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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I got home late Sunday night (actually Monday morning) from the Proverbs 31 Ministries' She Speaks Conference. I'm still catching up on sleep, and find myself dragging through the day. After six non-stop days in North Carolina, my adrenalin resources were pretty much exhausted.

It was an amazing trip as usual. I went early to hang out with my P31 sisters, and talk ministry business. Then the first conference participants started arriving on Thursday night, in order to be ready for the women's ministry pre-conference sessions starting Friday morning.

Anyone who has ever been part of planning a big conference knows the unbelievable number of details that must be attended to. I have to give a huge shout-out to our P31 office staff and volunteers, under the awesome direction of LeAnn Rice. They worked many hours before the conference to make sure that all of those details were tied up in pretty little bows. So although there were a few minor glitches, the conference was so well planned that we just glided over those little problem areas with grace.

I wrote a devotion today (The Adventure of Obedience) that describes what many of the women at She Speaks did this past weekend: they just showed up because God told them to.

"I'm not quite sure why I'm here" was spoken by more than one sweet woman. They had heard about the conference from a friend, or one of our speakers, and knew God wanted them to go. They didn't know why, expect for maybe sometime previously in their lives, they had a small inkling of an idea to speak to women in their church. Or maybe God brought them through a difficult time, and they had a sense that they were supposed to share that experience with someone ... somehow ... sometime.

So they registered online, called our office, signed up for a book proposal appointment, agreed to be in a speaking critique group, made plane reservations, wrote sample chapters, made and froze food for their families, arranged for their children to be with Grandma, an aunt or a friend, bought a new outfit, had their toenails painted, and came to Concord, North Carolina.


Oh yes, He did. And I'm pretty confident that those women who weren't sure why they were at She Speaks, know why now.

If you attended She Speaks, please take a moment to post how God showed up for you. I want to celebrate with you and give Him ALL THE GLORY.

Plus, I'll pick one of the posts at random and send you a Starbucks gift card. Just make sure I can get back in touch with you some how.

If you didn't attend She Speaks this year, I hope you'll plan on doing so next year. It will be held July 31-August 2, 2009.

In His Love,


Lysa TerKeurst said...

I am so glad you finally got home. It was such a joy to see you and spend some fun time with you over BBQ.

What I do for my sisters... I tell you what. Don't ever doubt my love for you dear friend... smiles.

Let's catch up soon. I did post on my blog some stuff about She Speaks.

Wendy Pope said...

A woman from my group last year has become a true Barnabas in my life. She heard God whisper "Wendy has a Goliath" during Lysa's Friday night message. (Remember Lysa spoke about David and Goliath.) He told her to give me a rock, a specific rock that she had used to fight a Goliath in her life. She is a woman of obedience and did as the Lord asked. She brought me the rock Saturday morning. I wasn't aware I had a Goliath so we smiled hugged and I took the treasure knowing God would explain it all later.

During our commitment time, I laid my card at the foot of the cross and picked up my verse never reading it, then begin to pray with those who came forward. I forgot about the verse. After everything was over. I went to speak to a member of our team and with a few moments of our conversation, the giant came of out my mouth: jealously. I won't go into detail. I am still trying to process it all.

Marybeth said...

Hey-- wanted to let you know that I included a link to Pensieve's blog on my blog. She has a Mr. Linky up with different posts from ladies who went. It is fun to read and I am slowly working my way through them all! Wow were women blessed and are just raving about exactly what you wrote about-- God showing up.
Here is the link:

Marybeth said...

Since it didn't come through right, you can just go to her blog at www.pensieve.typepad.com and it should still be on top.

Shari said...

It was so wonderful seeing you and getting to spend a LITTLE time with you this weekend....I say "little" cause it seems so short! I HATE you had to sit on the tarmac...yikes! I'm glad you're home safe and sound...miss all of it already! love, Shari

Heather said...

Hi Glynnis!

Thanks for a great devotional today- speaks right to my heart! My husband and I are getting closer to a big step for our family, we believe he has a plan for us in Charlotte, we currently live in Ohio and have our entire lives.

The Lord opened an amazing door for me to attend just on Saturday night. I'd been in contact with Renee, just felt led to pray for her specifically weeks before the event, and then the Lord allowed me actually me there in prayer, but oh did he have more in store for me. I always chuckle because last year I attended with what you called the "I'm not sure why I'm here story", and this past year he has allowed me to serve Him ways I would never have dreamed of.

As I waited to speak to Renee, I felt so privileged just to be there to pray for those weeping near the cross, I was there just one year ago. And as I waited, this beautiful lady standing behind me, someone I never met before, never caught her name, started speaking such powerful words over me. I was so overwhelmed and wanted to return the favor my saying, "I just envision these big plans the Lord has in store for..." I wanted to say, you, but she cut me off and keep speaking faster and faster, with more intensity, I was so overwhelmed to the point of tears. What I had planned to speak over Renee was gone, and as I approached, she wanted to pray for me. But Lord, I came here for her!

Then, every P31 lady that came to mind from the previous year, I had prayed about the opportunity just to speak gratitude and thankful over for how they influenced my life through their obedience, no kidding, were literally lined upright next to the cross - only God. Thank you for serving me by serving Him!

Kate said...

I am still processing the conference. I will try and make this brief. Been a Christian for 20 years, disc-jockey before that for many years. Two failed marriages and now single mom of three. God gave me 1 Peter: 4:7-11 six months ago. Each day since, my Bible has the word SPEAK jump out at me. My pastor says maybe Bible school is in my future. I had been getting Encouragement For Today for a few weeks when I saw info on She Speaks. I knew it God wanted me to take a step of faith. Did not have the money ( tax refund came ), God arranged all of the details including roommates that blessed me at he Embassy. Luann was my leader in the beginner speaker group. She was loving and supportive. I had too many God moments really to number. God had me give 12 stones to my girls in my group to remind us of pride that keeps us from giving Him glory. Huge pile of rocks outside of hotel. This is an area that I struggle with. If I had one thing to take home it was in your "Working From Home" session. I wrestled with God so much that as I said earlier I would have left the room had I not been in the front row. My kids are my main ministry. At the cross I left my past mistakes. I chose to rise to who I am In Christ, a mighty warrior, not a victim. Finally, I prayed and picked up my promise; My name is engraved in the palm of His hands and in the background it said "remembered". 20 long years of wanting to speak for Him. I sense my desert experience is almost at an end. I speak for Him daily, but I shall always remember the conference as "He Speaks". That was what my talk was on. We can't speak until He speaks!
Thank you for everything!

Kate ( Los Angeles, CA )

Leebird said...

I didn't think I was going to make it to She Speaks.

My plan was to fly in on Tuesday so that I could sneak off to Knoxville, TN to visit my special cousin...the one who taught me how to have a quiet time many moons ago.

Monday afternoon, I felt the Lord saying, "Don't fly to Charlotte tomorrow; fly to Jackson and be with your Uncle Joe."

Uncle Joe has been battling cancer for a year.

I was just in Mississippi the week before, and Uncle Joe and I had said our goodbyes. As I kissed him goodbye, I left part of my heart sitting on top of his fuzzy chemo-shorn head.

Well, thanks to my generous sister, I was able to change my flight in spite of additional cost.

I got to Uncle Joe's bedside at 7:15 p.m. At 8:45, my auntie and I prayed for him asking God to take him home so he could start living again. At 9:00, he died. I'm so glad I heard God's voice telling me to change my plans. He never disappoints. Honestly, no conference could have measured up to that moment.

Remember the cousin from Knoxville?

A pilot friend of hers gave her a buddy pass so she could come to the funeral on Friday, but no flights from Knoxville to Jackson or Memphis were available for her. She was sorely disappointed to not be able to be there with the family.

The next morning, she woke up with the thought, "See if Lee could use this buddy pass." She looked and found an open flight leaving Jackson for Charlotte at 6:30 p.m. Friday. Guess who was on that flight? Exhausted, but jubilantly thankful me.

I made it to the conference at about 9:30 p.m. I walked up to Samantha (my own Mother Theresa) and said, "Hi, I'm Lee Merrill." She said, "Lee! You made it! We've been praying for you!" LeAnn joined in her greeting. I felt so "home". All of the doubts I had been feeling about whether I belonged went away.

I tell you all of that because the most important things I received from She Speaks were confirmation and comradery.

I feel confident now that I'm doing what God wants me to do. He has a plan for my writing and for me. If no publisher ever picks me up, who cares? (one publisher rep took my proposal, so we'll see) I will keep writing for Him and for those He gives me to encourage through my writing.

Being at the conference showed me that there are a pile of women out there who are very much like me: same dreams, same insecurities, same struggles, similar gifts. I have new friends from all over the place who have pledged to encourage and hold me accountable.

Thank you, Lord, and thank you Proverbs 31 team!!

Dawn said...

Dear Glynnis,

Your devotional today was amazing! Please know that God used you mightily to touch my heart today! I am exactly in this position of obedience to God. I'm struggling with tithing (being obedient yet uneasy because of financial emergencies). I've been given ideas for books that need to be written and God prompted me to attend She Speaks two years ago but I've not been able to attend for one reason or another (this year due to my daughter's h.s. graduation). And, what's more amazing is I've been asking God, "What's my next step? What do you want me to do next?" Thank you for being obedient to God's Word on your heart. What you wrote has been used by God to let me know what to do next. Thanks, Glynnis. I look forward to meeting you next year at She Speaks!

KelliGirl said...

I feel humbled by the comments posted so far. My story is not as dramatic or life changing, but it's mine nonetheless.

She Speaks was a bit overwhelming for the first day and a half. Just so much to process and take in. Then on Saturday afternoon during Marybeth's talk God started to work on my heart and let me know He hadn't forgotten about me.

During the Renee's incredible talk God showed up in a big way. When we wrote on our cards and brought them forward to pray at the foot of the cross, it was so real. So raw. The Spirit was poured out on us that night.

Too often I find myself in the shadow of doubt. Being able to embrace the truth on Saturday that, while I can't fix myself, there is One who can. Experiencing Jesus' love as personally as I did on Saturday was such an amazing privilege.

Joyful said...

Glynnis, I sent you a lengthy e-mail early today before this post appeared. I hope you received it. I wanted to thank you for your encouragement and share with you how your devotional today ministered to my heart. (I won't repeat myself here, but if you didn't receive it, please let me know - I was hoping it would encourage your heart.)

My last 3 blog posts have all been about how God showed up in my life before, during and after the conference...in BIG WAYS!!!! It is still ongoing, as God continues to call me to trust Him. The post I have prepared to publish tomorrow is another amazing God story about how God showed me His love as I stepped out and faced my greatest fear - flying!

I think I'll still be at least a week sharing my adventures. I found joy in a BIG God!

Following Him,

Alyssa said...

Oh there was just no way to describe it in one post. I think Every single post since last Friday has been about She Speaks and about how GOD showed up for me. Read them at my blog. Thanks ladies of P31 for an incredible weekend.

Luann said...


One precious story from the conference was praying with a sweet young woman in the prayer room. She had been suffering from postpartum depression for months and because of that had distanced herself from her husband. She came to me the next day and said that God had moved in her. She had called home and her husband said, "It's good to hear you. You sound like you are the woman I married again." We hugged and gave God praise for accomplishing what she could not.

My head is still spinning! God is so good. He showed up in style as always. Thanks for your prayers yesterday for the 700 Club shoot!!! Oh my goodness, it was incredible!

My life seems like it has been in the middle of a tornado the past 3 weeks. First the birth of my granddaughter in KY, the week of conference, followed by the interview. Whew!

Amazingly, my soul is at rest...my feet hurt, but the mind and soul are at peace. Isn't He so sweet?

I will continue to write about the experiences from SheSpeaks because they are so rich with His tender touch.

In His grip,

Digging for Pearls said...

Hi Glynnis,
I unfortunately was not able to go to She Speaks this year - things were too tight financially. But my heart and prayers were with you women this past weekend. I have so enjoyed reading the P31 blogs so I can at least hear about it. I praise God for the hearts that were touched.


P.S. Glad you are home safe and hopefully are getting caught up on sleep.

Amy Wyatt said...

God showed up in so many ways for me this past weekend, I couldn't even begin to name the all. One things in particular... I went to Wendy Pope's session, Teaching by the Book. She mentioned that God has a love language for each of his children and he will find a special way to speak to you individually. He has a specific and direct word for each of us.

I did not feel prepared for my speaker evaluation group at all. I had no clear direction for what I should say. I could have gone in and shared something in my own strength and power, but I wanted it to be from God and I didn't feel like He had spoken yet. It was comforting to me that Wendy shared many times she is down to the wire preparing for a talk and God still has not spoken to her.

I left her session and went to pray. I had shared the previous night (in my group) of my struggle with allowing God complete control in my life.
I had an idea of what scripture I wanted to speak on but wasn't sure if it was what God wanted. I had spoken at another women's conference several months ago and one of the other speakers had us write an issue we struggle with on a small red heart.
When I opened my Bible to the scripture I thought I wanted to share, there was the small red heart. On it were written the words "control issues". On the opposite page was the scripture (paraphrased) "Give no thought to what you will say before hand for it will be the Holy Spirit speaking through you."

I had stressed because I didn't feel prepared to speak. I had so wanted to control it myself and write out my speech and time it and practice it. But then it would have been from me, not from God.
I resisted the urge to write it until I heard from God. When I realized it was from Him,
I broke down and cried. God showed up with a specific word for me right for that particular moment.
I returned to my room and the talk just flowed. (It even came in Me, We, God, You, We form :) )
I didn't have time to share it all but the message was powerful for me.
There are many more examples, but way too much to share here.
Bless you and all the P31 ladies for all of the work you put in the conference. It was life changing.

Tracie Miles said...

I am always in awe at God's activity during She Speaks! It is such a blessing to see the women who had no idea why they had signed up for the conference, walk away with a brand new clarity at what God has called them to do in their life, but most importantly, they walk away with a new level of passion for Christ, and a new sense of who they are in the eyes of God. My heart swells each time someone tells me they had no idea what an amazing spiritual reawakening they experienced.

I am so glad to serve with you Glynnis! Glad you made it home safe!

Starr said...

Thanks so much for a wonderful weekend. I am overwhelmed at the wisdom I received from you P31 gals. Now I have a direction for my writing and my ministry to other women at my church.

I am an introvert by nature and it was WAY out of my comfort zone to walk up to total strangers and introduce myself, but I am so gald I did! I have made eternal friendships through She Speaks! God is good!

I am the "dork" who stood beside you in the hotel coffee shop after the conference was over. I had ordered a cappuccino and was waiting on it to be made when you walked up beside me. I thought to myself "I wish I had the nerve and the perfect words to speak to this woman". But, all I could get out of my mouth was, "I am so ready for my coffee fix!" Not quite what I had wanted to say, But, Oh Well. I'm telling you now how much I apprecaite you and all your encouraging advice for me (and all the attendees) as I sat in your class. God really worked through you in my life this past weekend! Thanks for being His willing instrument.
Love and Blessings,
Starr LaPradd

Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

Glynnis-I am just now catching up on e-mails since the She Speak conference (which was such a blessing)! Your devotional really hit home because I heard from Him at the conference that He is calling me to step out in faith-in a big way with my career. I am looking forward to it with a new since of peace. I am "secure" as my verse and card confirmed for me Saturday in the shadow of the cross. Thank you for being such a blessing and for listening to God's call to train and equipp women to love and serve Him better!

In His Graces~Pamela

Wendy said...

God was there in ways I cannot fully express with all of you. I am the woman Luann is talking about in her post. For more of my story and how it intersected with Rachel Olsen, please check out her blog.

I was blessed so greatly by She Speaks and I came home to my family a lifted woman, safe in God's hands and glowing with the love and light I haven't seen or felt in a long time.

Truth4thejourney said...

You are right, God did show up at the Conference in amazing ways! I am posting tomorrow about my amazing experience on Saturday night of the conf. I think the link is: http://razn6.blogspot.com/2008/06/she-speaks-part-3.html

If not, just goto my link and click on the blessed with 6 blog name. :)

Thank you for all that you have done for the conf. I really enjoyed your session on magazine writing 101.

Dawn @ My Home Sweet Home said...

I was blessed by the women I met and the sessions I attended. I think your session on magazine writing will help a lot of people (maybe me?).

It was wonderful meeting you.

Spring Fricks said...

This is exactly what happened to me. I did not know why God directed me to the conference. All I knew to do was obey. He showed up in so many ways, it will take me a month to assimilate all of it. Upon returning home, I started a new blog. I published my first post with a story from the conference. Thank you Proverbs 31, I will never be the same.

Kate said...

You are one of 34 people I am asking to pray for me today and maybe as The Lord leads you in the near future. Just got back from big women's conference in NC. It was for women called to use their speaking, writing and leading gifts for Him. I came back with new vision. I called up an old friend who is a biggie at Focus on The Family and he encouraged me to volunteer at a political group here in California. Some of you know my long history of broadcasting ( 20 years ago ) and some of you don't. It does not matter. I need wisdom at this time because I sense it it a position hand picked for me. The PR firm wants to know about my qualifications and want my resume. I will be dusting it off and sending it to them soon. This organization is for the protection of marriage, something near and dear to my heart. I am one of those asking you to sign the amendment and I speak out at local rallies. I am not a gay basher. The Word of God is what is at stake here. I want so much to be used as a spokesperson or to lend my voice for this cause. Lord knows I used it for many years in the wrong camp. Christians need to wake up and stand up at this time! Again for those of you who know me, I am not the quiet soft spoken type.
Nuff said: Specific: I need to be professional and not gush like I just did with you. I have not done anything professional with my voice for many years except for my sales that I do daily for a living. I have so much faith for your dreams but seem to fall short in that department when it comes to me. My name is Kate Law and I thank you for your prayers.

I copied this from my e-mail list. Love ya sweet She Speaks Sisters!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I've said it to others, but it's worth posting here...

Poised and pretty, you women showed up to give me, along with 500 of my closest new friends, a foot washing like I've never known.

To recount what I would have missed by not coming would take to long. Suffice to say, it was the right and best step for the next portion of my journey in grace.

Thanks for bending the knee, friend. I am forever changed by my time with all of you.


Chatty Kelly said...

Well, God showed up for me when I got a flat tire on the way to She Speaks! And when I exited the highway there was a full service garage there...open at 7:15 at night!

I enjoyed She Speaks so much, and it was a pleasure to meet you Glynnis.

Lynn said...


I flew from California to attend. I didn't know why I was drawn to this conference when there are so many on the west coast.

NOW I UNDERSTAND... This is by far the best writer/speaker conference I have attended.

You are right... The Lord Showed up and moved in my life in too many ways to list here.. And I mean in BIG-- GIANT ways.

I also know He moved in the lives of all of the attendees.

Thank you for giving of yourself for the Kingdom. Hugs!

Barbara K said...

We can say 'God showed up' but actually we are the ones who showed up. He invited all of us there! Thankfully, many accepted His invitation. Some of us went to She Speaks because He said to go. I did and that is a good reason to do anything...because He said so! I am thankful that I let Him direct my path instead of deciding I should not spend the money. I came home with the shadow word 'Blessed'. The question now for us is "What are you going to do with what He said to you?" I wrote my first blog entry ever(remember grace, grace, grace) with my thoughts that I think He wanted me to share with you too. God is speaking to you and me. How incredible is that! Are we listening? What are you doing with His words to you from She Speaks? b

Joanne said...


How can I begin to thank you? You were a part of a weekend that will be remembered by me for the rest of my life.

My heart is still full from last week. My words to the Lord on the plane from California were, "Lord, what is it that you have to tell me in North Carolina, that you can't possibly tell me in California?" Exasperated were my feelings by Friday evening. Thankfully I went to the prayer room and the Lord took things from there.

After trying to give my publishing appointments away to two different women and sharing with my husband that I just didn't think I had a book to pitch. He encouraged me to still meet with them. I received the green light from two publishing houses to send them my book proposal at the end of this summer.

I was also able, if ever so briefly to get a chance to meet you while talking to the Lord after exercising Friday morning. I look forward to finally having the confidence to send in an article and devotions to your magazine.

You know Glynnis, I have always told my husband and my children that the Lord has an amazing plan for their lives. For the first time, I am starting to believe this very same thing for myself.

God made his mighty hand clear by Saturday evening and by that time I told my husband that I was just fine and didn't want to come home to everyone! I was in a beautiful micro-climate of godly women who loved Jesus and desired to do His will.

Does it really get any better than that?

Blessings, Joanne