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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I can still remember when there was one style of expandable (Accordion) folder and it was one color (brown) and they were used primarily by those in the accounting field to organize receipts.

Today, I love the new look of expandable file holders and I can think of exciting ways to use them to organize my home or office - plus have the added bonus of some style!

An expandable file folder typically has 6 to 12 pockets with a fold-over flap - or some type of closure. The pockets are big enough to hold a standard sheet of paper in them, and some can even hold file folders.

How can we use them? How about these ideas:

1) Use them to organize your projects or to-do list for the week. Label the pockets Monday through Friday, with one for the weekend and one for the next week. Then you can store your paperwork or notes accordingly.

2) Use them to keep track of important papers for each member of the family.

3) Use them for a big project. Let's say you are organizing a retreat or event at school. They would even be great for writer's trying to capture information for a book.

4)Store your vacation plans for the year. Label each pocket a different trip and as you make reservations or collect information off the Internet, tuck it away in its rightful place.

5) Organize your photos. You can organize them by month or special event. Carry them with you to family gatherings for everyone to enjoy.

6) Use them to store decorating ideas for each room of your house. This can be a way to pare down your magazine collection too!

The great thing about these pretty expandable files is they can be placed on your desk or counter and look fantastic. Or you can tuck them in a bookshelf.

One of the joys of owning an online business is I get to see new products before they hit the shelves. Also, I get to help women purchase beautiful items they can't find in their local stores. I know I've never seen anything like this in my neighborhood.

If you'd like to see our assortment of expandable files, please visit my website, Rose Lane Cottage.

Happy Organizing!

In His Love,



Amy Wyatt said...

I know it's crazy but I just love "organizing" supplies - or anything related to office supplies. I am like Meg Ryan in the movie "You've Got Mail" when she talks about loving the smell of freshly sharpened pencils. I can spend hours in the office supply store or The Container Store. Now if I could just find time to use all of these wonderful supplies I buy and actually get all of my paperwork, etc. organized. Thanks for the tips and the motivation.

Digging for Pearls said...

They look great!

i_am_4given said...

They are beautiful!! I am going to browse on over to your store!!


Cheri said...

Man I wish I was an organizer. I mean I am but only with certain things. My mind is reeling with visions of a new office. When it came time to but a new desk I told my hubs that we had to get one with cabinet doors, so we no longer had to look at all the papers. Well, we did and now when you open those nice little doors there's a whole lota stuff falling out. I was neater and more organized when everything had to show. Live and learn, I guess!! :)

Thanks for all the wonderful ideas. Hopefully I will get motivated.

Jai said...

Love, love, love this idea!! I needed this one .. especially in the sea of "men" around my home. I am the only "girl". I am on my way to browse!

Laura said...

I visited your store and am amazed at the many beautiful office supplies that you have. I have not yet attempted to tackle our office. Have to wait until after taxes or my husband might lose his mind. I will definitely visit your store when the time comes!

Melissa said...


I love the decorative organizers. I just need someone to come to my house with them and organize all my stuff for me! I attempt to get organized and then I forget or misplace my organizers or get overwhelmed. I love an organized tidy space. Maybe one day I'll get it done:)

Sending Hugs to you from NC:)