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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This past week, I heard the most horrible news report. You probably did too. It was about a couple with a python who escaped from its cage and killed a two-year-old baby in her crib. It was heartbreaking, especially to discover the owner didn't have a permit, nor the proper cage or lock for the snake.

It absolutely made me sick to think of every part of that story. I kept asking, "Why?" Of course, those people never thought this would happen. I'm sure they would never knowingly put that baby in the way of any harm. They just didn't think anything would happen to them.

That's where I ended up in my thoughts ... with what I have decided are the six most dangerous words in the English language.


I don't judge those people. My heart just breaks for them. And my heart breaks for anyone who finds themselves in a devastating situation because they didn't think anything would happen. Every one of us has the potential to make a serious mistake because we thought we were immune to trouble.

A woman who enjoys an "innocent" flirtation at work
A kid who gets in the back of a truck
A girl who gets in the car with someone who has been drinking
A couple who moves and stops attending church
A mom who starts an email communication with a man who makes her feel young again

The list goes on and on. Every woman, man and child is a candidate for making a mistake. This is because of our sin-drenched DNA. It's also because we have a tendency to forget this sin-nature, and forget that we desperately need God's help ... every day ... every hour ... every minute.

When I think "That will never happen to me," I let down my guard. I imagine myself above my circumstances. It's like I open a door for pride to sneak in.

The reality of this world is we are in a battle. Only many people either don't know that, or forget it. We wake up thinking it's going to be a peaceful day. However, for those who have chosen to follow Jesus, we have an enemy who is preparing for a fight. No wonder we are blindsided by the results of our choices. We are in a fight we don't know about.

This passage reminds me to be on guard, and gives me hope.

1 Peter 5: 7-10, "Turn all your worries over to him. He cares about you. Control yourselves. Be on your guard. Your enemy the devil is like a roaring lion. He prowls around looking for someone to chew up and swallow. Stand up to him. Stand firm in what you believe. All over the world you know that your brothers and sisters are going through the same kind of suffering. God always gives you all the grace you need. "

That last verse is what I hang on to when the sadness of this world threatens to overwhelm me.

No one is immune to sin. No one. But God's grace is enough for each one of us.

In His Love,


Wendy Blight said...

What a great post today, Glynnis. We just heard some news about boys we know who are my daughter's age being arrested for what they thought was a silly prank...now they will be marked with a criminal record for life. As a parent, I say thank goodness they are not my kids...that would never happen to my kids. How your words remind me I need to be on my knees every day!!!

Thank you,


KelliGirl said...

This such an excellent post and so true. I've often say, "There by the grace of God..." because I know that I am not beyond the temptations and dangers of this world. And neither are my children. To think otherwise is foolishness. I've been reading Proverbs this summer and the idea of wisdom v. foolishness is heavy on my mind.

Thanks, Glynnis!

Joyful said...

Glynnis, thoughts from 2 Peter 3:17 come to mind: he that thinketh he stand, beware lest he fall.

There are no guarantee's on our own. It's by God's grace alone I stand,

Marlo Peddycord Francis said...

Just stopped by to get a Glynnis fix for the week. I sure have missed you after getting to know you so intimately so quickly. Crisis can sure bond people, can't it? It was some seriously good girl time.
AWESOME blog and I couldn't help but think of some of our recent conversations while reading it. Thanks for a little smattering of wisdom this fine Tuesday morning in NC.
Love and hugs,

Wendy said...

That was, indeed, a tragic story and what a lovely post you wrote. Thank you for your insight, as a mom of young children I need to remember to look to the Father to care for us all and guide my steps.


Joyful said...

Glynnis, your devotional today resonated in my heart. My son just received his G1, and my husband has been out driving with him, but I as yet have not taken that plunge!

Thank you for this teaching and spiritual application. Needing God to always be in the driver's seat, whether I'm physically in a vehicle or not. As the popular song advises, "Jesus take the wheel".

Travelling with Him,

Kathy S. said...

I can totally relate to your devotion today. Well done! Hugging the side. I push the "brake" when they are not! lol

This blog post is equally as inspring! To keep watch over our lives, we are in a battle. I am naturally a cautious person, some call me paranoid in jest, (and of course I have to keep this balanced!) but the path is much smoother if we keep watch, and stand guard as scripture admonishes us to do.


Tammy Nischan said...


Thanks for your reminder in your P31 devo today that staying on the "straight and narrow" is a daily decision and requires effort, prayer, and concentration!

Also, I loved this post about the "6 most dangerous words." Your insights inspired me.

Love you!
Tammy Nischan

Lysa TerKeurst said...

Wow... what powerful and true words these are. Oh that we would have the humility to admit our desperate need for God everyday!!!

Thank you for these wise words friend. I can't wait to see you!!!

Lynn Cowell said...

It seems just about everything in life that I have judged or said wouldn't happen to me has. I sure hope as I am growing older, that I am growing wiser.
See you very soon!