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Saturday, December 15, 2007

At 6:30 p.m. last evening I stood in front of 80 excited children. I asked them: "Who is nervous?" About half of their hands shot in the air. "Who is excited?" I followed with. All of their hands waved back at me. In 30 minutes we would be walking on stage to perform "The Christmas Star."

I knew the auditorium was packed, and the kids knew it too. I had just returned from sneaking over to make sure my director's place was in order. While there I saw hundreds of people flowing in to see the children's production. Lots of parents, siblings, cousins, neighbors, teachers, friends and grandparents gathered to celebrate months of work.

They just thought they were coming to see some cute kids, hee, hee, hee. Little did they know God had other plans. God planned on planting some seeds that night.

It was a great day. I was hoping for one answered prayer, but got three!

1) Those distracted little faces were glued to mine. I saw some kids I'd never seen before because they hadn't looked at me since September. :-) And because they watched me, they didn't miss one cue! Well, maybe just one. When a darling little girl in the front row somehow missed that everyone else was standing and singing but her. She did catch up after a few lines.

2) Then, I'd been praying I wouldn't get sick before the play as one-by-one of my family members dropped like sick little flies. And I didn't! But maybe I should have asked for just a bit more (such as not to get sick at all) because I woke up today with a sore stomach. I haven't gotten quite as sick as everyone else, and I'm thanking God for that mercy.

3) Finally, the joy of the Lord was overflowing in that auditorium last night. Oh. My. Goodness! Those kids had fun praising God and singing about the true star of Christmas - Jesus. I could sense it in my heart and could hear it in the eruptions of laughter coming from the audience. Then it ricocheted off the audience and back to the children, in a grand recycling of joy!

Well, the annual Vineyard children's Christmas musical is in the books. But I feel as if Christmas has just begun for me. I needed that touch of joy in the midst of my busy schedule.

I pray you find something that brings you joy in the next few weeks before Christmas. You might even need to find a children's Christmas program - even if you don't know any of the kids performing. It might be just the answer to your prayers for a joy-filled Christmas.

In His Love,



Laura said...

Hello, Glynnis! I just wanted to let you know that your words blessed me this evening. It never feels like Christmas to me until the children do their program at church. I was a Director of Children's Ministries for a couple of years, and the Christmas play was my favorite part of my job. You just never know what kids will do, and that always keeps things exciting.
Happy holidays!

tam said...

The children's Christmas "play" at our church was yesterday. I say play, but it really was the kids walking in to arrange themselves in the manger scene. No one had lines. They all just had to walk and stand. Our church is very small, so this was a big deal for us. And it was wonderful! My three little girls were angels. And of course, my middle girl got stuck with another angel's wing in her face through the whole thing, but she was smiling just the same. Next Sunday we have our older kids play, which is more complicated. My husband and I (who often act like teenagers) also get to be in the play since we don't have enough kids for all the parts. What a wonderful time of year! You are so right! Kid's programs are just such a blessing to be a part of or even just to watch. Thanks so much for sharing about your experience!

bschut said...

Those excited kids are awesome! We had 2 programs in our church yesterday also, and I went away so refreshed. I thought--I wish that everyone in our church had the excitement and enthusiasim as those children have. What an alive church we would have! Our Lord desires that of each of us!--thank you for your work in your community--you have touched many lives!