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Monday, September 14, 2009

As much as I love my kids, they do add stress to my life. Stress to me is anything that puts pressure on me - so that defines just about everything except sleeping.

Today, I've invited author and speaker Brenda Nixon to share some tips on how we can de-stress our parenting. Brenda is an amazing woman, with a passion for helping parents. I needed to read her tips this morning after a weekend that brought more stress than normal. I hope you enjoy them too. Visit her website to learn more about Brenda. The address is at the end of the post.

10 Tips for Stress-less Parenting by Brenda Nixon

I once heard the definition of stress as: anything we perceive to be out of our control. I like that because it explains why each of us stresses over different situations. At times, though, we all feel our kids and their behavior are out of our control. That’s why parenting is such a stressful task. It’s not for the weak-hearted.

Comedian Martin Mull quipped, "Parenting is like having a bowling alley in your head." But, I like to remember the words of Albert Einstein and relate them to parenting; "Not everything that counts can be counted. And not everything that can be counted counts." This often prompts me to relax and stop fretting about every issue in my children’s lives or overestimating the importance of their problems.

Two characters in Chinese spell the word stress; one character means danger and the other means opportunity. I think that perfectly explains the tension in raising kids today; it can be a hazard but it also gives us opportunities to learn, laugh, grow, and make memories to fall back on when they’re out of the house. If you’re feeling stressed about raising kids, remember:
  1. All kids can and do misbehave.
  2. There are no perfect kids.
  3. There are no perfect parents.
  4. Parenting is a short season of life.
  5. Physical affection is therapeutic; give and receive hugs.
  6. See humor (somewhere) in the situation.
  7. Take a break: exercise, listen to soothing music, read a chapter in a favorite book, or enjoy a cup of coffee.
  8. Talking to other adults can ease loneliness or frustration.
  9. Wisdom knows what to overlook.
  10. Good parents practice self-care: eat right and sleep when your kids do.
© Copyright, 2005, Brenda Nixon, M.A.

As a parenting speaker and writer, Brenda Nixon (www.brendanixon.com) is dedicated to empowering parents in their sacred and enormous task. Her book, The Birth to Five Book is available at bookstores everywhere. She’s currently writing a book for parents on child discipline and is a contributing author to 23 titles.

Do you need encouragement in your daily discipline battles? Would a thought or quote inspire or affirm you? Then, subscribe to Brenda Nixon’s free Daily Discipline Tip service at www.brendanixon.com. You will receive a tip each week.

Have a stress-less day!



Karen said...

I cling to #3: there are no perfect parents--even though mine have all left the nest. Now there's an addendum: There are no perfect parents-in-law. Your tips are great!

Terra said...

These are very wise words.
I think it is helpful to print out and post this list, and read it as needed.
Sort of like the "an apple a day keeps the doctor away", reading and believing this list's tips can soothe frazzled parents and prevent further stress.

Cathy Messecar said...

"Two characters in Chinese spell the word stress; one character means danger and the other means opportunity." Since I'm past the parenting of young children, this information really challenged me to turn to the opportunity "character" of situations involving stress. Thanks, Brenda and Glynnis