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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Glynnis’ Most Popular Topics

Becoming a Woman of Purpose
At some point in her life, every woman wonders, “Is there more to life than this?” In this 3 or 4-session retreat, Glynnis identifies “purpose-stealers” and offers five ways to “BE-come” the women God intended. This retreat package also includes two small group discussion guides and two personal devotions. This topic is also available in a condensed version for a single presentation, or a one-day conference.

The Heart of a Woman: Her Legacy, His Promise, Your Potential
Scripture is clear that God looks past the surface of our lives and peers directly into our hearts. In the Bible, we find stories of women whose hearts pleased God. From Rahab, who got past her past; to Mary the mother of Jesus, who had a predetermined heart to say “yes,” Glynnis looks at women in Scripture and uncovers the heart characteristics that pleased God. She also shares how we can please God today.

Work@home: Making the Transition and Making it Work
Women are leaving the workplace to work at home in great numbers. This includes women who are following a dream to be an entrepreneur and women who are caring for children and needing to help with finances too. There are many presentation options with this topic. Glynnis can present a seminar, speak to a small group or create a retreat for women who work at home, or want to work at home.

The 31 Flavors of the Proverbs 31 Woman
What do ice cream and a godly woman have in common? More than you might think! In this fun and insightful presentation, Glynnis takes the top five ice cream flavors in the United States and compares them to the Proverbs 31 Woman. Jesus often made analogies between spiritual truths and food. See how we can learn more about God through His delicious creation.

Soaring over the Hurdles of Life
We face challenges every day: emotional, relational and spiritual, to name a few. For a woman who follows Jesus, sometimes overcoming those challenges becomes eternally important. When faced with a hurdle, do you soar over it, stumble through it or does it end your race? We discuss the top hurdles facing women, such a finding balance and dealing with criticism, and how God helps us overcome them. This seminar can be adapted for women in ministry leadership.

Moving From Fear to Faith
Fear is a common emotion among women … fear of what others will say, fear of rejections, fear for our children and fear for ourselves. Fear doesn’t affect just women. Many of the best known and loved biblical leaders dealt with fear, but they weren’t stopped by it. This presentation discusses why we are afraid, and what to do about it.

Raising Faithful Kids in an Unfaithful World
How can parents raise children who embrace their faith once they are grown? Glynnis asked young adults who are strong Christians, “What did your parents do right?” The answers are presented in this inspiring and encouraging program.

Organizing Your Home Room by Room
Starting at your front door, Glynnis escorts you room-by-room and offers practical and affordable tips to help you create a more organized home. A Power Point presentation is available.

Giving Your Best This Christmas
Mary said “yes,” Joseph braved scorn, the shepherds told the story, and the Wise Men traveled far. Each person in the Christmas story gave Jesus the best they had. Christmas is a time to give gifts. We give them to co-workers, our spouse and children. This presentation looks at the gifts that were given to Jesus and how we can offer our best to Jesus this year.

Other topics are available
This is a just a sample of the programs and topics available. Glynnis is always working on new presentations, and is willing to address the needs of your group and develop a specialized message. She has also recently done retreats on the topic of friendship and spiritual growth with a gardening theme.

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