praying that a writing topic will come to mind, but right now the self-doubt is creeping in and telling me I'm not really a writer, so why would I even want to attend that conference? Grrrr ... the work of the enemy never stops. What should I write about? Any suggestions?

Glynnis Whitwer said...

Carla - We all feel like that. Really we do. I would take your blog post about being a hater and turn it into an article. What you call a hater the Bible calls judgement. It's a critical topic for women today. just a thought

Debbie said...

I just found out about this contest. I have just the topic I'd love to write about.

Leslie said...

Hi, Glynnis-
I just emailed my article. Thank you so much for this opportunity to attend the conference!