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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Warning - some may find this post not completely politically correct. But it was funny y'all.

Having read many books about how NOT to talk about weight, we have always focused on healthy eating in our house. Now that I have two daughters, I choose my words with great care, and don't talk about losing weight in front of them. However, a few things have changed with my son in wrestling, and having to "make weight." Which could be the source of much ranting and raving from this mother, but I'll try to refrain.

So with me taking on this challenge, and Dylan the wrestler being much more disciplined than I am, our awareness of healthy eating has heightened.

Saturday night we went to see the UFC pay-per-view fight at a local restaurant. (this isn't the politically incorrect part so I apologize if I offend you twice) Our family is quite involved in this sport and I'll tell you more another time. But we were at this restaurant and a lovely young lady sat across from me. She was training in mixed martial arts, and her athletic body reflected her dedication. Her eating did too.

She ordered a thin-crust pizza and ate one slice. One. Slice. You heard that right. Then she let the pizza sit there the whole night. In front of me. Watching her eat one slice.

My daughter Cathrine noticed the pizza, and asked for a slice. No. I told her. That's the woman's pizza. Even Cathrine thought it was odd that someone could order a pizza and eat one slice. We don't eat like that in our house.

As I sat there eating my cheeseburger (which might also explain why I don't lose anything this week) and fries, I realized that a thin person eats differently than I do. A thin woman thinks differently about food than I do. So I stopped at two fries.

My son Robbie came up at my shoulder and asked for some of my fries. "Take all of them," I said, thoroughly disappointed with myself. Then I broke one of my rules about not talking about weight. Really, I was frustrated that I didn't order a salad and then eat one piece of lettuce. So I whispered to Robbie, "Look at this pizza. That's how thin people eat. They order a whole pizza and eat one slice."

Without a pause, Robbie grabbed a fry and said, "This is how fat people eat, they eat everything on their plates and then eat food off of other people's plates."

That made me laugh out loud. Really loud. And for a moment I felt better.

Well, there wasn't any deep spiritual principle to that, I just thought it was funny. It's hard to try to lose weight without worrying what other people will think. Should I just accept myself the way I am? The truth is, I do. My identity isn't connected with the numbers on the scale. However, I know that extra weight puts a strain on all parts of my body, and as the calendar reflects increasing age, that weight isn't doing me any favors. So it's for health that I try and cut back, and health that I help guide my children to better food choice. And a splurge on a cheeseburger every once in awhile.

In His Love,


Spring Fricks said...

That is hysterical! BTW, I used to be a huge fan of UFC until they started having rules but I suppose that is politically incorrect to say as well. :-)

Julie Gillies said...

Hilarious, Glynnis. I sure appreciate the laugh. And it does my soul good to know you had a cheeseburger. Cuz you're right - we AREN'T numbers on a scale.

Today is my FIRST day of official 'dieting', though I detest the word; it always makes me hungry. LOL I'm on unfamiliar ground here - I've always maintained a good weight so this extra 8 pounds has come as quite the shock. Please pray I can lose without lots of exercise that I'd love to do (but can't for health reasons).

I'm asking the Lord to allow me to walk at least 1 mile daily but don't know if my ankles/feet will hold out. That's a hard thing for this walkin' girl!

Pam said...

Funny story...for those of you trying to loose weight, I would like to suggest a program called "The Lord's Table", you can find it for free at www.settingcaptivesfree.com I have come to a deeper relationship with Jesus through this program and in the process lost 15 pounds. It is a program that focuses on taking your focus off of food and putting it where it should be, on Christ.

Joyful said...

Fun post Glynnis!

I've been much better in the exercise/eating since Monday. I went for my yearly physical, and although, according to his results, I have the "perfect" BMI for my height and weight, he reported that my blood pressure was high. So, I've been exercising and REALLY watching what I'm eating. Hoping the scales will give tribute to my dedication by Friday.

Have a great day!
Love & prayers,

Courtney said...

LOL! It sure does make a difference when you eat only half the chicken bake from Costco rather than the whole. It really suprised me how fast it really catches up with you.(Especially after I found out how many calories were in a whole one...hehe) The trick is to really whole heartedly enjoy the portion you have all the while thanking the Lord for the portion He gave you. Once you learn to enjoy smaller amounts than normal, food becomes less of an object and more of something to look forward to and experience.

Anonymous said...

I loved This post! Thanks for the belly laugh.

I am reminded to just keep going on my weight loss challenge. I am keeping my mind set on Healthy Life.

Yes, weight is not just the scale. I had my birthday this week and I turned 52. I have gained weight and was the one who never got on the scale until your challenge. Then was sick at my weight. I also realized I have no long mirrors in my house. Like at the gym, they have all these mirrors. You can see how big you are on the bike, tredmil, precore.

With the challenge, I may not be changing on the scale yet! I am exercising and I am aware of Food. I am changing!

I have goals now! thank You!