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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today I have a devotion running in Encouragement for Today on being a financially productive woman. Welcome to those of you who have found your way to my blog after reading the devotion.

I believe there are many families saving money in amazing ways. We can all benefit from ways to save money. But sometimes that’s not enough. In those cases, perhaps the option is to make money.

I promised to share some ideas for home-based businesses you can start with little money. These may not replace your income in the beginning, but they will provide your family with some extra spending cash.

This list is only to give you a launching pad for ideas. It is my prayer that when you see an idea, it will spark another idea of something similar that fits your personality, experience, skills, spiritual gifting, and so on. I believe God has already gifted you for this … it just may take some time for Him to reveal the right business for you.

Here are some ideas:

1. Buying and reselling retail items on E-bay or Amazon. I’ve had two friends do this successfully. One buys and resells coins, and the other sells purses. The keys here are to know your product, so you know what is of value, and buy it at a really good discount. Also, buying retail means you have already paid sales tax so you do not need a license to resell it.

2. Making a unique item and selling it. Be sure to check into a business and tax license for this. You can sell this item in several ways: craft sales, existing Internet sales avenues like E-bay or your own website. For an affordable store option check out http://www.smallbusiness.yahoo.com/ or http://www.merchantmoms.com/.

3. Creating Unique Gift Baskets

4. A lunch delivery service to businesses. Create a menu with some amazing sandwiches and salads and go door-to-door. You will need special licenses for this.

5. Estate sale organizing

6. One-on-one sports training. There aren’t too many people doing this for girls.

7. Blog designs. Everyone I know who does this has more business than they can handle. Include a maintenance plan, and you’ll be very busy.

8. Children’s party planner

9. Dog obedience training. (If you start this in Phoenix, and can make a Husky walk – not run – call me)

10. A direct-sales businesses. These can be started with very little money. Just make sure it’s something you actually love, and you are sure to be successful. Make sure the company you consider is a member of the Direct Selling Association (http://www.dsa.org/) . They’ve also got a list of their members, which can give you some GREAT ideas.

My husband and I run two home-based businesses. He runs a consulting company, and I run http://www.roselanecottage.com/. We’ve been doing this for almost four years and love it. If you’d like to read more about working from home, I’ve written a book on the subject. And for devotion readers, I’ve dropped the price to $8.99. Here’s a link: http://www.roselanecottage.com/book1.html. The shipping will come up at $6.85, but I’ll discount that to $3.00 once I receive the order.

May God bless you in your journey to work at home. I’m confident He will provide a way. He always does.

In His Love,


Anonymous said...

I am glad you talk about this. I am with the jewelry company called lia sophia. I love it and meet such wonderful hostesses. God has truly blessed me and I know He is the reason I am successful, not me.
If anyone wants more info. Look me up I am in Iowa.

Julie said...

Thank you for this information. I will definitely be getting your book. So far, my husband and I have been able to work and have free childcare for our daughter, but we really want to have another child and don't know how it will work for us to both work. The only reason I am working right now is that we need my income. It would be great to have a way to help make some extra money to pay off our debt so I can stay home sooner. I feel encouraged and am looking forward to reading your information.

Thank you!!