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Friday, February 26, 2010

*** Alert ***** I have actually included photos in this post. Could it be that I'm going to figure this thing out after all???

On to my thought for the day ...

There are many benefits to getting older. For example, I've finally discovered that I look better in warm colors: cream, brown, olive green, etc. Seems I was incorrectly "color draped" in the 80s and wondered why I was never completely satisfied with clothing purchases. (I thank my friend Shari Braendel for lovingly showing me my true colors ... not to be confused with the Cyndi Lauper song of the 80s)

Also, the negative opinions of others don't throw me into a tizzy any more. While I wouldn't have ever called myself a people pleaser, I could chew on a negative comment for weeks, allowing it to cause all kinds of internal conversations and turmoil.

I've also accepted some truths about myself, and that's really good. I can stop trying to be what I was never created to be - and that's a relief. I like to say, "The more I'm me, the better I am at it."

There's one other blessing of getting older, and it's that heaven looks more and more appealing than it did when I was younger. Don't read this wrong - I'm not ready to go today. I love my life and love serving God here. It's just that I don't dread the thought of leaving this earth like I once did.

One of the reasons for this shift in my thinking is coming into closer contact with the depravity of this world. Recently, I've walked down some paths with friends who have been horribly mistreated, abused and degraded. And their children have too. It's painful wrong.

As I get older, I also realize our bodies weren't meant to live forever. Disease afflicts us, just as it did my sweet sister Helen Ann. Just last week she had breast cancer surgery, and I got to spend a few days with her this week. (She lives in another state) We rejoiced to hear that the cancer hadn't spread, but she is left with a radical scar as she took an aggressive stance against this intruder. And she'll keep fighting with chemo starting in March.

So as I spend time at home today, I'm reminded of the sweetness of heaven.
And yet, God has not left us on this planet to suffer. He has nestled all kinds of sweetness into the world to show us His love. The most important evidence of His love is that He lavishly offers Himself. He offers us extravagant grace, kindness and comfort. What a gift.
On this Friday afternoon, I'm focusing on some of God's other gifts to me, and have taken some photos of sweet things on this earth that make me smile.

My daughter Cathrine is the only one who let me take a photo of her. She loves to watch tv on Friday afternoon, since we keep it off during the week. We have to pry the remote from her hands. My children make me smile.

I love red transferware. I've only recently started collecting it, and it's so lovely to create a vignette using pretty things.

I adore pink roses ... well actually all colors of roses. This is my favorite of all my roses. Its fragrance is pure and it holds its petals the longest.

This is our dog, Kona. She's a Siberian Husky, and has all the quirks of the breed - she yodels instead of barks, talks back, doesn't come when we call, is the worst watchdog in the world, runs instead of walks, and we are hopelessly in love with her.

There is so much more that makes me smile. My husband is one of them, but he refuses to have his photo taken. He's out running right now. I'm so proud that my 48 year old husband runs marathons and has done a half-triathlon. He'd love to qualify for the Ironman in Hawaii some day.

That's what's making me smile today. If you post some photos on your blog about what makes you smile, please let me know so I can come visit you.

Now I'm off to the post office.

In His Love,



Jennifer Renee said...

Glynnis, I will be praying for your sister, Helen Ann. My grandmother had breast cancer when she was 80. She is now 83 and doing fine. By her personality I can't even tell she ever had cancer.
Your post today made me smile. I see so much love in your family.
A few things that make me smile are a baby's laugh, the love and hug from a friend, memories of the fun times in my life, and knowing that Jesus is with me when I'm going through hard times. A few things that made me smile when I could see was looking at pictures of babies and all the colors of the carnations that were sent to me after I had cataract surgery. I loved being able to see all the pastel colors and it's something I'll never forget.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.