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Thursday, May 1, 2008

For eight years my husband and I led the senior high group at our church. This was before we had our own children. We poured our lives into those kids, even buying our first home because it had a big backyard and pool. Senior high pool parties were so much fun!!!

One of the things we learned from those kids was that sincerity counts. Kids understand what it feels like to fall short. They know what it's like to have the best intentions, but to trip up now and then. So when they look at adults, they "get" mistakes. They get when an adult has a minor tantrum, they get when an adult forgets to record a cash withdrawal and bounces a check. They get it, because their teenage minds and actions aren't always consistent either.

What they don't "get" is hypocrisy. I don't think a kid ever understand when a person says one thing with conviction, but lives another thing. That's the type of behavior that erodes trust and respect.

But a quiet, sincere life is something else. Sincerity may not look cool (or "sick" as my kids say) at the time, but it is seriously impactful to a young person. Teenagers are watching to see if your life lines up with your words. When it does, it's like a brand on their memory.

Simplicity, sincerity, honesty. What an amazing way to make an impact on the next generation. And it doesn't cost money!

Grace & peace,


P.S. Check in tomorrow for another great thing we learned from teenagers.


Kim said...

Hello Glynnis. I have been checking out your blogs lately. I'm sortof new to the blogging scene. I love it though.

I have 2 teens. My daughter is 19 and my son is 16. I also have a 7 year old son. I'm a single mom, a full time college student, and I work at a battered women's shelter. I'm busy, but a good busy.

I know what you're talking about with kids watching what we do. My children don't let me get away with anything. They are very quick to call me out when I do something not quite right.

I've been spending the last year and a half getting my life in order. Over 2 years ago, I left my husband of 20 years. He was very abusive. He was also a preacher. It made it very hard to leave. My kids begged me to leave him for a long time. I was scared to leave. During the years of abuse, I learned to cope by abusing alcohol and pills. I drank/used pills for about 17 years. I was just numb to life. I've been in recovery now for over a year. I'm trying to be an example to my kids of health, happiness, and wholeness. It's not been an easy road for any of us, but God has been faithful to us. I'm finding that I don't need the alcohol/pills. Jesus is my desire today. For that I'm grateful.

I look forward to reading your blog's more often.

God bless.


Tammy Nischan said...

Glynnis, I have watched my teenage sons through the years as they have grown into young men, and you are so right when you say that teens just don't get "hypocrisy." I think if there were one thing that I would literally get on my hands and knees and BEG adults in the church to do it would be WALK their TALK! Oh, the situations that my children have had to witness within the church walls have just been staggering. And yet, I know that each of these different and difficult situations is somehow being used by God to develop these teens into stronger Christian men and women.....WOW! I just wanted to say "thank you" for your words! Also, thanks for your P31 devo on the influence grandparents can have...My grandparents were my ROCK throughout my childhood which is filled with the turmoil of divorce. Have a super, super day! Love, tammy

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

They catch it quick, don't they?! Jesus has used my children to refine me more than any other person on this earth. If I didn't love them so much, it would be a difficult pill to swallow!

Love this post~

Jody said...

I did not have the best role models when I was a young girl. My dream is to have a home to open up to the middle age kids in our church. I want to have a place for them to get to know each other better and learn of God's awesome love for each of us. We are making an offer on a home that hopefully we will get if it is God's will. Please pray for us!

Digging for Pearls said...

Just wanted to wish you Happy Mother's Day Glynnis.