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Thursday, June 12, 2008

If you've read my earlier posts on our favorite vacations, you'll know we love the national parks. So here are our top five favorite national parks that are good to visit with kids.

5. National Mall in DC - Makes you proud to be an American.

4. Acadia in Maine - First place the sun shines each morning in the continental US and crazy beautiful seashore. Plus lobster - yum!

3. Grand Canyon in Arizona - Aaahhhh (what else can you say?)

2. Denali in Alaska - The widest variety of wildlife we've seen. Early one morning we watched a mama black bear and her cub walk down the highway just outside of the park.

1. Zion in Utah - Breathtaking canyon, and our favorite hike ANYWHERE - the Narrows. That's the picture to the right. We are headed there again this summer, on our way to Yellowstone.

We will definitely do the Narrows hike, but will also do Angel's Landing. Well, let me clarify - I'll get to Scout's Landing with the girls which is two miles up, and then we'll pray the boys up the last half mile to Angel's Landing.

I did this last part of the hike safely and without worry before kids. But when I tried it a few years ago, I think I had a panic attack. I knew my fear would make it unsafe, and watched my guys go to the top without me. Believe me, I will be praying for angels to make an appearance this summer! (Note: this hike is NOT good for young children)

Maybe we'll amend this list as we put more stamps in our National Parks Passport. But for now, these are some of our favorites. Our honorable mentions are Yosemite in California and Kenai Fjords in Alaska.

Soon I'll post some of our favorite vacation spots that don't have a national park attached to them. I pray this encourages you to make some plans with your family, and create some memories your kids will cherish.

In His Love,

1 comment:

Digging for Pearls said...

I have been to Grand Canyon and Denali. They both are breathtaking.

Continuing to pray for you for She Speaks.