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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's hot outside and most of us start to drag in the summer. Instead of letting the heat get the best of you, why not make the most of the summer of 2008. Here are some tips for family fun:

Start a tradition - Even if it’s something small, like going for ice cream after a sports event, traditions are meaningful. They create common interests and memories that last a long time.

Read more – Commit to reading a good book to yourself or out loud to your children.

Visit the library - Our public libraries are a great place to improve your knowledge of all types of things. Check out your local library.

Eat more fruit - Cut up a watermelon and leave it on the counter. Wash grapes and cut them into grab-and-go size sections. Slice some peaches and serve with brown sugar. Make a fruit-ka-bob to go with hamburgers.

Create something – With a de-emphasis on music and art in our schools, creativity must begin at home. Encourage the imagination by creating something – a new recipe, a Play-Doh® sculpture, a story or a song – then share it with each other.

Attend church together – It’s easy to fall out of this habit. Sleeping in and the Sunday paper can be so appealing. Make a commitment to attend church each week. Find a church with a Saturday service or one on Sunday nights if Sunday mornings are difficult.

Keep a summer journal - This could be a vacation journal, or just a way to keep kids writing.

Serve others – Find a way to give to others in your community. Make sure everyone in the family is involved.

Study geography – We all should know more about our world. Buy a globe or a world map and try and learn something new about another culture.

Practice hospitality – The size and condition of your home don’t matter to others as much as you think they do. Invite others into your home, make a casserole and break out a board game. You’ll all have a great time.

In His Love,


Sonya said...

Hi Glynnis,

Thanks for the fun ideas. I was wondering if you could tell us some of your summer traditions. We go on a family vacation in the summer, but beyond that I don't have any traditions.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Summers are a difficult embrace for me, so I appreciate the ideas. You'd think by now I wouldn't need them, but fresh perspective is always appreciated.


Amy Wyatt said...

What great ideas. Thanks for sharing them. We have already set goals for some of these things! We are reading the Chronicles of Narnia this summer together. Maybe I need to make Spencer keep a summer journal too :)

cristina said...

thanks for the list of ideas. :)