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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Today my friend Joanne Kraft is featuring an interview with me about writing. If you visit her site at http://www.onesoblessed.com/ you will get a chance to read about my writing journey and some of my thoughts on writing.

I will warn you, I'm not a typical writer. In fact, I've always thought I was a freak of nature, or uniquely and humorously made by a loving God who designed me for a purpose. I'm choosing the second option.

You see, I don't fit any molds ... in any part of my life.

I LOVE to cook and watch Food Network (Paula and I are on a first name basis ... well, at least I am with her - she, on the other hand, doesn't know I exist.)

BUT, I have never created my own recipe.

I LOVE to write.

BUT, I have never journaled, kept a diary, and if you follow my blog, you will know I am inconsistent at best.

I LOVE to read home decorating magazines, such as Romantic Homes and Victoria. I'm an old-fashioned, romantic girl at heart. Should have been born in an English manor. With servants of course. Who I would have treated very well, like a part of the family.

BUT, I can't accessorize or decorate my home for the life of me.

So, what does a girl like me do?

Trust that God knew what He was doing, stop worrying about what I can't do, and focus with purpose on what I can do. I have realized that the more I'm me, the better I am at it.

I wonder if there are women out there who have decided they are disqualified from something because they don't fit into a mold. I kind of envision Satan as walking around with a big rubber stamp and stamping "disqualified" on the hearts of my sweet sisters around the world.

But today I want to tell you that God has already stamped you "qualified" with the blood of Jesus. Not because of your qualifications, but because of His.

So shake off what the world says, and the lies of the enemy, and embrace your calling, in all your unique and beautiful self. If you don't fit the "mold," that must be because God is creating a new one ... and it's called YOU.

With all my love and His,



Lynn Cowell said...

Thank you for these words! Yesterday, I was working on a message I am going to speak this weekend to teens. I realized that there is not one funny thing or moment to pause in the whole thing. I thought, "If ONLY I was funny..." Wanting to be something I usually am not. Thanks for the reminder that I am Lynn. I heard it said that God took 5 days to create the world, but He took 9 months to create me, so He must have made me just the way He wanted!
Happy Tuesday!

Alyce said...

It's been a long while since I've read your blog (sorry!...I just stink at keeping up)I am glad I read today. I have felt that way before too. We have craft days at church sometimes, and I don't go...I tell them that I am not crafty..and I'm not..but there are things that I can do...God has gifted each of us in our, or rather, His, own special way.
I love your part about you and Paula on a first name basis. I am a Paula fan too and that is one thing I would love to do..cook with her! It would be sooo much fun!! My youngest used to call Paula her "grandma"...thought that was funny! Anyway..if you need some recipe ideas, please visit my blog!

Jennifer Renee said...

I thank you so much for these encouraging words. The other day I mentioned to a close friend that I don't feel like I fit in with my famly. I don't always fit into their conversations and I've always felt like my personality is so different from my sisters'. I'm not able to do everything that they do an often feel left out. My friend said that I'm amazing with what I can do and she's proud of what I can do.
One statement I love from your post is, "Trust that God knew what He was doing, stop worrying about what I can't do, and focus with purpose on what I can do. I have realized that the more I'm me,
the better I am at it".

Anonymous said...

Hi, just came over from an old devotion being a patient parent something I struggle with. I keep thinking I'm mom shouldn't I be more sensitive and soft spoken, however I am mom without dad and sometimes try to feel both roles. I know God knew me before I was born and he did not make any mistakes I am who I am and I am not disqualified. Thank you for taking your time to minister to women.


melissa Taylor said...

I love what you wrote:

"So, what does a girl like me do?
Trust that God knew what He was doing, stop worrying about what I can't do, and focus with purpose on what I can do. I have realized that the more I'm me, the better I am at it."

Fabulous quote! And one I need to remember.

Glad I read your blog today!

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Donna said...

Praise Him for creating each of us different. It would be so boring if we were all alike.
Jos 23:11

Anonymous said...


Bernadette said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts -
sometimes I do feel the Inconsistent is my name!
Thank you for your words of reminder and encouragement

by SuAnn said...

Dear Glynnis,
I found your site today, and so glad I did. Thank you for your uplifting messages and your honesty. Thru the years, I've written notebooks to the ceiling and back, always hesitant to share.
Finally,now in my 60's I'm blogging. Hoping w/so many others
to make a difference in this world.
God Bless!