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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Today I've got an article running on At the Well. It's a monthly column I write titled "Creating Home," and it's for young women who are setting up their own homes - whatever that looks like. Today I've written about establishing some practical habits for growing your faith. If you are visiting from At the Well, I'd like to welcome you to my blog. If not, please check out my article here.

As I wrote this article, I thought about my friend, Mary DeMuth. Mary is the author of many non-fiction and fiction books. However, one of her first books was titled, “Building the Christian Family You Never Had.” It's a wonderful guide for parents who didn't have Christian role models and are pioneering this area of their lives.

Mary has agreed to answer a few questions on this topic and give away a copy of her book. Keep reading for instructions on how to win.

Mary, I’m sure you established a practice of prayer for your family. In addition to that critical component, what were some of the other practices and habits you established as you were creating a foundation of faith for your family?

I read a lot of parenting books and asked a lot of questions of other parents who I admired. I made a lot of mistakes, asked forgiveness a lot, and threw myself at Jesus’ feet, hoping for help and wisdom. He often helped me know what to do as I parented.

What is one of the greatest challenges you have faced in maintaining a Christian home? How have you handled that challenge?

Engagement in the world while still maintaining the purity of my kids. We parents tend to swing toward one or the other, but I see it as a great balancing act. We need to engage with folks outside our doors, folks who differ, folks who might be searching, or needy or hurting. Yet, we also need to help our kids maintain their innocence by protecting them. It’s messy. But so important.

I’ve rested on the Gospels as we’ve navigated this, realizing that Jesus sent His disciples out into the world, yet discipled them and held them close. An interesting dichotomy.

If you could give one piece of advice to a young woman starting her own home, what would it be?

Don’t rehash your failures at night before you go to bed, berating yourself for all your failures. Instead, confess your shortcomings and let Jesus give you a new, fresh day. For so long I beat myself to a pulp, telling myself I was such a failure as a mommy. I learned, finally, to give myself the same grace Jesus gave me, but it was a long journey. I spent far too much time cowering in my own inadequacies.

Mary, I know you have more than one blog, where would you like me to direct my readers?

To win a copy of Mary's book, simply leave a comment on my blog. Mary will select someone at random to win on Thursday. Please make sure we can contact you to let you know you have won.

In His love,


I'd like to congratulate "steffisue". You were selected to win Mary DeMuth's book. Please email me privately with your mailing address. editor@proverbs31.org


Melissa said...

Mary & Glynnis, thanks so much for the encouragement in this area. This has been such a struggle for me. I have a teen at home who is rebelling and has no interest in the things of the Lord. I will continue to push through and remind her of how much she is loved and how the Lord has a plan for her life. May the Lord bless you both.

Jessica said...

I would LOVE to be entered into the contest. We do not have kids yet but is something that could happen in the next couple of years. I didn't grow up in a faith based home and I want my children to be able to. This will definately be a book for me to purchase if I don't win!

Also can't wait to check out "At The Well"!

AnooCre8ion said...

Thank you so much for this post today. I have tried over the years to establish certain practices in my home, and many times they have fallen by the wayside. Mostly due to just not keeping up with them and then having to be the one to keep it going all the time. I have two teenagers now and even though they are not rebellious they are not on fire for God, rather, pretty lukewarm. I am a bit worried about them even as our marriage is under some strain. However I am not giving up and will continue to push through. bless you both.


steffisue said...

The advice in both the blog entry and article is so useful to me! I'm relatively new in my walk with Christ, and at the age of 40, I find myself a single mom of a teen and two elementary school-age children. It is good to receive encouragement and wisdom from others who have faced the same battles. Thank you!

Glynnis Whitwer said...

Steffisue, you have won the book. Please contact me at editor@proverbs31.org. Blessings.

Trish Preston said...

I'm sorry that I am just now seeing this, I would love to read that book!
This is my journey, my road. I was baptized two years ago and quickly came to the realization that I did not want to raise my children the way I was raised, but I honestly had no idea what to do and how to accomplish that or what it looked like. I read all the parenting books I can get my hands on and I pray all the time, but I still find myself messing up way too much.
Thank you for this blog entry. It really spoke to me.
I read Mary's blog often, it's been a blessing, as has yours.