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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One of the hardest learned lessons in my life has been to never say "never."

Years ago, God convicted me of pride. It was masquerading as righteousness in my heart, but God knew otherwise. And for me, a red flag that pride was under the surface was any time I said, "I would never ____ (fill in the blank). "I would never let my daughter read that." "I would never let my son wear that." It could be good reasons behind my decision, but subconsciously I was comparing myself to the mother who did let her child wear something, patting myself on the back for being more righteous.

One area that God really convicted me of was my children's schooling. This is an area of potential judgement within the Christian community. I was carefully to not judge anyone for their decision on how to educate their children.

When my children were first starting school, I worked outside the home and we had extra income. We were determined to send our children to Christian schools. But then my husband lost his job, we moved across country and we decided I would stay home. Which meant we didn't have extra income. So my kids went to public school.

It was either that, or I found a job. But I liked being available to help in the classroom and have lunch once a week at the school. We saw God's hand clearly in that decision. Since that time, our children have attended public school, and I've worked from home.

Then we adopted our precious daughters, Cathrine and Ruth. God hand-picked them from Africa, where they had no schooling. We didn't know what to expect. Everyone said they'd catch up quickly, that they'd be like little sponges. We prayed about what to do with their schooling, and God directed us to put them in the public school with their brothers. Our youngest daughter is thriving academically, but our oldest daughter struggles. She has blossomed in confidence and socially, which was a true need for her. But she struggles with the basics, especially in math.

Now to tie up all the loose end of this post. I'm so glad I never said "I will never home school my children." Because God is now calling me to teach Cathrine at home. And, shockingly, He's calling me to home school my youngest son, who will be a high school freshman next year.

Although I've been open to this for years, I didn't see it coming. But the need is clear. I don't know how long this will be for, or how I'm going to do it. I don't seem to have the personality of my friends who home school. Honestly, I'm overwhelmed with the task ahead of me. So I'm coming to my bloggy friends for help with two needs.

1) If you have any advice on how to start homeschooling, I'd love it. Please let me know if you can suggest any websites, organizations or curriculum.

2) We are going to sell our home-based business, Rose Lane Cottage. If you know an honest Internet business broker, or someone who might be serious about buying it, please let me know.

Years ago I asked God to do whatever was necessary to eliminate pride from my heart. He's done that by putting me in places where my need for Him is great. I'm in that place again.

In His Love,


sagreen125 said...

I have homeschooled for 13 years now, all ages. Search on the internet or homeschool support groups in your area, and possible homeschool coops.
I have approached each year with asking God to guide my husband and I, and help us see how our children learn best.
Relax and trust what God is showing you how to teach your children

Courtney said...

Here is a link to a bunch of home education sites. And I think all or at least most are Christian organizations


Erin said...

I have never thought and still don't think that I have the personality to homeschool. But, one thing I learned from homeschooling is that when God calls you to do so, and you decide to obey that calling, He will carry you through it! Join a homeschooling network in your area will be a good way to start. I got a lot of information about curricula as well as encouragement from the network I joined.

Terry A. said...

Search www.aholyexperience.com . She is a home schooler and has tons of links to information and resources about home schooling.

Tammy Nischan said...


You proabably know Bonita Lillie, but she seems like she would be full of ideas for you! You can contact her at thewritingwell@carolina.rr.com

Enjoy the season in your life. We have had occasions to home school from time to time because of various situations, and I can honestly say that I look back on those times as some of the more precious in my mom experiences!!!

tammy nischan

Anonymous said...

Linked to your blog from Proverbs 31. Check out www.mfwbooks.com. It is a homeschooling christian curriculum for K-12. I have used it for a couple of years and love it!

Anonymous said...

The year before I took our middle daughter out to homeschool my husband said he didn't think I had the personality to homeschool.But our daugther was falling behind and she needed much help. By God's good grace we completed 4 years together before we put her back in Christian school. In that time we learned alot about each other and about ourselves. She entered high school more confident in her abilities and did very well. The Lord provided everything we needed, as He will for you! Today she is 26 doing well and about to get married. Homeschooling was a good choice!!

Joyful said...

Oh Glynnis, how I hear your heart...both in the schooling decision and the loss of your business.

Remember, my friend, God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called. You are responding in obedience. He has you totally depending on Him, and that's exactly where He wants you. He will destroy your confidence in anything outside of Him to make you completely useable by Him. What God calls us to do, He resources us for - keep trusting Him.

I wish I could take time now to send you our schooling story. God is good. You will be blessed beyond measure.

Praying for you. The Lord will provide.
PS. I really came over to comment on your devotional. Such good teaching. No flirting or 'dancing' with temptation.

Anonymous said...

We homeschool our children and only by the Grace of God. Trust in God and he will provide. Enjoy this journey.

quinnschilling said...

You may already know about this one, but I lOVE the site http://www.hslda.org This is my first year homeschooling and I like having more knowledge about what our rights are as well as email support and newsletters and other links. Good Luck:)

Renee Ollis said...

Take a look at Lori Seaborg's site http://www.freelyeducate.com/

She routinely posts resources for anyone trying to educate but they are especially helpful for homeschoolers.

JD said...

I just found your blog. :o) Sorry I'm late to comment on this; maybe you have found some answers already. In case you haven't though...
I would second the HSLDA website. They have so much information, especially in the high school area. If you search even a little, you will find there are hundreds of curricula out there. My advice to you would be to look at your goals. Do you intend to put them back in school? Why are you hsing them? Then, what is your style and what is their style of learning? This will determine largely what you should look at.
If they love reading, Sonlight is great. If they love doing, KONOS is the way to go (BTW, Jessica Hulcy, co-creator of KONOS, was just recently in a bad accident; she can use many prayers - www.caringbridge.org/visit/jessicahulcy ). A totally computer based secular(?) program is K12. There's also Alpha Omega's LIFEPACS and their computer version Switched On Schoolhouse or you can even enroll them in their academy. There are many online schools where you can take some or all classes. There are co-ops to take classes in. There are classes abounding from people teaching a subject. MFW is a good curriculum; I don't know if they have completed their high school curricula yet. Tapestry of Grace is well-thought of as well. The Weaver Curriculum (Alpha Omega) is known for it's ability to do with more than one child as it lays out the different levels; TOG does this as well. Sonlight doesn't lay it out like that, but you can combine kids within their cores within a 3 year span or so. Ambleside Online is a free online Charlotte Mason curriculum using the library. A more school-at-home route is A Beka. They do books or videos.
There are many different philosophies out there. There's classical, Charlotte Mason, unschooling, eclectic... Knowing which of these appeals to you will determine largely where you go as well. You can find books at the library to help you with this choice.
There's too much information out there! Remember to focus in your goals, and don't forget your state's requirements! Look at what they are struggling with and what they like to do, how they like to learn, what can you give of your time.
I am by no means an expert of any kind, but I'd be glad to help you sort through things if you want a cyber-friend to walk through this with you. I would encourage you to find someone you know who has hs'ed for a few years to walk you through it. Welcome to the hs world. :o)


JD said...

Oh, yes, btw, I definitely don't have the personality to hs. No way. That, however, is not a prerequisite to hs. Thanks, Joyful, for the reminder that HE qualifies the called. I needed that reminder as I am searching out about the soon-coming high school experience.