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Saturday, August 21, 2010

When your teenage son asks you not to wear a certain pair of jeans out in public, you know you've got a problem. 

But they are comfortable, I said .

Mom?! ... he replied with that unique combination of question and warning mixed in one word.

But everyone wears jeans like this, I defended.

We're going shopping!  he said, with a smile.

We've yet to make that shopping trip because I'm still trying to lose that last 15 pounds before I invest in a new pair of jeans, but I will take Robbie with me when I go. 

Why?  Because this advice to re-evaluate my choice of jeans has come from two different directions now - both in love and both right.   I'm the perfect example of the "Mom Jean" syndrome, and that's perfectly fine.  Comfort is my fashion style.  But with five teenagers, I want to re-evaluate a few things.

I'm going to make a confession that some of you might disagree with.  I accept that.  But here goes.
Years ago I decided I wanted my kids to never be embarrassed by the way I look.  To that end, I make an effort to look somewhat current in the way I dress, wear makeup and style my hair.   I'm not trendy, but I didn't want to be a dowdy mom. 

When my jeans got a D grade, I knew it was time to upgrade.  So I turned to my friend Shari Braendel for help, and found it in her new book, "Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad."  She has an entire chapter on jeans, and in a few short minutes of reading that chapter, I know how big the pockets should be, what style looks best for my body type and some suggestions for brands and stores in which to find them.  I've also been challenged to have several styles of jeans, so I can dress them up or down. 

I can't say enough good about Shari.  She is such a beautiful sister in Christ and shares fashion tips without EVER losing sight of the where our true beauty needs to be - and that's on the inside.

Shari is running an incredible contest in conjunction with Zondervan, the publisher of her book.  They are offering a shopping spree and fashion makeover with Shari.   To enter, all you need to do is visit:
http://www.fashionmeetsfaith.com and click on the button for the contest. 

Here's the grand prize:

One winner will receive a $500 Visa gift card, a web camera, a one-hour fashion consultation with Shari Braendel via Skype, a set of color swatches, and an autographed copy of "Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad."

But I've got even more good news.  I'VE GOT A COPY OF HER BOOK TO GIVEAWAY!

The publisher sent me a copy, and I'm going to give one away as well.  Here's how to win:
  1. Visit Shari's site and enter her contest.
  2. Then post a comment on my blog about your anything related to fashion:  something you read on Shari's site, your biggest fashion challenge, or offer a fashion tip.  This could be about anything, style, brand names, stores,  - not just jeans. 
  3. Make sure you leave a way for me to contact you.
 Then on Tuesday, I'll randomly pick a winner and announce it on my blog.

 If you want to join me in a little style re-evaluation, then please take a few minutes to visit Shari's site and then comment on mine. 

In His Love,



Shari Braendel said...

Tell Robbie he is my hero!!!!! I love you, Glynnis...and am so glad we are friends....and if Robbie gets to busy, you can always call me! hehehe! love you! Shari

Shari Braendel said...

oh dear, I wrote "to" when I meant "too" and you're an editor! Usually, I'd just leave it, but since it was you I had to let you know I saw my mistake!!!! LOL!

lisasmith said...

Glynnis-- I came to check out your site and I find a giveaway!! How fun!
I did get to peruse Shari's book the other day and the jean chapter rocks. I love how she tells what stores to shop.

PS Monday's call was so much fun and I'm looking forward to the next 11 weeks =)


Bobbie said...

HI Glynnis!

My problem with fashion is that I have to dress up each day and look very professional. which is a lot of work. I tend to buy individual pieces that I liek without thought to how they actually work with anything else. I have a lot of random things.

AND....Casual Fridays really throw me for a loop. The males in the office wear a suit and tie just like every other day but the secretaries - the only other females in the office- wear jeans and flip flops. I would like to dress casual, but dont know exactly what that means for me. I need detailed explanation.

Mariah said...

I did not know about the giveaway. I just came here by way of another blogger who highly recommends this blog. I LOVE Shari Braendel and follow her blog steadily!!! I don't have her book yet though and would be truly delighted to read a copy! My 2 biggest fashion secrets are: 1) Make sure all your pieces from head to toe are in the same style genre. I saw a girl recently wearing gym short and dressy flat shoes, I don't know if it was "in style" for her group of friends or what, but it looked ridiculous. I don't like wearing my "western" looking belt with my "Ralph Lauren-type-Preppy" looking boots. I pair that belt with some clogs that resemble a western boot look. 2) The most attractive thing you can have on is the genuine glow from being in the presence of the Lord. :)
svenskamommy at gmail dot com.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the online color analysis from Shari's site! Can't wait to dig in! I so need a MOM makeover. I will wait to see if I win the book! If not i will go buy it! It the mean time I will scope out the site! Thanks for the information! Love & Blessings! Deb (goldcross@roadrunner.com)

Edwina said...

Hi Glynnis,
I did go to Shari's blog and entered the contest - what an awesome opportunity for someone so fashion-challenged as me! I know my colors - had that done years ago but I desperately need to know the styles to wear that would flatter me and make me look slimmer. I tend to wear the "pregnant look" i.e., clothes that cover up the stomach pooch - but I'm long past the pregnant years and don't want to look pregnant either! I need help!!!!
Thanks for the opportunity to win the book! Blessings, Edwina

Melanie said...

My fashion tip: When wearing pants, including jeans, with heels, make sure the length of your hem hits at least midpoint of your heel. This means you may have certain pants that only work with certain heel heights.

Too short pants with higher heels looks baaaaad.

I would really enjoy winning Shari's book! Thanks for the opportunity.

Spring M Fricks said...

Since I work from home - most days I take casual to a whole new level. LOL. But, according to Shari's site, I'm a Classic Modern. Oh, I'd love to dress like that. Just not sure how.

Heart2Heart said...

This is my first visit to Shari's site and must say it's in my favorites. Here is hoping I can be a more "Hip" mom although I doubt my kids would tell me I am anything less.

Thanks for sharing her giveaway opportunities as well and I found myself a creative Original just like God made me to be!

Thanks for sharing this post today and I've been looking for some great jeans to mold to my body as I grow in age.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

proudgrits11 said...

HI! I just found Shari's site and watched a video of hers....I'd love to hear her in person! In the meantime, I would love to have her book--and would love to win her giveaway (which I did enter)!! I'm praying I win! :)
Here's my challenge: I'm a craft-at-home-mom so my wardrobe goes from lounge clothes for at home to dressy clothes for church and teaching at church...so #1, I feel like my wardrobe is bi-polar!
I want to have multi-functional pieces that work together that are nicer than my default of capris and tees....but still comfortable and appropriate for being a mom of young kids. It's tricky, especially on a limited (ok, non-existant) budget.
PLUS...I also just lost quite a bit of weight and am unsure of how to dress my thinner, post-baby body. I'm 32 and feel sort of stuck between dressing too "hip" vs. too dowdy. I could definitely use the help!
As a tip, I would say that jewelry is a great way to dress up any look....I have a TON of costume and fine jewelry and get compliments on always looking "put together" when really it's a regular, boring outfit but with great accessories! :)
Thanks for the opportunity!!!

The Calm of His Presence said...

I finished Shari's book yesterday and loved it! I also enjoyed her jeans chapter. I am going through my closets and making my shopping list.


ElaineDavis said...

I love Shari's site, and I could really use the advise from her giveaway. Thanks so much for the chance to own a copy of her book!


Jill said...

I recently found your blog! Love what I am reading so far!

Tip regarding fashion...accessories! Keeping my jewelry current helps me save on not having to update my clothing each season!

Carla said...

I loved looking at the different styles. I am definately a classic modern as I even have the shoes she pictured in my closet. I would love this book! Thanks for the giveaway.

Anonymous said...

I so need Shari's book! I have the mom jean syndrome for sure... since I have 8 kids and still need to lose a little more than your 15 lbs... :)
I went to Shari's site and signed up for her contest... thanks!
You can contact me at:
stampcrazy4u @ yahoo dot com
Thanks for your blog! Love it!

Stacy said...

Hi Glynnis,
Your post couldn't have been more timely. I just returned from a week long visit with my
sister...who like your son...lovingly encouraged me to re-evaluate my style of dress. "It's time for a new look".

I think my greatest challenge is taking the risk to try something new. I tend to stick with what is "safe" and "comfy" and "ordinary" Ummm...maybe it's time to re-think the way I've been thinking. This book could be just the thing I need to jump start my new fashion look. :)

Kim said...

I love Shari's site. I have been following her for a while now. She has such good advice. I could definitely use a mom makeover! Thanks for the chance to win her book!

Heidi said...

I agree with you! I am trying to stay hip but boy oh boy is it hard. I tired to enter contest but my computer will not allow it. Alas, I am destin to wear the same pair of jeans. :) Thank you for posting.

Anonymous said...

I have two teen-agers - the 13year old is a little more critical than the 16year old. However, when I do get a little extra money - I spend it on them and not on myself. I would love to read the chapter on jeans. Can fat people even wear jeans? I go to a lot of sports games and would love to look something other than old and frumpy. I can't even believe that Shari could even help that. Nanci @ kelbla@aol.com

Anonymous said...

Fashion has never been my forte. Last year, I lost all the weight I had wanted to lose and was delighted. This year, due to a medical condition, I have gained half of it back. Ugh. To be inspired to look good again would be a plus. Finding out how to do it would be even better.

Glynnis Whitwer said...

Well it is Thursday and I'm just now posting a winner to Shari's book. For some reason, none of these comments came into my inbox, and I just thought no one posted a comment.

I have no explanation for this lapse, except I'm me.

So,I apologize for being late. After looking over your comments, I've selected stampcrazy4u.

Thank you for entering, and keep reading as I like to have giveaways.

Love, Glynnis