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Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Like to Be Right. There. I said it.

This isn't new. I've always liked to be right. I know Christians should be humble and all that, but between you and me, it's a real struggle at times. Because of enjoying being right, it's hard to admit when I've made a mistake. Or when I need help.

But it is getting easier. Maybe it's age. Maybe it's knowledge learned the hard way.

Or maybe, it's because I've experienced something amazing. When I admit I've made a mistake, the pressure is somehow lifted to be perfect the next time.

I thought people wanted me to be perfect ... but they don't. They want me to be real. And that I can be.

You see, what I thought people wanted from me, isn't what they want from me at all.

My kids wants a mom who asks their forgiveness when she blows her top, instead of pretending it didn't happen.

My husband wants a wife who laughs when she forgets an appointment so he doesn't feel like a loser when he does.

My sisters want a sister who will stand by them - silently if necessary - instead of trying to find impressive but meaningless words.

My friends in ministry want someone who will admit her sins, so they don't feel disqualified because of theirs.

And I believe that most people who read my blog, books or devotions or or those who hear me speak, just want to know that I desperately need a Savior. And more importantly, that I have found one named Jesus Christ, who loves me, desperately, even when I mess up ... repeatedly.

Being right has some advantages. But admitting I've made a mistake, or need help, seems to have a greater advantage, because it puts me in a place of humility, and seeking God's favor over the favor of others.

Maybe it's time for a little confession. Or reaching out a hand for help. What do we have to lose?

In His Love,

"Obviously, I’m not trying to win the approval of people, but of God. If pleasing people were my goal, I would not be Christ’s servant." Galatians 1:10 (NLT)


Steph said...

There's nothing for me to lose but my pride...and that's a good thing.

Thanks for that great perspective and reminder!

Wendy said...

Great reminder, thanks!

Dryer Sheet Hounds said...

Hi, I just read the daily devotional about your stinky clothes. I really understand both clothes and the 'stinkers' we make with others. I am guilty of it myself, but you simply have to 'come clean!' I have a hint for you! Next time your clothes are left in the washer or you forget to dry them - I have often done this- rewash them but pour a bottle of white or clear amonia in the washer. Set the washer to soak only and let it soak for a couple of hours or even over night. Then set it to rinse, put them in the dryer with a fabric sheet. Then voila! You will have the cleanest smelling clothes ever. The amonia doesn't harm the clothes and sinse you rinsed them there is no amonia left. Good luck! I am off to do some washing now!

Leah DiPascal said...

Hey Glynnis,

I absolutely LOVED your P31 devotional this morning. It brought back vivid memories of when I attempted to maneuver the exact same sneaky scenario. We too, found out that the smell of mildewed clothes can not be masked in any shape or form.

Thanks for sharing your story today. It brought laughter to my heart and a smile to my face :)


Marlo Peddycord Francis said...

I loved this blog. Very, very wise ... and very, very meaningful.

I also just read your devotion on the P31 site. Renee was right ... it was awesome and a total hoot. If I said some "stinky" things on the phone ... I'm sorry. :) Heehee. You know how I need to vent ... and thankfully, you "get" me.

Love you so, so much,

Tammy Nischan said...


I have to confess that I am feeling a little "stinky" right this minute.

A little anger is inside me today that I know is totally from my grief.... feeling like some of my dearest friends have said things today that make me feel as if they have forgotten my pain.

I know deep inside they haven't, but for some reason a nerve has been hit that just makes me want to curl up in a little ball and cry and wonder "Why God didn't answer our prayer for healing for Nick?"

Shew! Ok, I got it out. That felt good! Glynnis, you know I trust the Lord with all my heart and I placed Nick on his lap over and over again........I just still have moments when I feel betrayed even though deep, deep inside of me I know I wasn't.

Thanks for listening. I needed to vent to someone who didn't live next door!

Love you,

Trying to keep my "laundry" clean!

Noelle said...

Dear Glynnis,
I read your daily devotional on Crosswalk's site by mere chance (okay, we both know it wasn't chance, it was Holy Spirit led!) and you touched my heart and convicted me while making me laugh. Thank you! Your talents prompted me to follow the link to your website. You have a new fan :) I am in the process (long process) of writing a daily devotional book and I'm realizing how many of my bonehead mistakes turned into great learning lessons with analogies that really make a point. With that thought, please know that I'm going to put dryer sheets where I'm likely to see them throughout my day to remind me to keep my stink clean- to constantly be cleansed by the Blood of Jesus! You are a gift Glynnis! Thank you for bringing us intimately closer to our Abba Daddy!

Joyful said...


B His Girl said...

You are right on in this post. It reminds me of the song, 'It's got to be real.' Nobody wants to hear anything else. I often hear that song on the radio when I am preparing to speak. B

Beams of Light Ministries said...

One thing left to say...AMEN!

Pat said...

This post is so good and so true. We women need to be REAL! We have a REAL world that needs to see the love of God in us in spite of our failures and weaknesses.
Good word, thank you!!