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Friday, November 21, 2008

As I begin this journey to a healthier body, I noticed a few bad habits that need to be broken. The first has to do with what my niece years ago called BLT's. That means "Bites, Licks and Tastes."

Now I have to confess, this is a huge problem for me. I am absolutely one of those women who plans my trip to Costco around when the samples are out. Of course I tell myself that it's only to make sure I like it before I buy a caseload. The reality is I'm there to eat lunch. Even if I've already had lunch.

My problem actually started at home. Here's an example. Last Saturday we had leftovers for lunch. One child had pizza - I had a bite. One child had beanie wienies - I had two bites (to make sure it wasn't too hot, don't you know). Another had a chili dog - another bite. By the time I fixed myself lunch, I wasn't hungry, but ate anyway because I only had a few bites.

So bad habit number one is to stop eating BLT's.

Bad habit number two is not drinking enough water. When I'm thirsty, I turn to coffee, tea or Diet Coke. I know I drink too much non-water fluids. The other day, my 17-year-old son called me on it. You see, I have cut way back on my Starbucks drinks, and one day I went to open a second Diet Coke. Josh, said, "Mom, you shouldn't replace Starbucks with two Diet Cokes." I was actually impressed that he was intuitive enough to notice, and kind enough to mention it.

So now, I make myself a glass of ice water, and use a straw (which fakes me into thinking I'm drinking an Iced Caramel Macchiato). Maybe I should just save a Starbucks plastic glass and use that. Oh goodie, that means I need to buy a Starbucks! Just to get the glass.

Bad habit number two is to reduce the non-water drinks I drink.

Well, now for the Friday Reveal: 162

I actually think my scale was off last week. Because it never showed 162.5 again. Today I went to the gym and used their professional medical scale.

Bad habit number three is to stop celebrating with pizza parties and cheeseburgers when I think I've lost 2-1/2 pounds.

Have a great day!



Julie Gillies said...

I'm not so much a before-serving-taster as an after-dinner-sampler. While I'm cleaning up I'll take one last smidgeon of this, a bite of that. It's crazy! But my biggest vice seems to be chocolate. Especially dark chocolate.

Luckily, I am a HUGE water drinker. Since I don't do caffeine I also drink hot, decaf green tea and all sorts of herbal teas. Occasionally I'll buy myself 2 liters of diet root beer or fresca and it lasts about a week or two. That is, if I can keep my 19 year-old son out of it.

Have a wonderful, low-calorie weekend!

Spring Fricks said...

BLT's. That's hilarious. I am going to have to spread that around since me and my group of friends are professional BLTers. I have the opposite problem though. I take bites off everyone else's plate and then I don't eat. My Friday reveal - I did post a blurb on my blog. Considering the fact that I underwent an epidural injection yesterday and am on quite a bit of medicine, it's not my best work but it's there. Yeah! Now I just need to start my homework.

Have a great weekend!

Courtney said...

I like that BLT thing... guilty as charged! I am horrible at the licking the beaters, tasting my husbands plate at a restaurant... just those little things. Ive gained back 2 pounds due to stress from my move, so I really need to watch myself. I'm not normally a stress eater, I just dont pay attention to what I eat because Im paying attention to the things that need to get done. I'm happy to hear your family is helping you out on your weight loss endeavor! Keep it up, you're inspiring me :)

AmberFord said...

Well, I had an extremely stressful week, so I gained. My bad habit is stress eating, especially when I'm "stuck" in my writing and this week a 6 page paper was due. Yikes! I'm afraid to get on the scales, but I know I gained. When I weighed last I was 202. So I really need to stay accountable to this!!

Joyful said...

Laughed at the straw idea - and if it works - perfect!

I dropped a pound this week, so I was happy. Haven't exercised as often as I would have liked, but I've been eating so much healthier...and drinking lots of water :o)

Tomorrow we have been invited to a family b'day party and I know there will be a lot of tempting dishes. I think the key tomorrow will be small portions. Hoping I can stay on track.

I've kept up my hour or prayer this week faithfully too, so feeling good all the way round.

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.

Anonymous said...

The Journey Continues! I too am praying for all the ladies.

I am reading your blog faithful and I still have a problem with my/blog. We have a cookie problem. Too funny really when we are trying not to eat cookies, sweets, etc.

For my journey, challenge. I am focused on a day at a time. Am I changing? Am I aware? Have I gotten on the scale? Yes! Has it changed, One pound down! I am working out. I continue On....

Thank You! Karen (Encourager)

Shari Braendel said...

You are so brave to reveal your weight to the world! Wow! Better woman than me!!!! Happy Turkey Day to you and your family! Only 8 more months till She Speaks! LOL! love ya, Shari

Encourager said...

Hi Glynnis, Finally A blog and a blog page.
To new habits! Karen