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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tomorrow morning I am headed south to the beautiful state of Louisiana. I get to join the women of Judson Baptist Church, and other churches of the area, at a women's conference, where I'll be speaking on the "Heart of a Woman: Embracing Our Unique Design and Purpose."

I can't wait to get there and share what God has done in my life by transforming me from the inside out. Although I grew up loving Jesus from an early age, it wasn't until a move across country stripped me of all my achievements, friendships, employment and service, that the true state of my heart was revealled.

And I'm sad to say it wasn't pretty.

While I learned wonderful Bible stories at the feet of godly men and women, and I sang all the hymns of Believers throughout generations, and I can recite the Apostle's Creed and make a mean casserole - there was something missing from my church experience ...

I never learned that God cares infinitely more about the condition of my heart than the quantity (or even quality) of my service.

This weekend I'll be sharing about this journey ... that I'm still on.

If you are in the area, please contact the church. My guess is these gracious Southern ladies will make room for you.

They have promised me an oyster po boy when I'm done. And I can't wait for that either.

In His Love,



Bobbie said...

We really REALLY enjoyed having you!! I heard from more than one woman that it was the BEST conference she had been to!!

Hope you enjoyed that Oyster Po-Boy as well as your entire visit.

I went home on Saturday and went to bed at 7p.

Debbie said...

Hope you enjoyed your time! I read your blog all the time but I have never left a comment before. I have an award for you - so come on by my place :-)