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Thursday, April 2, 2009

My youngest daughter was helping make the lunches yesterday. Normally her help consists of getting the juice boxes and fruit cups. But yesterday she wanted to make the sandwiches.

She got out the bread, peanut butter, jelly and a knife and proceeded to assemble three sandwiches. As she started spreading the peanut butter on the first piece of bread, she held it up for inspection, saying "How's that look?"

I looked at her work and saw a blog of peanut butter in the middle of the bread. "Great start!" I said. "Now spread the peanut butter to the edges."

Since it was crunchy peanut butter, it was stiff. So she worked a bit longer, trying to get the peanut butter to the edges. Again she held it up for my approval. But with a half inch border of bread showing, I encouraged her to try again.

"Ruth," I said. "Try and make sure the peanut butter gets all the way to the edges, so that every bite tastes good."

She did an awesome job learning, and once she understood the reason, she finished it well.

After she and her brother and sister left for school, I thought about that peanut butter sandwich, and getting every bite to taste good, and I thought about my life. I realized there are many "edges" of my life that don't "taste" so good.
  • When I'm in a rush, my patience goes right out the window and my tone of voice can be ugly.
  • When I'm interuppted while trying to finish a project, the rolling of my eyes isn't very kind.
  • When someone has hurt my feelings, my defensiveness isn't very gracious or forgiving.
If I look at my life like that sandwich, there are definitely areas that are filled with good things, and then edges that aren't. I've just mentioned a few.

As I cleaned up after my family that morning, and screwed the lid on the peanut butter, I made a renewed commitment to make every bit of my life taste good. Not just the times when it is easy to do so, but the times when it is hard. I want my friends and family to get the very best from me, not just some dry, tasteless crusts.

I don't think I'll ever look at another PB & J the same.



Still Learning said...

That was a wonderful post! I have spent the last year of my life really reflecting on my actions towards others and focusing on walking in love truthfully in my life. It feels so much better to feel like you are giving love and helping the people around you and not have so many feelings of guilt for not so "tasteful" behavior. Thank you for sharing.

Julie Coleman said...

I loved your P31 devotional this morning, Glynnis. It was the best one that has been posted all year.

I'm in a bit of a valley myself this week-- and remembering that there is always a way out of a valley and to just keep walking was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you for using your gifts to build up the church-- I am grateful for your wise words.

JottinMama said...

I just had to pop over here and thank you for today's p31 devo. Every word just spoke to my always fearful and worrysome heart. Reading your devo left me encouraged this morning! Thank you so much :)

And I really enjoyed your PB&J post - awesome!

Have a lovely weekend,
Kate :)