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Friday, April 11, 2008

I received a phone call from the school today. My caller ID just tells me it's the public school ... could be the grade school where three of my kids attend, or the high school where the other two spend part of their week days.

Now I don't know about your experience with calls from school, but they aren't usually good. I've gotten them telling me someone was injured on the playground, someone had a tummy ache, someone forgot a permission slip and pleeeeaaasssee come right now!, someone bit someone who swung their lunch box at him in line (And then my little first grader told the principal that sometimes his mother lets him bite other kids!) and a few other miscellaneous mishaps throughout the years. Yes, a phone call from the school usually isn't award-winning news at my house.

Today I heard my littlest girl's voice on the other end of the line.

Ruth: Mommy, can you bring me lunch?

Me: Ruth, you can buy your lunch today.

Ruth (standing in front of all the nice office ladies at school): But I forgot my lunch and you told me I couldn't buy lunch any more.

Me: No Ruth, I told you don't buy your lunch if you are just going to throw it all away because you aren't hungry. (This happened once which was what prompted the discussion. She has an early lunch, and after a big breakfast she usually isn't very hungry.)

Ruth: (A little louder in case someone in the office might have missed it the first time) But you told me I couldn't buy my lunch anymore and I didn't bring anything! (I could see the pout forming)

Me: (Feeling completely out of control of this situation) No, that's not what I said ... (realizing an argument was going nowhere, and trying to regain some control) Honey, just tell me what you want and I'll bring you a lunch.

Ruth: A McDonald's Happy Meal!

We settled on a peanut butter and honey sandwich, applesauce and a cold bottle of water, which I hand delivered to the cafeteria.

I sure hope those nice office ladies don't think I'm the worst mother ever, telling my poor little daughter she can't buy a hot meal when she forgets her sack lunch. And then my next thought was: did that little innocent plan it all along to try and get a Happy Meal?

Oh well, at least my daughter got a good lunch today. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the first mom whose child only hears HALF of what she says. I guess I better work on communication before I get called into the Principals office.

In His Love,


Anonymous said...

As a grade school teacher, I can tell you that many, many children pull the "forgot lunch" trick so that parents/grandparents will run and get them fast food. It was getting so out of hand at my school, that we had more children eating fast food at lunch than school lunches! Your daughter may have not done this intentionally, but believe me a lot of kids do it!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

My daughter's been throwing out her lunch. Found that out on Friday. No wonder she's hungry when she gets home. However, if she called with hunger pangs from school, I would answer her pleas for nourishment. A good mother feeds, and it is one of the greatest privileges I have known.

Thanks for sharing Glynnis. You have a beautiful way of sharing your heart.


Cheri said...

Enjoyed this story.

Yeah there's NO telling what our kids share with other people. We can only pray that if they have kids themselves they realize there's always more to the story!

Carol said...

This is too funny! Sounds like something that would happen at my house!