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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

You are in for a treat today!!! My dear friend, Shari Braendel, has put together her top style suggestions for the coming months. Shari is an expert in the area of professional styling, in both fashion and makeup. She leads sold-out conferences around the country on "What Not To Wear" and will be having a book released soon by Zondervan. Although Shari helps us fashion-challenged girls on the outside, her true passion is to lead women to the heart of God so they learn their true beauty is on the inside.

Shari has revolutionized almost all of us on the Proverbs 31 team. For instance, she completely changed my style when she told me I should be wearing the colors of autumn, instead of the jewel tones I had been told 20 years ago. Wow! What a difference. I adore Shari for so many reasons!!

Without further gushing, here are Shari's Top 10 Fashion and Beauty Tips for Fall 2010.

If you like these tips, please visit Shari's blog today for more help, and to let her know:

RED: This is the pop color of the season! Wear red shoes, carry a red purse or don a red jacket.

LEOPARD PRINT: This goes without saying…leopard never seems to go out of style but this year it’s bigger than ever! Find a pair of leopard ballet flats you can wear with everything. Depending on your budget, pick up a pair by Merona at Target or pay big bucks for Coach.

LEGGINGS: Ranging in price from $15 an up, these fashion come-backs must be worn with long tops and jackets. Bright patterns, denim, lace, leather and of course, black, will have you looking quite fashionable.

BIG TOPS OVER SKINNY BOTTOMS: (Skinny jeans or leggings, not skinny bodies, silly!) Big tops are everywhere and this look can be quite casual and laid back with flats or you can glam it up with lots of accessories for a night on the town.

BRIGHT LIPS: ‘Tis the season for a new lip color. Maybe this is where you should add RED to your wardrobe!

RUFFLES: Gracious, ruffles are everywhere! You’ll find them adorned on sweaters, tops, skirts, boots and purses.

MENSWEAR: Vests, blazers and menswear inspired trousers will help you look the fashion expert! Go plaid, herringbone, or stripes for authentic style.

VINGTAGE JEWELRY: Pull out your old charm bracelets from high school or grab one from your mother’s jewelry box and wear it with high style. Ribbons, brass, chain link necklaces, crystals and silk should beautify your wrists and neckline.

SPARKLY SHOES: This fall trend is an easy way to spruce up your outfit when it’s looking a little drab. Worn with jeans or your fanciest dress, these beauties will put a little spring in your step!

EMBELLISHED TEES: Let’s face it, since most of us live a rather casual lifestyle and would opt for a t-shirt most days anyway, why not add one with built in accessories? A little glam or a lot of glam, this is one way to be a bit more dressed up than usual, yet still have the casual factor going on.

A personal note from Shari:
Glynnis, it has been my privilege to be with you and your readers today. I’d love to invite each of you to my website and blog each Wednesday for “What To Wear Wednesday” for fashion and beauty insight for busy women like you. www.ShariBraendel.blogspot.com
In His Love,

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Michaela said...

My husband and I have been experiencing huge struggles, and just hanging on, in a sense. We are still fairly newly weds (married for 1-1/2 years. We have our first baby, now of 7 months old. My husband had a great paying job that he was with for 8 years. Unfortunately he has been unemployed full-time sense December 2008. He was laid off a week before Christmas and two months before our baby was due. Here we are 10 months later and he is still unemployed. I have restarted my work search as well. But its just not so easy to get a job right now because there are several thousand people unemployed! So, there is a lot of debt and struggle not to mention the pressure it puts on our home life right now. Since we have both been home, it is so hard to keep up with what day it is. One of us will be ahead a day and the other will be behind a day. Half the time it is hard to keep things straight because we are just trying to stay positive, prayerful, and not consumed by our situation. So, please keep my husband, Ivan, myself Michaela, and our daughter Ema, in your prayers. Thank you for your time and your blog!