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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

For most of my life, I've liked my name.  I've always enjoyed being of Welsh descent and having a Welsh name.  "From the glen," is what my name means, which I think is kind of charming.  I learned what a "glen" was early on.

I didn't like it when kids called me "Glen Campbell" in grade school.  But that was about as bad as it got, as far a twisting my name into an insult. 

I think it's kind of cool that Gwyneth Paltrow's name sounds like mine with a lisp.

My husband liked my middle name so much he named his engineering company after me:  Allwyn Environmental.   (My middle name is "Allwyn" not "Environmental")

There's one place, however, where I avoid using my real name.  Starbucks.   "Glynnis" is just too hard to understand when blenders are whirring and milks is frothing.   Even if I spell it, they inevitably mispronounce it when trying to call me to the counter.  "Glenda"   "Gladys"  "Genesis"   (yes, that actually happened)

So, years ago I started using my sister's name at Starbucks.  Most baristas know me as "Liz".  Liz is so much easier than Glynnis.  Of course, when I take my drink somewhere, and it says "Liz" on the side, I've got some explaining to do. 

One day, after ordering my drink (grande non-fat with whip mocha), everyone behind the counter started chatting with me.  Within minutes they had called me "Liz" three times.  "Hi Liz, how are you doing today?"  "Did you say you wanted whip on that Liz?"  "Are you off work today, Liz?"

I couldn't take it any more.  I confessed.  I laughingly explained why I didn't give them my real name.  And the barista, not skipping a beat, winked at me and said conspiratorially  "I get it, 'Liz' is your coffee code name." 

So, now you know why my Starbucks cups might say "Liz" on them. 

Today I'm hard at work on two projects, and needed to write something lighthearted (hence this post).  I'm making the final decision on the scholarship contest and reading past P31 devotions.  I'm not sure it's been officially announced yet, but Zondervan has contracted with Proverbs 31 to do the next NIV Women's devotional Bible using our devotions!!!  And I'm the editor.

I'll tell you more about it tomorrow, then the contest winner will be announced on Friday.

So stay tuned ...

By the way, do you have a coffee code name?

In His Love,


The Calm of His Presence said...

Congratulations on the Women's Devotional Bible. That is very exciting. I look forward to hearing more about it.


Anonymous said...

Great about the devotional bible! I will be one of the first to own one.
And now I must go decide on a Coffee Code Name....but for me it will have to be a Tea Code Name.

Jessica Kirkland said...

My coffee code name is: Allergic...can you believe I'm actually allergic to COFFEE! It's a sad life. :) But, that is VERY exciting abut the Devotional Bible. That's awesome! Enjoy your coffee Liz. :)

Sharon Sloan - Joy In The Truth said...

Awesome Glynnis! I am crying tears of joy as I think of how something was pruned not too long ago....and now this!!!! Room for new life and growth for His glory and purposes!!! Rejoicing with you, sister, in God's goodness and faithfulness!

Big Woo Hoos!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I don't have a coffee code name because, well, I can't stand coffee. But I did go to high school with a girl named Glynis. She was the only Glynis in our school. I on the other hand was one of THREE 'Stephanies,' out of a class of 60!

Melissa said...

Great news about the devotional Bible! As for coffee...I don't have a code name, but they know what I like when they see me coming! I must visit too often...