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Monday, March 3, 2008

In 2005, when my husband Tod went to Liberia Africa to escort our daughters home, he was very impressed with how hard the men worked. He stayed in a guest room in the orphanage and every day his clothes were cleaned by the hands of men. His food was cooked by the hands of men. And the compound was guarded by the strong arms of men.

My husband was moved by the willingness of these men to wash clothes in order to feed their families. The problem was there weren't (and still aren't) enough jobs to go around. The unemployment rate was somewhere around 80%.

When he returned to America, Tod, decided to do what he could to help bring work to the Liberian people, as well as bring other humanitarian aid. So with the help of a few others from our church, we founded a non-profit organization called Idle No More. I'm not very involved, other than to hold down the home-front while my husband travels to Africa a few times a year.

That's where he is right now. I thought some of you might be interested to learn what a small group of people can do. I wanted to provide a link to www.idlenomore.org and invite you to read the blog. There's a link on the right side of the home page. Although it looks like the posts come from our friend Mike Denk, they are really from my husband Tod.

The biggest venture to date has been turning a swamp into a Tilapia pond. In October 2007, with the help of heavily muscled men with machetes, the grass and weeds were cleared into a freshwater pond. Tod flew to Ghana to get 1000 "fingerlings." When the baby fish were dropped into the pond, a celebration like no other erupted among the people. Singing and dancing with joy! Now the fish are about the size of a hand and growing. The next step will be a breeding pond.

That's enough from me. I hope you enjoy reading more about our humble efforts to bring hope and help to the people in one small section of Liberia, Africa. And to give God all the glory for it!

In His Love,



Amy Wyatt said...

I love that your husband saw a need, asked God what he could do to meet it and then was obedient.
More people's lives would be blessed and changed if we all did this more. Thanks for sharing this story.

Carol said...

What an amazing testimony of what one person can do to help others. Thanks for sharing!

Jenny said...

What a story that will impact people for eternity!

Thanks for sharing and giving us all hope that our little plans can grow into a mighty tree.

Anonymous said...

What a HUGE need! God using your husband and this organization to meet the need is amazing! May the Lord bless the works of their hands! I enjoy doing volunteer work for organizations as this one; please contact me if they need help in organizing, details or scheduling.
Be blessed!
Mary :)