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Monday, December 1, 2008

It wasn't until a few weeks ago that the movie "Twilight" even hit my radar screen. My kids never read the books so I was completely unaware of the phenomenon. But a good friend and her 14-year-old daughter read them, and attended the midnight showing of the movie a few weeks ago. My friend is an awesome mom, and read the books with her daughter so they could discuss the themes presented. High five to her.

My friend gave me a run down of the movie, and it sounded interesting. When my 13-year-old daughter heard about it, she was very interested in the movie, and all she could talk about was "Twilight."

As a side note, if you are a new reader to my blog, you won't know that this daughter (and her sister) were born in Africa, and she doesn't think or act like an American teenager. But a tender young woman's heart beats inside her none-the-less.

So when we had some time last Friday, my sister Liz and I took our daughters to see "Twilight."
Before I tell you my comments, I want to make it clear that I am in no way recommending the book or the movie. I just have some observations.

I can see why this book, and subsequently the movie, has struck a chord with young girls. It is a story that in many ways parallels the amazing story of God's love. While it has no biblical message whatsoever, it strums the strings God put in our hearts that He was meant to play. Twilight the book/movie speaks of an eternal being who loves a human girl so much that he sacrifices his desires to protect and save her. Now, I realize that's a great simplification of the story line, but it's close.

What young girl's heart doesn't long for that type of devotion? So many girls grow up seeking that type of adoration from boys, and become disillusioned when they discover the man of their dreams has flaws. Yet the dream lives on in their hearts. That dream stays there, buried under years of disappointments, rejection and pain. Sometimes buried so deep that a woman forgets that she once longed for love. But it never goes away because God put it there.

What my daughters will learn is there is an Eternal Being who loved her so much that He sacrificed Himself to save her. And that even now, He stands on vigil to protect her, with an army of angels at His command. And that He adores her beyond measure. And that she can love Him back and live with Him eternally.

Instead of Twilight, I might name that story, The Bright Morning Star. For that's who it's about: Jesus.

If your daughter reads the books or sees the movie, it could be the makings of a great conversation. It's interesting how God can use the most interesting ways to communicate His love. We just need eyes to see.




KelliGirl said...

Like you I was completely unaware of Twilight until a month or so ago when my 13 yo daughter read the book. I was nervous about the theme but she told me it wasn't "inappropriate" (per my mom standards). The story captivated her so much she's read all four in the series and seen the movie twice.

Thanks for your insight on the book's theme...I had no idea. Now I think I'll read it for myself so she and I can have that conversation.

Thanks for showing a way to bring Jesus right to where our daugthers are.

BTW, I haven't forgotten about your accountability challenge, I just haven't nailed down what I realistically want to be accountable for. I'm in an odd place and I wrote about it on my blog yesterday. I hope to get more specific by Friday!

Blessings to you in beautiful AZ!

JottinMama said...

How you describe the yearnings of a young girl's heart is so right on.

Your are correct. What girl (or woman!) doesn't long for that type of adoration?

So true.

Have a lovely day!

- Kate :)

Joyful said...

Thanks for giving us your insight to "Twilight". My 16 year old son and his friend Stephanie have both been talking about the movie (which I had heard NOTHING about) and then my friend Lynn Cowell wrote about it last week on her blog (http://lynncowell.blogspot.com/2008/11/im-in-love-with-vampire-subtle-messages.html). She also gave a great link to a site with more info.

I appreciate hearing from those whose views I respect. It helps us make a more informed decision.


Spring Fricks said...

Thank you for finding a way to bring Jesus into this book that is capturing a generation. I fifteen year old sister who is addicted to these books and have tried to talk to her about it many times to no avail.

This sheds a completely different light.

On another note, have you ever read Captivating by Stasi Eldredge? The way you described a young girl's heart reminded me of that. It's right on the mark.

Encourager said...

Glynnis, Thanks for sharing insights to the new books, movie. My oldest daughter loves the books. She is not much of a reader and is captivated by it, and on the last book. I am happy she is reading.

I continue on the challenge to a healthy life. Weight loss included. I have my goals posted and working out. Changing my entire mindset to Health.

Winnie said...

A very well-stated, very insightful review. There has been something about this vampire phenomenon that has been itching at my brain. You gave me words for what I could not express.