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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Today I've got an article running on the blog,  "At the Well"  about showing hospitality on a budget.   Please hop on over there and explore the different articles focusing on helping women live out a Titus 2 model of womanhood. 

I've learned a lot about hospitality  from my friend Becky Smyth.  Dean and Becky were part of a small group formed by our pastor's wife years ago.  Basically, she gathered four young couples without kids and put us together.  It was a divine connection!  We were best friends, and shared trips to the Grand Canyon & Zion, having our first children, and many gatherings around the board game "Encore."   They were great times.

This is our small group, minus two, taken in 1992. 
That is me on the far left with some big ol leftover-80's hair, Tod, Joni & Jim Morgan, Jim Hicks
and Becky seated on the right.  Either Dean or Linda must be taking the photo.
Becky truly has the gift of hospitality.  She made it look effortless, but it was always intentional. She hosted little gatherings, and invited guests who might enjoy each other's company.  She always balanced singles and couples, younger and older.  A pot of beef chili or green chili pork stew simmered on the stove.  Grated cheese on the side.  With iced tea and a little something sweet for the end.  Simple, but just what our hearts needed.

Becky planned little trips for us too.  Once when our firstborns were three (I had Dylan in a stroller by then), we got on a city bus, rode downtown and visited a doll and toy museum.  Another time she read about a horse ranch that had a number of babies born at the same time.  We loaded up the cars and headed there for a visit and picnic. 

Our lives took different paths as my friend moved halfway across country.  My husband and I still miss them after 13 years.  But Becky's model of open-handed, simple, but intentional, hospitality stays with me even now.  Through it I felt welcome, accepted and loved.  It was a precious gift.  I'm still trying to be like her as I grow up.

What about you?  Do you have a memory of someone who showed simple, but meaningful, hospitality?  Or a tip of something you've done?   I'd love to give away a fancy bar of rose soap.  You can give it as a hostess gift, or use it yourself.  Post a comment and I'll announce a winner on Thursday morning.  Please make sure I have a way to contact you, or check back Thursday.

Grace & Peace,


Anonymous said...

My children's daycare provider from years ago practiced the gift of hospitality. She also had the ability to make time for parents, to chat, share meaningful/humorous events of the day, and listen and give attention to the person she was speaking. A very special lady in many ways. Fond remembrances! mheard11@frontier.com

Emily B (emleepc@yahoo.com) said...

My husband was put in the hospital 2 weeks after we got married. For 9 days, I stayed at the hospital with him, with one exception when I had to have some good sleep, so I crashed at my parent's house, which was closer to the hospital than ours. AFter he was released, he spent almost 2 months at home recovering. During that time, he was very helpful in preparing some dinners while I was at work. Other things, like cleaning and fixing, was left to me, and I was very overwhelmed with that, and being a new wife, doing at-home wound care for him, etc. One day, I received a card in the mail from a dear sweet lady friend of my mothers. In the card was the note: "for when you don't feel like cooking dinner" and she enclosed some cash to buy us a meal out.

She is such a blessing to all those around her, and I believe that hospitality doesn't have to be only in your own home. She is my Titus 2 friend, and I love her dearly!

Anonymous said...

This might sound very trite and not "in-home hospitality" but I love hand-selecting cards for people. It gives me great joy to bless someone with a funny card, or remember their special day, their birth, or send them encouragement with a little note. I also know how important a simple smile means to someone. I am a greeter at a Bible Study with about 600 women. I love, love, love this job as it gives me an opportunity to greet and love on women from all walks of life. They walk through the door of the sanctuary and you don't know what struggles they have, but one smile that morning can possibly be the world to them and show Jesus' love and help them forget their troubles for those short few hours.

Can you tell I probably don't cook a lot!! But, I will!

Sweet Blessings,