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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Have you ever seen those adorable vintage towels, embroidered with a daily homemaking task?  More than adding vintage charm to someone's kitchens, those towels represent a simple, ordered life. 

You see, our grandmothers (or great grandmothers) didn't have the convenience of throwing a load in the washer before heading out the door for Starbucks.  Laundry was an undertaking, best tackled after a day of rest.  There was logic in creating a homemaking schedule.

Can something like that work in our busy lives?

Today I've got a post on this subject running on At the Well.   Click on the link, and pop over there to read it.  But then come back, because I've got a giveaway.

In honor of a simple life, I'm giving away the book, "Amish Peace" by Suzanne Woods Fisher.  I've read it, so technically it's a used book. But I really want to share it with someone - and I promise it looks like new.  It's filled with Amish proverbs like this one:  Beware of the man who knows the answer before he understands the question.

That's good stuff! 

So, to enter into the drawing, simply leave a comment with your thoughts on creating a homemaking schedule like generations of women before us.  Should we be more scheduled?  Or take advantage of the flexibility?  Please make sure I have a way to contact you.  I'll announce a winner on Thursday.   

In His Love,



Jenn said...

Scheduling my housekeeping tasks has always seemed like a good idea, just not overly practical. However, I do see how it may slow me down from the busyness if I stuck to such a schedule. Thanks for bringing the topic to light. Would love to win the book...I have an upcoming surgery and will have lots or recovery time...good for reading a new book! Thanks!

Jenn (jprim@att.net)

Jenn said...

I always try to make a schedule, but I find myself getting off track with something else that was more important (or so I thought) that day. Looking forward to maybe winning the book so that I can see another perspective on things. Thanks for sharing with us!

Jennifer (mrsfootball79@yahoo.com)

Anonymous said...

I do so much better when I have a schedule to follow. Unfortunately I have gotten away for that. Thanks for the devotion and chance to read a good book. Thanks for sharing.

D said...

I've often thought that when I am at the point of having my own household and family to keep going, I'd like to have a schedule for the week. I have a great desire to get back to a simpler way of life; I'd love to live on a ranch, making our living as a family & homeschooling my kids. I never connected these two desires....

I think a schedule is a wonderful idea, as long as it's flexible. If you know you don't have to worry about the laundry until Monday, that pile of laundry isn't going to be stressful. Dividing each task out into a day makes for one little thing for each day, rather than cramming it all into one day or stressing about when it will get done.

In general, I think we would all to well to look at the ways of past generations & simplify. Our world is so busy, most of us don't know if we're coming or going most of the time!

Kim said...

I only dream of having a schedule. I've tried several times to make one but never seem to stick with it. I love the idea of a simpiler life. Secretly wish I was Amish. :) hee hee

regina said...

I commented on "At The Well" but thought I would visit your site. My first time here and I am enjoying my visit!

My husband and I farm so we do have schedules (farm and animals) we stick to every day. Now I need to schedule my time better inside. I think with a schedule I could accomplish more with less stress.
Regina (jrkjd at crcom dot net)

Molly said...

Thank you Glynnis for the timely reminder of something I've already been struggling with. Not having a weekly schedule leaves me with many chores undone and others done haphazardly. The result is a stressed out and grumpy me, feeling guilty about what isn't done and wondering what happened to the me that could seemingly could do so MUCH more each day. That schedule I've been thinking about??? Let's just say I've decided to make it a reality and not just a thought. :-)

Amber Rain said...

I took the plan at http://www.justmommies.com/articles/home-organization-plan.php and adapted it to fit my needs. Then I added a weekly appointment for each task in my iCal (you could use a calendar of your choice). So every week I simply open my calendar and there are my homekeeping tasks. (Incidentally, I use iCal for bills, meal planning, appointments, reminders, and prayer requests). The plan is a little unbalanced in the routine tasks so I adapted and, generally, I do laundry mondays, bathrooms tuesdays, dusting and vacuuming (and laundry if necessary) weds, menu planning (although I've simplified meals a ton so that's becoming less of a task) and list making for the weekend thursdays, and laundry and mopping fridays. What's great about the plan is that it adds in EVERYTHING, deep cleaning an area of the house every month and including tasks like changing out the air filter, cleaning your vehicle out, etc. This plan has really kept my house clean, and I run a daycare out of my home so that's super important! I always want my "parents" to feel that they can rest in my home. :)

Colleen G. said...

Please don't enter me in the contest because I already have this amazing book and just wanted to share how much it has truly blessed me. So much so that many of my girlfriends received a copy for Christmas.
Great read/devotional :)

Journal for My Daughters said...

OK - I REALLY want to read that book! But I suppose I can go buy it (Sigh) ;0) Right, so you gotta be in it to win it! Schedules: I've been making a weekly menu for a few months now - I tend to sit down with my hubby and talk it over and we try to work it into the week's activities - we don't always stick to it and it doesn't always save us money (because we're planning our diet and it's balanced) but it does reduce waste - every time! And!!! it does also reduce the stress of "What can I rustle up tonight?!!!"
I'll try to post our blank planner on my mama's kitchen blog If anyone's interested. x

Anonymous said...

I need to schedule at least some of my time to get things done. I do also make the most of a short time span to fit in folding clothes, etc. mheard11@frontier.com

sandi nieto said...

I love your thoughts on organization! I, too, love to be organized in every area of my life. I haven't yet begun the "blackberry" calendar thing....I still need a hard copy to look at and take my calendar with me everywhere. I guess I'm in the minor leagues....but I also still like books with pages and the smell of a bookstore! So far my iPad just can't give me that!!!!! I love your blog!! thanks, sandi (s.nieto@yahoo.com)

Anonymous said...

I think that making a schedule is a wonderful idea! And at times I have been a slave to the schedule instead of seeing the bigger picture. I read once that interruptions are a blessing from God. That gives me so much freedom. Also sticking the schedule also offers another kind of freedom to get things done that would not otherwise happen. Thanks so much for addressing this topic.


Anonymous said...

I do have schedule's , but they are made to be broken especially when something or someone comes into this time. My mom taught me at an early age to go with the flow =she had five children all within a year differnce and if she can do all that was require of her and no complaints--then I will gladly follow her footsteps.

Peggy Cain said...

I think schedules are great and I do so much better when I make one. However, being retired and having a few health problems, sometimes I need to rest and sit and read a good book. My very favorites are Amish books so I would be thrilled to win this book. It is so interesting to read how they live so simply and put their trust in God.

If I get a chance to keep my great grandson, schedules go by the wayside!

Peggy (peggybcain@hotmail.com)