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Sunday, April 27, 2008

I returned home this afternoon from one of the most beautiful places in America - the Pacific Northwest - Washington State to be exact. I was honored to be the guest speaker at the Northwest Women's Connection's annual conference. http://www.northwestwomensconnection.org/

We spoke about the Heart of a Woman, and I believe God touched many hearts with His presence this weekend.

The conference was very well organized, the food was delicious, worship was awesome, the skit was funny but deep, the prayer team was empowered, the greeters were warm and friendly, my hostest was fabulous, and my contact person was delightful. I can't say enough about how wonderful this was.

But I want to give a special mention to the leadership team. These women have a vision to reach out to the women in their area, which is filled with many small churches. They want to connect women with God and with each other. They are doing just that.

Do you know they had women from close to 25 churches in attendance! Twenty-five!!! That was amazing to me. That means 25 different styles of preaching, 25 different worship styles, and 25 different ways of doing things.

But when we gathered as 130 sisters in Christ, all those differences melted away. We were one family this weekend.

I felt God's pleasure. I hope they did too.

Thank you Northwest Women's Connection for being godly role models in your community.

In His Love,

P.S. If you go on their website, you'll see my photo. Yes I got it taken at Glamour Shots, and yes I bought the rights, and yes I should have taken their name off of it. Oh my, you all probably think I got myself all made up ala the 80's.


Anonymous said...

Great Glamour Shot! Love your hair!!

Anonymous said...

One woman,you,made a difference to many of us in the Pacific Northwest. May our hearts that said "yes" to new things be obedient and trusting to walk in what we wrote on our pieces of paper. God used you profoundly!